Global Revolutionary Alliance

Global Revolutionary Alliance

(program, principles, strategy)

Dissatisfied all over the world, unite!

Part 1

Situation of the end


1. We live at the end of the historical cycle. All processes that constitute the flow of history have come to a logical impasse.

a. The end of capitalism. The development of capitalism has reached its natural limit. There is only one path left to the world economic system to collapse in upon itself. Based on a progressive increase of purely financial institutions, first banks, and then more complex and sophisticated stock structures, the system of modern capitalism has become completely divorced from reality, from the balance of supply and demand, from the production and consumption ratio, from connection with a real life. All the wealth of the world is concentrated in the hands of the world’s financial oligarchy by complicated manipulations of constructed financial pyramids. This oligarchy has devalued not only labor, but also the capital connected to the market fundamentals, secured through financial rent. All other economic forces are in bondage to this impersonal transnational ultraliberal elite. Regardless of how we feel about capitalism, it is clear now, that it is not just going through another crisis, but that the entire system stands on the verge of total collapse.
No matter how the global oligarchy tries to conceal the ongoing collapse from the masses of the world’s population, more and more people begin to suspect that this is inevitable, and that the global financial crisis, caused by the collapse of the U.S. mortgage market and major banks is only the beginning of a global catastrophe.
This catastrophe can be delayed, but it cannot be prevented or avoided. The world economy, in the form in which it now operates is doomed.

b. The end of resources. In the current demographic situation, taking into account the steady growth of world population, especially in Third World countries, Humanity has come close to exhausting the earth’s natural resources, necessary not just to maintain current consumption levels, but for sheer survival at minimal levels. We are fast approaching the Limits to Growth, and global hunger, deprivation, and epidemics will become the new norm. We have exceeded the carrying capacity for the Earth. Hence, we face an imminent demographic catastrophe. The more people that are born today, the greater the ultimate suffering will be. This dilemma has no easy solution. But to pretend that it doesn’t exist is to walk blind into the worst case scenario of global collective suicide as a species at the hands of our own economic system and growth.

c. The end of society. Under the influence of Western and American values the atomization of societies, not connected with each other by any bonds, is in full swing. Cosmopolitanism and a new nomadism has become the most common lifestyle, especially for the younger generation. This coupled with economic instability and environmental catastrophe provokes unprecedented migration flows, which destroys entire societies.
Cultural, national, and religious ties are broken, social contracts are broken, and organic connections are severed. We live in a world of lonely crowds, societies atomized by the cult of individualism. Cosmopolitan loneliness becomes the norm, and implodes cultural identities. Societies are replaced with nomadism and the coldness of the digital web, which dissolve organic historical collectives. At the same time culture, language, morality, tradition, values and the family as an institution disappear.

d. The end of the individual. The division of the individual into its components becomes the dominant trend. Human identities are across virtual networks, online personas, and the impulse to separation, turning into a game of disorganized elements. Paradoxically when one abandons his integrity, he is granted more freedoms, but at the cost of someone, who could better take advantage of them. Postmodern culture compulsively exports people to virtual worlds of flat screens and removes them from reality, captured by the flow of subtly organized and cleverly manipulated hallucinations. These processes are managed by the global oligarchy, which seeks to make the world’s masses complacent, controllable and programmable. Never before has individualism been glorified so much, yet at the same time, never before have people all over the world been so similar to each other in their behavior, habits, appearance, techniques and tastes. In the pursuit of individualistic ‘human rights’ humanity has lost itself. Soon man will be replaced with the posthuman: a mutant, cloned, android.

e. The end of nations and peoples. Globalization and global governance interfere in the domestic affairs of sovereign states, erasing them one by one, and systematically destroying all national identity, Global oligarchy seeks to overturn all national barriers, that might impede its ubiquitous presence. Transnational corporations put their interests above national interests and state administrations, which leads to a dependence on external systems and the loss of independence to interdependence. The international system of states is supplanted and replaced by the structures of global financial oligarchy. Western countries and monopolies form the core of this global governance, and then gradually integrate the economic and political elites of the non-Western states. Thus the former national elites become accomplices of the processes of globalization, betray the interests of their states and fellow citizens, forming a global transnational class that have more in common with each other than with their former countrymen.

