Doubts and deadlocks of vaccination

1. When it came to the question of whether there is a COVID or not? and whether it is dangerous/deadly or not? on this my view is clear – the COVID-19 is real and seems to be deadly. It is not an ordinary virus; it is like the plague of a new generation.
Hence, by taking into account the deadly consequences of COVID-19 I support:
a. lockdown (nothing to hang out at all, almost no one does anything good anyway),
b. wearing masks,
c. being in isolation,
d. leaving the cities and installation in province – closer to the earth,
e. refusal to meet and communicate with others (we usually overestimate importance of useless and meaningless relations),
f. closing everything that can (and should) be closed,
g. a ban on displacement,
h. cancellation of trips and travels (let concentrate on our own Self).
All these measures are inconvenient, unpleasant, difficult, but justified in the face of the plague. And concerning the booming conspiracy that “there is no COVID, that it is a common infection, that is an invention of the World Government and statistical fraud to impose QR codes and total control,” I did not believe in this for a moment, and I do not believe it at all until now.
2. When it came to whether this infection is natural or artificial, I was convinced (and am still convinced now) that it is artificial. This is most likely a bioweapon, created in the United States and somehow put in Wuhan. As it turns out, before Wuhan there were precedents in Europe and the United States, but they were not qualified as COVID, since there was no pandemic.
3. Was the use of bioweapons conscious or accidental? Judging by the relative unpreparedness of the global (Western) elites for this, this was accidental. Of course, these greedy and cynical capitalist elites benefit from everything, but the chaos of their actions and the ambiguity of the ultimate goal do not give grounds for drawing a conclusion about the deliberate use of bioweapons. It seems to be an accident, something unplanned.
4. Collective immunity: in my opinion, this is a completely false decision. Infecting everyone will not result in immunity. Because it is not a virus in the usual sense. But even with viruses, it may not be so simple. Modern medicine is fortune-telling on the coffee grounds, a kind of “experimental magic”. It is important to name the disease or medicine more sophisticated and more complicated – then it may work. Collective immunity is a nasty phrase. Let’s infect everyone, maybe it’ll get better. There is a kind of dementia in this and an inability to face the challenge face to face.
China did otherwise, isolating and eliminating the virus (and possibly its carriers at the same time) at an early stage. And it did the right thing. When humanity becomes extinct thank to herd immunity, the Chinese, emerging from the lockdown, will “inherit the earth.”
If what is served today as a “vaccine” is taken for such, no one will look for a real vaccine. Beginning by deceiving others, we will end by deceiving ourselves.
5. Vaccine: here I disagree with most of the “COVID witnesses”, with whom I was in solidarity before this point. COVID-19 is there and it is terrible, but there is no vaccine, alas, unfortunately. No effective vaccine, I mean. If we are talking about bioweapons – or something similar to HIV, then there can be no vaccine. The antidote is either not still acquired or is kept secret. If it was a spontaneous leak, it can not exist at all. And HIV is not cured.
What happens to the vaccine is
1. geopolitics (Western vaccine against Russian and Chinese, then loud PR begins – who cries louder),
2. policy (our is better and we will prove it now, and for this, we need to increase the number of happy vaccinated people),
3. corruption (alas, this is sometimes the main motivation for the actions of any more or less high-ranking officials  - in Russia or on global scale with Big Pharma),
4. administrative careerism (who is the best and most vaccinator – it applies mostly to autocratic Russia),
5. business (vaccination as a pretext for restoring the work of far from vital institutions – such as restaurants, malls, fitness clubs, etc., and this is question of money that decides everything under capitalism).
It is very wrong and evil to rely in the question of  death/salvation of humanity on such flat criteria. That is, there is no vaccine, instead of it there is a large-scale social suggestion. If what is served today as a “vaccine” is taken for such, no one will look for a real vaccine. Beginning to deceive others, we will end by deceiving ourselves.
6. Revaccination – loud calls to be vaccinated again and again and to receive in return various pleasant benefits – such as a QR code or even participation in a raffle of a whole car. That is what is happening actually in Russia. This is already a real epic fail. When they realized that it would not take a long time to hide the fact that the vaccine was a hoax, the idea was born about “new strains” and about the need to do it over and over again. Combined with the false target of herd immunity (let’s infect everyone with bubonic plague, come on !, come on !, of course, come on!) forced revaccination already looks really ominous. 
I don’t understand why some high-ranking Russian Church figures support it. And in so menacing way – equating the refuse to vaccinate with “the sin” (as recently metropolitan bishop Hilarion did). One may rather remain silent if in this case there is no clear religious and spiritual unambiguity. For the rest, after all, hierarchs are ordinary people, they may have natural limitations. Anathema to opponents of vaccination is, in my opinion, too much.
So what if I’m right? If I’m wrong, that’s good. On some of the previous points, one could deviate from my logic and … happily (re)vaccinate. Yes, this does not necessarily mean illness and death, but it also does not automatically mean health and life … Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t…
But in my opinion and basing on my logic, there is only one way out (it should work for Russia – because we can rely on Putin, State and Russian army – for the countries where globalists rule the scenario should be considerably different):
• the introduction of a state of emergency,
• the salvation of everyone who can still be saved,
• work on an effective antidote (at the same time, the complete extermination of corrupt officials who profit from the nationwide – worldwide – disaster),
• stopping capitalism (the laws of profit are incompatible with the logic of salvation),
• closure of borders,
• the establishment of a direct national dictatorship based on army and a healthy core of special services.
I am well aware of how unpopular this decision sounds. But I have presented rational arguments, hypotheses, and chains of inference that are within the boundaries of my verification. 
They will tell me: I am not a doctor, not an administrative politician, I do not have complete statistics. Yes, that’s right. I do not insist that I am absolutely right. But among doctorsthemselves, as I have noticed, there are a million opinions, which quite often differ diametrically. And they are specialists. So what? Which one to believe?
Politicians lie mercilessly on any occasion, why suddenly they will speak the truth? Lying is an essential part of their craft. 
Journalists are generally shallow men. They act as an echo of power discourse mixed with the ever-dissatisfied grumbling of the masses and imbued with an insolent self-confidence, which, upon closer examination, is not supported by anything real at all.
The authorities obviously do not know what to do with pandemic. They are taken by surprise. They hesitate, change a commanding tone to a pleading voice. Moreover, they themselves do no know for sure what they wants. The authorities wants there were not the COVID-1 at all. So dream it somehow stops and everything becomes exactly as was before. We can understand such a position… But it not too reassuring.
The masses are clearly in disarray. They did not want to be vaccinated until the authorities began to brutally intimidate them. Now obediently they went under the syringe. 
But the people … The people definitely feels that something went wrong and still goes wrong just now. And the people is right. In general everything is going wrong. But that conclusion doesn’t make the things better or easier to comprehend.