Fleeing Afghanistan Marked America's End

Everyone is discussing Afghanistan today. And rightly so.

As we said, the Taliban banned in Russia took Kabul and established their control over almost the entire territory of Afghanistan. The way the Americans fled the country, who had previously spent all their efforts on celebrating the week of transgender and perverts at their embassy in Kabul, shows that American domination and the hegemony of liberal ideology have collapsed.

It is important here not only that the Americans fled, but also how they fled – abandoning equipment, throwing out pathetic pro-American collaborators who fell from planes like ripe grapes.

Today it is obvious to the whole world: Western civilization has gone crazy. This is something insane – strategically, morally, intellectually.

The US no longer knows reality, lives by faith in its own network stories. And the reality – this time in the face of the Taliban banned in the Russian Federation – reminds of itself. And softly says: Get out! And grabbing rainbow flags and pornographic posters, Americans run, fly, puff, and hide.

When the USSR withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, the bipolar world order collapsed. This was soon followed by the collapse of the Soviet state itself. Of course, Afghanistan was not the reason. But in it, as on an accurate monitor, the state of one of the poles was reflected. He is critically weak. And soon he was gone.

Today, a country has fled headlong from Afghanistan, claiming to the last that it is the only world pole left in the world after the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact Organization. This is the end. It may not be the end of America itself, but it is likely. But the end of the unipolar world, the end of liberal globalization, the end of the pathological alliance of NATO military bases with LGBT + ideology – that’s for sure. This has already happened.

Many compare the shameful flight of the Yankees from Kabul to Saigon. But still more serious. Vietnam was a brutal blow to the United States, but that has not reversed the bipolar world. Leaving Afghanistan is the end of America. Many predicted and expected him. In a sense, it was inevitable. But even when something expected and inevitable happens, it is still a shock, still an event.

The unfortunate Afghans falling from the landing gear of American aircraft – no one could have predicted or foreseen this. Now it is a symbol of NATO, Euro-liberalism, Ukraine, and other US collaborators on a global scale.

London and Brussels, Zelensky and Saakashvili, Maia Sandu, and the Azov battalion, banned in Russia, fell off the plane’s landing gear. The inmate Navalny, banned in Russia, fell off the plane’s landing gear. The carcass of George Soros, banned in Russia, flies up to the long-suffering Afghan land scorched by the sun.

The end of the unipolar world took place in August 2021. It could have been a little earlier or a little later. But what happened – they held a gay parade – and ran away. It is difficult to overestimate what happened. It’s not even 9/11. This is much more serious.

It is worth noting: one of the most radical and harsh liberal globalist ideologues, a French philosopher and adviser to the last three presidents, Bernard Henri Levy, banned in Russia, with whom a couple of years ago I had a tough debate at the Amsterdam Opera on the topic “Unipolar versus Multipolar”, only that he visited Afghanistan and met in the Panjshir Gorge with the CIA-backed leader of the Afghan Tajiks, the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Levy promised him Western help in the fight against the Taliban. Prior to that, he promised Western assistance to Saakashvili in the war with Russia on the eve of August 2008. He promised the West to help the Kurds in the fight against Baghdad, Damascus, Tehran, and Ankara. He promised to help Syrian terrorists in the war against Assad. He promised Ukrainian neo-Nazis to return Crimea and Donbas. And everything he promised turned out to be nothing. No one received anything, defended, or returned anything.

Levy in his book “Empire and Five Kings” screamed in pain: the unipolar world is collapsing, what are you doing! Strike urgently at Russia, stop China, break the neck of Iran and Erdogan! Punish Pakistan, put Arab countries in their place!

The liberal empire is collapsing from the blows of five kings … In the debates, I acted as an ambassador from these very five kings. I brought a black mark to Bernard Henri Levy. But he didn’t notice it. And he again promises something to Afghan Tajiks. Poor Afghan Tajiks …