f. The end of knowledge. The global mass media creates a system of total disinformation, organized in accordance with the interests of the global oligarchy. Only that which is reported by the global media constitutes ‘reality’. The word of the global forth estate becomes a “self-evident truth”, otherwise known as ‘Conventional Wisdom’. Alternative views, may spread in the interstices of global communication networks, but are condemned to the periphery, because financial support is provided for only those feeds, that serve the interests of the global oligarchy, ie capital. When critical opinions pass a threshold and become a threat to the system,  the classical instruments of repression are called upon  financial pressure, understatement, demonization, legal and physical harassment. In such a society, the whole system of knowledge becomes an object of moderation by this global transnational media elite.  

g. The end of progress.  During the last centuries, humanity has lived by faith in progress and hope for a better future. The promise of this was seen in the development of positivist methodology, the accumulation of knowledge and scientific discoveries, and a perceived evolution of humanism and social justice. Progress seemed to be guaranteed and self-evident. In the 21st century this belief is shared by only the naive, who deliberately turn a blind eye to reality in return for a reward of material privilege and peace of mind. But this belief in progress refutes itself. Both the human and the world are not getting better, but on the contrary, are rapidly degenerating, or, at the least, remains just as cruel, cynical and unfair as ever. The discovery of this fact leads to the collapse of the humanistic worldview. Only the consciously blind choose not to see that under the double standards of the Western world, under the catchy slogans about human rights and freedom, lies the egoistic will to colonize and control. Progress is not only not guaranteed, but unlikely. If things continue to develop as they are today, the most pessimistic, catastrophic, and apocalyptic prognoses of the future will come to be.

2. In general, we are dealing with the end of a vast historical cycle, whose basic parameters are exhausted and upset, and whose associated expectations are erased or were deceptions.
The end of the world does not simply come about, it unfolds before our eyes. We are both observers and participants in the process. Does it herald the end of modern civilization or the end of mankind?  No one can predict, for certain.  But the scale of the disaster is such that we cannot exclude that the agonizing death throes of global Western-centric world will drag us all of into the abyss with it,  The situation becomes even more dramatic by the fact that under the existing the existing institutions of global governance and international finance by which the transnational oligarchy which dictate the world, these  catastrophic processes cannot continue as normal as the threshold has been reached,  nor propelled by their own inertia can they be stopped, nor can the course be changed as the rate of major trends doesn’t allow for an abrupt maneuver  to change trajectory.

3.  The  current  situation  is  intolerable,  not  only  as  it is, but where it is going. Today — a catastrophe, tomorrow — species-wide suicide. Mankind has stolen the future form itself. But man differs from animals by having a historical horizon. Even if at a given moment one doesn’t feel all the exigencies of the situation, one’s knowledge of the past and foresight of a manufactured future reproduces both optimistic and ominous perspectives – the utopian and the dystopian. Seeing the path we have walked in the past over our shoulder, and looking down the path ahead, we cannot afford to misjudge or fail to notice that the path we are on leads to our doom. Only those who are deprived of historical thought, reduced to an existence as ‘consumers’ by an ever aggressive flow of advertising, mindless entertainment, and disinformation, and who are cut off from education and culture, can ignore the horror of the actual situation. Only the brute or consuming mechanism the posthuman, cannot recognize the world for the catastrophe it has become.

4. Those that have saved at least a grain of independent and free intellect can’t help but wonder: what is the reason for the existing situation? What are the origins and triggers of the disaster? It is now clear that the cause is western civilization — its technological development, individualism, the pursuit of freedom at any cost, materialism, economic reductionism, egoism, a fetish for money — that is , essentially the whole  of  bourgeois-capitalist  liberal  ideology.  The cause also lies in Western societies’ racist belief that their values and beliefs are universal, i.e. the best and obligatory for the rest of humanity. If at first this passion gave positive results —  engendered dynamics, opened-up possibilities of humanism, an extended zone of freedom, an improved material situation for some, and the opening of new  and alien perspectives — then after reaching its limit the same trends began producing the opposite results: the technique turned from an instrument into a self-sufficient principle (the prospect of machine revolt); individualism carried to extremes, being deprived of one’s own nature, freedom losing its subject, the idolatry of the material leading to spiritual degradation, society destroyed by egoism, the absolute power of money exploiting labor and exorcising the entrepreneurial spirit of capitalism, and liberal ideology destroying any form of social, cultural or religious solidarity. In the West this course grew out of the logic of their historical development, but in the rest of the world, the same principles were imposed by force, by colonial and imperialist practices, without taking into account the specifics of local cultures. The West, having embarked on this path in the modern era, not only brought itself to a lamentable ending, but also caused irreparable damage to all the other nations on the earth Is is not universal, in the true meaning of the  word, but it and its catastrophic course has been made universal and global, such that it is no longer possible to separate or isolate one’s self from it. The only change possible is to uproot, root and branch, the entire system and paradigm. And despite the fact that in non-Western societies the situation is somewhat different, simply ignoring the challenge of the West cannot change anything. The roots of the evil are too deep. They should be clearly understood, comprehended, identified, and put in the spotlight. One cannot fight consequences without understanding the causes.

