Democracy vs Communism: on the Interpretation of Russian History


Alexander Dugin talks about Russia's need for a new historical paradigm--one distinct from the Marxist prism used during Soviet times and the Western prism used during the brief post-Soviet, 'ultra-liberal' phase--by which Russia's schools and intellectuals would be able to interpret the present, post-liberal era of Russia's history.

In order to adequately understand the essence of liberalism, we must recognize that it is not accidental, that its appearance in history of political and economic ideologies is based on fundamental processes, proceeding in all of Western civilization.  Liberalism is not only a part of that history but its purest and most refined expression, its result.  This principal observation demands from us a stricter definition of liberalism.

Liberalism is a political and economic philosophy and ideology, embodying in itself the most important lines of force of the modern age, of the epoch of Modernity.