The day of global Insurrection

On June 29, the world community celebrates the Day of the Partisan or the Insurgent, the Day of Underground. I like this idea. No one can get a guarantee from being in the position of a persecuted minority, forced to exist in the underground and lead a partisan way of life. Russian proverbs says: one not never too sure to avoid accidental poverty or imprisonment. That depends not on our will only. There is something other. The Fate.

The figure of the Partisan is glorified in Soviet culture.  And even earlier, Leo Tolstoy drew attention to the role of Russian peasants units acting behind enemy lines in his description of the Patriotic War of 1812. For us, Russians, this topic is intimate.

If we reflect on it, it is fraught with extremely profound conclusions. The Underground emerges when the existing - and perfectly legal - political and ideological system proves incompatible with the principles, values, and ideological guidelines of a certain group of population – precisely of the group we happened to belong to. But this group should be autochthonous one that has fallen under the alienated system's power in a natural way.
The Underground is not a network of saboteurs. It is the response of autochthons, born on that very land, whose power has been seized by those forces that have denied autochthons the right to life, liberty and thought.

Hence the image of the Partisan. The Guerrilla Fighter is not a newcomer, outlander, foreigner. He stays, exists and acts  in same very place where he (she) was born, grew up, lives and has lived. But the established power in his (her) land, in his (her) space is proven to be alien - evil, hostile, cruel. But even if not evil, hostile and cruel, but not his (her) own, and hence false, illegitimate... 

This is where the awakening of Partisan’s identity begins. We, Russian, when mentioning  figure of Partisan, usually think of civilian Soviet men who fought behind Hitler's lines during the Great Patriotic War as the classic example. Yes, partisans often appear in the occupation. But occupation is not always the arrival of alien armies.

Christians or monarchists, or simply non-Communists under the Bolsheviks were in the same situation. The Soviet authorities did not count them as Partisans. But they were Partisans - the Russian anti-Soviet underground - including the Catacomb Church. White Gerilla Fighters were as well Partisans – White Partisans, exactly as Serbian monarchists – chetnikis, the rebels of Canudos in Brazil under the Conselheiro  or Cristeros in Mexico. The Partisans were heroic fighters of Vandée during the French Revolution..

The anti-Nazi underground in Germany, which consisted mainly of Germans, were also authentic German Partisans. The occupiers were their compatriots, who left them no right to live - or rather, to live freely. In Rote Kapelle and other anti-nazi networks fought many zealous German nationalists and patriots, national-bolshevists and  supporters of Conservative Revolution.

The eminent German jurist Carl Schmitt has elaborated very deep and interesting Theory of the Partisan. From his point of view, a Partisan is one who is loyal to the Earth from which he grew up, whose connection he feels vividly and for whose sake he is prepared to sacrifice his life. It is the Land, the organic connection to place, to territory, to living tradition, to language - and ultimately to one's deep organic Logos - that makes  partisan a Partisan.

This definitions of Schmitt takes on particular significance today. Globalization, liberalism, capitalism forcibly cut off the ties of all people to their cultural environment, to their roots, to their space. Globalism is a liquid society in which everything is given over to technology, perpetual chaotic movement, displacement. It has no roots. It is the planetary overgrowth of civilization od the Sea – the triumph of Sea Power. And that can be read as Flood… The Earth against the Sea means in Schmittean terms – the Tradition against Modernity, the Spirit against Matter, the patriotic Partisan against cosmopolitan Globalist.

And everywhere on the planet, from the United States to the most remote outskirts, an alien to the people, cold, pervert, false elite establishes its rules and norms, its laws and priorities. So gradually the people of the Earth, the people of their own Earth are in the position of the Partisan.
The more global the power of the globalists becomes, the more global is the world's Underground, the world's Resistance. And the American Partisans in the United States – conservatives or identitarian Left, Trump supporters and fighters for the people’s rights against crazy superrich globalist elites -- understand better and better the Russians (in general) or the European yellow vests fighting Macron's dictatorship. The Muslims defending their right to believe in their God, and the peoples of Latin America and Africa yearning for real independence and freedom not these simulacra that were arrogantly given them -- they are all Partisans and Insurgents.

And so this is their day. Our day.