5. As there are causes for the current disastrous situation, likewise, there are those whose interests depend on the status quo — who want it to last, profit from it, are responsible for it, support it, strengthen it, protect and guard it, as well as prevent it from changing its course of consecution and deployment. This is the global oligarchic transnational class, which includes the political, financial, economic, military-strategic core of the world’s elite (mostly Western), a broad network of intellectuals serving it, and executives and media moguls who form a loyal entourage of globalists. Taken together, the global oligarchy and its attendants are the ruling class of globalism. It includes political leaders of the United States, economic and financial moguls, and the agents of globalization who serve them and makeup the gigantic planetary network in which resources are allocated to those who are loyal to the main course of globalization, as well as flows of information manipulation, political, cultural, intellectual and ideological lobbying, data collection, infiltration into the structures of  those states who have still not yet fully been deprived of their sovereignty, as well as outright corruption, bribery, influence, harassment of the unwanted, etc.  This globalist network consists of multiple levels, including both political  and  diplomatic  missions, as well as multinational corporations and their management, media networks, global trade and industry structures, non-governmental organizations and funds, and so on. The catastrophe, in which we all find ourselves, and which is coming to its acme, has a man-made nature - there are forces that are interested in maintaining the status quo. Those are the architects and managers of the global egocentric hyper-capitalistic world. They are responsible for everything. Global oligarchy and its network of agents are the root of evil. Evil is personified in the global political class. The world is as it is, because someone wants it to be like this, and puts much effort into making it so. This will is the quintessence of the historical evil. But if this is true, and someone is responsible for the present situation, then the opposition and disagreement with the status quo obtains its addressee. Global oligarchy becomes the enemy of all mankind. But the very presence of an identifiable enemy provides a chance to defeat them, a chance for salvation, and to overcome the catastrophe.


Part 2. The image of a normal world


We are told (it is hypnosis and propaganda),  that  “it can not be” other way (than it is now). Or that any alternative would be “even worse”. This familiar tune that “democracy has many flaws, but all other political regimes are so much worse, that it is better to tolerate with what already is”. This is falsehood and political propaganda. The world we live in, is unacceptable, intolerable, leading to inevitable death, and finding an alternative to it is a condition of survival. If we don’t overthrow the status quo, don’t change the course of development of civilization, don’t deprive from power and destroy the global oligarchy as a system and as  specific forces, groups, institutions, corporations and even individuals, we’ll become not only victims but also complicit of the impending end. The claim that “everything is not so bad”, that “before it was worse,” that “somehow everything will get better” etc. is a deliberate form of suggestion, hypnosis, intended to lull remains of free consciousness, independent and sober analysis. Global oligarchy can not allow lieges of the global elite to dare to think independently and all alone,  without reference to their secretly and surreptitiously imposed standards. This elite does not act directly, as in totalitarian regimes of the past, but subtly, insidiously, producing their dogmas for granted, and even as a free choice of each person. But human dignity consists in the ability to choose and to choose specifically between saying “yes” or “no” to the current situation. Nothing and never under any circumstances can not automatically cause a humane “yes”. “No” can be said to everything, anytime and under any circumstances. Denying this right, the global elite denies us to have human dignity. That means, it opposes not only humanity, but humaneness, human nature. And this alone gives us the right to revolt against it, to radically say “no” to it and the whole state of affairs, to refute its suggestion, to wake up from its hypnosis, to approve another world, another way, a different order, different system, different present and future. The world that surrounds us, is unacceptable. It is bad from all points of view. It is unjust, disastrous, untrustworthy, lying, it is not free. It must be crushed and destroyed. We need a different world. And it will not be worse, as the global oligarchy and its loyal servants frighten us, but it will be better and salvatory. 

What is in this case, the correct world, the desired world order? What is the standard platform from which we estimate the existing as a pathology? The image of the normal world of different forces, pari passu discordant with the current situation may be very different. And if you delve into the details of alternatives projects, controversies will inevitably arise in the camp of the supporters of global alternatives, their unity will be shaken, their will to resist will be paralyzed, competition of projects will undermine consolidation of forces, which is necessary to resist. Thus, a normal world, a better world, must be talked of with the utmost caution. Nevertheless, there are some absolutely obvious principles and benchmarks, which can hardly be questioned by anyone in the right mind. Let’s try to find them.

An economic model is required, an alternative  to existing today system of speculative financial capitalism. Alternative can be seen as in real industrial capitalism, in Islamic economy, in socialism,  so in environmental projects, as linked to the real production sector, so in search of completely new economic mechanisms, including new forms of energy, labor organization etc. Normal economy will not be that one, which exists today. 

In resource-poor the distribution problem must be solved on the basis of common to all mankind plan, not on the basis of egoistic struggle for controlling it. Resource wars - military or just economic - must be drastically suppressed. Humanity is threatened with death, and in the face of this fact, we have to move to a different attitude to the democratic and resource issue. In this game there can not be winners. Everyone will lose. In a normal world, this threat should be answered by all the people of the world together, not individually. 

Normal and the best state of human existence is not fragmentation and dissipation into atomic individuals, but preservation of social collective structures, maintaining transmission of culture, knowledge, languages, practices, beliefs. Man is a social being, that’s why liberal individualism is destructive and criminal. We must save the human society at any cost. From this follows that the social orientation must prevail over the liberal-individualistic one.

In a society which was to take place, one should maintain his species dignity, his identity, his essence, his wholeness, as well as the structures, without which his personality can not develop and fix - family, work, public institutions, the right of one to participate in his own fate, etc. Trends leading to the dispersal of people and to its replacement by other universal human types, should be stopped and turned away. Man is something that should be retained, and even recreated. 

The normal society is that one, where peoples, nations and states are stored as traditional forms of human community, as created forms, created by history and tradition. They can change or transform, but they should not be abolished or forcibly merged into a single  global melting pot. Diversity of peoples and nations is a historical treasure of mankind. Abolishing it we will come to the abolition of history, to the end of plural marriage, freedom and cultural wealth. Globalization processes must be immediately cut down. 

Normal society is based on the possibility of getting knowledge, of knowledge transfer, on open ability to osmose the world, the existence, the human being on the basis of tradition, experience, discoveries and free search. The sphere of knowledge should not be a field of virtual pageant, of mass media hypnosis or a space for manipulation of consciousness on a global scale. Mass media surrogates and virtual strategies that substitute  reality must be reassigned to sober self-reflection based on open source, intuition, creativity and experience.  To achieve this, it is necessary to crush the current dictatorship of the media, to break the monopoly of global elites to control the mass consciousness.

Normal society should have a positive horizon of the future in front of itself. But at the same time to achieve the intended purpose, it is necessary to abandon the delusion that things in themselves are developing well or, on the contrary, the assumption that the catastrophe is inevitable. The point of human history is that it is open, it includes a component of  human will and the ability of one to implement his  freedom. This makes the future zone of possibilities: it won’t be  itself neither better nor worse, as it can be created by the people as such, and other. All depends on what we choose and what we do. If we reject the choice and strong-willed construction, the future may not come at all. Or it would not be humane. 

Normal society must be diverse and plural, polycentric. It must contain many open possibilities, many cultures. Normal is free, not forced dialogue. Each society may choose itself the balance between spiritual and material components. Yet as history shows, the sharp domination of materialism invariably leads to disaster. Forgetting about the spiritual dimension of one is fatal and is baneful to him. The current sharp lurch to the exaggerated materialism must be offset by a sharp turn to the spiritual principle. And absolutely unacceptable is the total domination of money over all other values. Values can be of any type, but in any normal society they should not be placed on a highest level. In this sense, every society where the role of money is not as great as in ours, by definition, is more normal, fair and acceptable than that one, in which we live today. Who thinks otherwise is either sick, or is an agent of influence of the global oligarchy. Justice and harmony are more important than personal success and greed. Greed and desire for individual well-being are considered a sin by most of human cultures, or at least a weakness. And the justice, concern for the common good, is one of the most common values. A just society is more normal than that one, which is based on selfishness. A normal world order is that one, which recognizes the balance of power, the right of different societies and cultures for their own way. Videlicet this is the norm. And this norm, even in most general and approximate form, radically contrasts with that, what we have around us. Status quo is not normal, this is pathology. Once the global oligarchy’s hypnosis is crushed, all things return to focus.

3. In a normal society, we can not do without power in general. In one or another form it was, is and will be. It is also present in a global society that exists today. This power belongs to a global oligarchy that only veils it under the guise of “democracy” and “complicity”, “dispersion of decision-making centres”.
Global oligarchy remains the power in its every sense, but becomes not direct, but indirect, acts not by direct coercion, but with subtle control. It is less coarse than other forms of power, but is more insidious, deceitful and sneaky, and not less brutal and totalitarian. Occasionally it takes the form of a paradoxical totalitarian anarchism, giving full freedom to the masses, but only while maintaining complete control over the content of this freedom and its parameters. You can do everything, but only in accordance with established rules. The rule are dictated by the global oligarchy. In a normal society, the power should belong not to anonymous political and financial elite, that steadily leads humanity to its death, but to the best ones - the strongest, smartest, most spiritual and fair, the heroes and sages, but not to the network of global corrupt officials, the liars and usurpers. Power always involves projection of multiple wills to a single instance. Formation of this instance should proceed in accordance with the historical, social, cultural, and sometimes the religious traditions of each particular society. There is no general formula of optimal power. Democracy works in one society and is a fiasco in another. The monarchy occurs ti be harmonious, and may  reborn into tyranny. Collective management provides both positive and negative results. There are no universal recipes, suitable for all. But any power (and even lack of it) is better than that one, which exists today and which seized the control over global humanity.

4. The standard comes from a particular history of a particular human society. And it should not be other. The norm, the sample, the ideal, the law societies and peoples acquire through many sufferings, trials, errors, assessments, experiments, they hatch this rule for centuries. And that’s why each particular society has the inalienable right for its own norm. For its own values. No one from aside has the right to criticize this norm on the basis of his own historical society, distinct from other ones. If peoples and nations do not develop the same way, as  their neighbours do, it means not that they simply can not do so, but that they in extenso don’t want to, that they estimate historical time and the scale of successes and failures according to other criteria. And this should be avowed once and for all, and any colonial and racist prejudices should be categorically refused: if some society is not similar to ours, is doesn’t mean that it is worse, more backward or primitive; it’s just different, and its otherness - is its nature, that we must avow. Only such an approach is normal. Globalism, west-centrism and universalism are profound pathology requiring eradication. Especially, it is pathological or even criminal, if universal standards are defined by illegitimate, self-proclaimed global elite, that had usurped the planetary power. There are as many norms, as many societies there are, videlicet this norm is universal one, the absence of uniform standard for all, freedom and right of choice.


Part 3. Revolution imperative


1. Against the existing order, perceived as intolerable evil, as the pathology and the situation, which will inevitably lead to catastrophe and to the death of humanity, it is necessary to propose an alternative beau ideal, the standard, the project of that, which doesn’t exist now, but what should be. But the global oligarchy will not give up its power itself under any circumstances. It would be naive to think otherwise. Hence, the task is to dislodge it from its hands, to wrest the power, to take it by force. This can be done only under one condition: if all the forces, dissatisfied with the current situation will act together. This principle of conjoint action is a unique phenomenon of recent history, that has become global. Global oligarchy sets its dominance on the planetary level. Its global nature is not a secondary quality, but reflects its essence. This global oligarchy attacks all peoples, nations, states, cultures, religions and societies. Not some type, not some regimes, not any particular selected objects of attack. This elite comes frontally and totally, seeking to turn all the areas of the Earth into the zone of its control. But in this areas there are different societies, different cultures, different peoples, different religions. And yet they haven’t lost their originality completely. Globalization brings death to all of them, and they still can understand it or feel it intuitively. But in the current situation no country, taken alone, has enough force to provide effective resistance to a global oligarchy. And even if you combine the efforts of one or another culture, or one or another regional community, that go beyond the borders of a single country, all the same forces are not equal. Only if all humanity will become aware of the need for radical opposition to globalism, we’ll have a chance to make our fight effective and rewarding results. Conjoint action does not require us to be fighting for the same ideals or to be in solidarity with those standards, which will replace the current catastrophe and pathlogy. These ideals may be different, and even, to some degree, conflict, but we all must realize that if we won’t be able to scrag the global oligarchy, all of these projects (whatever they are) will remain unrealized, and will die in vain. And if we find enough intelligence, will, sobriety and courage in ourselves  to act together against global oligarchy within the framework of idem Global Revolutionary Alliance, we will have a chance and open opportunity not only to fight on equal, but also to win. The differences between our societies and their normatives will matter only after we overthrow the global oligarchy. Until this moment contradictions of projects will only play into the hands of the global oligarchy, acting on age-old principle of all empires - the “divide and conquer”. The global revolution has two aspects: the unity of what is to be destroyed, and the multiplicity of what is to be approved.

2. The revolution of the XXI century can not be a simple remake of the revolutions of XIX or XX centuries. Earlier revolutions sometimes correctly evaluated flaws of three regimes, against which they were directed. But the historical panorama did not allow to realize the most versatile and deep roots of evil. To attacks on truly pathological features of socio-political setup and unfair, alienated usurped power mingled minor and incidental historical and sociological elements that did not deserve such a hard rejection. Earlier revolutions quite often splashed the child with water, hitting the evil, affected something, what on the contrary, deserved preservation and restoration. Pure evil in the previous phases was hidden, camouflaged, and sometimes these revolutions itself brought in something of the spirit, of those guidelines and the trends, that led today to the financial, media and global tyranny of oligarchy. Moreover, previous revolutions mostly often proceeded within local conditions, and even there, where they claimed to be global, this scale was not possessed. Only today there are ripe conditions for a revolution to become really global. Since the system, against which it is directed, is already global in practice (not just in project). Another feature of previous revolutions was that they put forward clear alternative socio-political models, which mostly often pretended to be universal. If we now repeat this path, we will inevitably repel from the revolution those ones, who see the standard other way (through the prism of their society, their history, their culture) and who want a different future for themselves, than other revolutionaries against the global oligarchy. Thence, the revolution of the XXI century must be truly planetary and plural in its ultimate goals. All nations of the earth must revolt against existing world order jointly and severally, teamwise, but in the name of different ideals and to approve different normative in reality. To have future, we must conceive it as a complex bouquet of opportunities, realization of which is being prevented by the current world system and the global oligarchy. If we don’t crush it all together in the name of different purposes and different horizons, we won’t get nor bouquet, nor any other future, nor more of other futures. Let each society fight for its own design of the future. Revolution of the XXI century will be successful only if within its framework all nations will fight against the common enemy in the name of different goals. 

3. Those spectacles that we see today in the so-called “colour revolutions” have nothing of genuine revolutionary in itself. They are organized by global oligarchy, are prepared and supported by its networks. The “colour revolutions” are almost always aimed against those societies or those political regimes, that actively or passively resist the global oligarchy, challenge its interests, that try to keep some independence from its policy, strategy, regional affairs and  economy. Thus, “colour revolutions” occur selectively, basing on mass media networks deployed by the globalist elite. These are a parody of revolution, and serve only counter-revolutionary purposes.

4. The new revolution should be geared to the radical overthrow of the global oligarchy, to destroy the world’s elite, to destroy all order of things associated with it, or, rather, controlled disorder of things. Destroying the nerve of evil, we will liberate the history of peoples and societies from the parasitic vampire - world oligarchy. Only this can open up the prospect of constructing an alternative future. By the very definition revolution must be global. Global oligarchy is now dispersed throughout the world. It is present not only in the form of hierarchical structure with a clearly defined centre, the core, but in the form of a net dispersed field, dispensed throughout the world. The centre of decision making is not necessarily in the same place where the visible centres of political and strategic management of the West lie - that is, in the U.S. and other centres of the Western world. Specificity of the global elite is that its location is mobile and fluid, and the decision-making centre is mobile and dispersed. Thus, it is extremely difficult to strike at the core of the global oligarchy, focusing on its strong territorial fixation. To defeat this network evil, it is necessary to uproot its presence simultaneously in different parts of the earth. Moreover, it is necessary to infiltrate in the network itself, to sow there panic, crash, to place viruses and destructive processes. Radial destruction of the global oligarchy requires from the revolutionary forces to master the network procedures and to study network protocols of globalism itself. Humanity must fight the enemy on its territory, because today the whole area became a zone, one or another way controlled by the enemy. The struggle for destruction of the global elite therefore must be not only common, but also synchronized in different parts of the world, albeit asymmetric. In addition, the revolution in the present case involves a strategy of guerrilla warfare in the territory occupied by the enemy. Particularly, this means that the battle must be deployed in cyberspace too. Cyber revolution and the practice of radical struggle in the virtual space should be an integral part of the revolution of the XXI century.

5. Of all the ideologies of modernity times to present date, only one survived, embodied in liberalism or liberal capitalism. It is exactly this, where worldview and ideological matrix of the global oligarchy has concentrated. This global oligarchy is openly or covertly liberal.
Liberalism does a dual function: on the one hand, it serves as a philosophical card to strengthen, preserving and expanding the power of the global oligarchy, that is, acts as a guide to its ongoing global politics, on the other hand, it allows to recruit volunteers and collaborators of this elite by a wide grip, and its entourage, anywhere in the world; accepting liberalism, different personalities - political leaders, bureaucrats, industrialists, traders, intellectuals, scientific community, youth, in any country automatically generate the environment in which the staff for globalism is being recruited, via which networks are set, information is collected, influence centres are organized, transaction and solutions for the benefit of transnational corporations are lobbied, other strategic operations for establishing the global domination of the global oligarchy are conducted.
That’s why, the main impact of the revolution should be on the liberals in all their expressions – as representatives of the ideological, political, economic, philosophical, cultural, strategic, technological direction. Liberals are the shell, under which the global oligarchy is hidden. Any strike on liberalism and liberals, has a big chance to affect sensitive parts of global oligarchy, its vital organs. Total fight against liberalism and liberals is the main ideological vector of global revolution. The revolution must be of rigidly anti-liberal character, because exactly liberalism is a concentrated knot of evil. Any other political ideology can be considered as a possible alternative, and there are no restrictions. The only exception is liberalism, which must be destroyed, crushed, overthrown, obsolete. 


Part 4. The Fall of the West:
the United States as a country of absolute evil


1. The origins of the current situation lie deep in the history of West and socio-political processes, that are unfolding in this part of the world. History of Western Europe led its societies to the point, when gradually individualism, rationalism, materialism, reductionism began to dominate, and then on its basis the capitalism formed and the bourgeoisie became triumphant. The ideology of liberalism became an ultimate expression of bourgeois system.
Exactly this ideological, philosophical, political and economic line led to the current situation. In times of modernity, Europe was the cradle of materialistic liberal civilization, which it imposed to other peoples of the earth through its colonial imperialist policy. Herewith most heinous forms of coercion were used: for example in the XVI century Europeans recreated the institution of slavery, which ceased to exist a thousand years ago under the influence of Christian ethics. Europeans turned to this disgusting practice in the very moment when the West began to develop the theory of humanism, free thought and democracy. Slavery, therefore, was an innovation of capitalism and the bourgeois order. The bourgeois system was installed in European colonies; in some of which it got most consistent and vivid expression, bringing the bourgeois-democratic set to a logical end. United States of America, a colonial state based on slavery, individualism, egoism, dominance of money and tangibles, became a coronal of this bourgeois Western Civilization of Modern era. Gradually, former European colonies became independent centre of power and in the middle of the XX century became the centre of whole Western civilization, to the pole of the world capitalist system. After the end of the Soviet Union the U.S. were left without its balancing socialistic bloc, becoming a centre of global bourgeois system. That is exactly American elite that mostly closely fused with the global oligarchy, practically identified with it. And although the global oligarchy is wider than American political class, it also includes the European oligarchy, and partially Westernized bourgeois elites from other parts of the world, namely the United States became the backbone of the modern global world order. American military power is a major strategic factor in global politics, American economic system is a model for the rest of the world, American system of mass media actually coincides with a global network, American cultural cliches are imitated throughout the world, American technology are ahead of all the other technological developments. In such a situation the population of the U.S. itself plays the role of passive hostages, which are controlled by the global elite, using the tools of American nation to implement its global objectives. The United States is a giant golem, controlled by the oligarchy. In the United States embodies the spirit of such an order of things, which poses an imminent catastrophe in itself, which is an expression of evil, injustice, oppressive exploitation, alienation and colonial imperialism. 

2. United States and its policies around the world is a major scourge and a major factor in upholding and strengthening the existing order of things. All the catastrophic trends of our time come from there. 

a. The American economy is based on the dominance of the financial sector, that completely replaced the worthiness of production, the classical industrial capitalism, not to mention agriculture. The vast majority of U.S. citizens are employed in the tertiary service sector, that is they produce nothing in the concrete. U.S.’ financial parasitism applies to the entire planet, because the dollar, printed without any limitation by the Federal Reserve System, is a reserve currency in a global world model. The world economy is US-centric and works for U.S. regardless of whether this economy is effective or not.

b. Herewith the United States consumes the largest percentage of world’s resources reserves per capita, contaminating the atmosphere with poisonous waste and billions of tons of debris. U.S. exhausts resources from the rest of the world and establishes (through the military-strategic, diplomatic and economic control over the suppliers) such a price for it, from which the United States benefits.
Exactly this model of U.S. world hegemony creates a major imbalance in world economy, injustice and exploitation, approaching the inevitable resource collapse. Herewith, in distribution of natural resources the U.S. are guided solely by their national interests, what causes prerequisites for impending disasters. 

c.   American society has gone further than any other Western society on the way of atomization, individualization and disruption of social ties. Built by immigrants from different countries, American society initiated the beginning of individual identity. Divorced from a specific collective, from its roots, the West European model was allowed to be realized in the territory of Americas in purely laboratory conditions. American society did not just gradually disintegrate to individuals, but it was originally composed of them. That’s why here individualism reached its logical treshold, and sociality (including socialism) had minimal extent in comparison with all other Western countries (not to mention the east).

d. That is exactly U.S. where the process of individuation in has reached its extreme limits and went out of it in the direction of experiments to establish post-human beings. Successes of American scientists in the sphere of cloning, genetic engineering and experiments on developing hybrids allow to suggest that one day we will witness the phenomenon of appearance of post-human beings. 

e.  American society was based primarily on the mixture of cultures, nations and ethnic groups, on the principle of the “melting pot”. The absence of organic ethnic ties were its specialty. Spreading its influence throughout the rest of the world, the U.S. are also promoting this cosmopolitan principle, making it a universal norm. Furthermore, the U.S. act as the main force, depriving one country after another from their right of national sovereignty, intruding in others’ territories, whenever it is appropriate to its interests. Such were the invasion of the U.S. armed forces and other NATO countries, following the line of U.S. policy in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. It is exactly the U.S. that play a major role in promoting cosmopolitism and de-sovereignization of nations and states. 

f.  The world’s media, on whose conscience lies creation of absolutely false virtual image of the world, laid out in the interests of the global oligarchy, are mostly American and represent a continuation of U.S. media. Acting in the interests of the global world elite, they base their systems on the U.S. information network. In the American society itself masses of population are extremely ignorant and have lack of culture, combined with the naivete and trusting entirely false and fabricated notions, that are distributed by the entertainment industry, media and other means. This stereotype of ignorance, cartoon representation of the world, society, history, etc., in combination with certain technological skills and competencies, the United States spread to societies that get in the zone of their influence. Namely American system of knowledge, focused exclusively on pragmatic and material interests, based on the exploitation of intellectuals, almost entirely composed of immigrants from other countries, represents the culmination of the distortion of the sphere of knowledge for the sake of propaganda, pecuniary and utilitarian benefits.

g.  Americans have a specific idea of progress, believe in the unlimited growth of their economic system, are confident about the future, which from their point of view should be “American”. Most of them sincerely believe an expansion of the “American way of life” for all humanity to be the real boon, and are perplexed when face with rejection and an entirely different, negative reaction (especially when the spread of this lifestyle is accompanied by a military invasion and mass extermination of the local population, violent uprooting of traditional and religious customs and other delights of direct occupation). That one, which Americans call the “ progress”, the “democratization”, “development” and “civilization” is in fact a degradation, colonization, degeneration, degeneracy and peculiar paradoxical form of liberal dictatorship.
It is no exaggeration to say that the United States as a stronghold of militant liberalism, is a visible embodiment of all the evil that plagues humanity today, is a powerful mechanism that steadily leads humanity to the final catastrophe. This is empire of absolute evil. And the hostages and victims of the disastrous course of this empire are not only all other nations, but also ordinary Americans, not different from the rest of conquered, fleeced, deprived and persecuted to the slaughter nations.

3. It is significant that the U.S. national symbolics is a set of sinister details. Statue of Liberty reproduces the Greek goddess of hell - Hecate, and her torch, whish people light up at night, alludes that this is a country of night. The dollar sign copies columns of Hercules, by which according to ancient Greeks the habitable zone of the Mediterranean ended, beyond which lied the world of oceanic hell - the area of titans, demons, and sank because os of its pride, its materialism and its corruption, Atlantis; but instead of the inscription “Nec plus ultra” (“Nothing further beyond”), which was made on aegis, binding the columns, the Americans put an inscription Plus ultra “Further beyond”), cracking, thus, a symbolic ban and morally justifying the construction of its hellish civilization. Masonic pyramid on the arms of the United States has no top, that means a society without a vertical hierarchy, cut off from its heavenly source. No less ominous are the other symbols. These are details, and they can be treated differently, but knowing what a huge role in human culture they play, at the same time we must not neglect such significant characters.

4. U.S. lead other societies to ruin. And perish themselves. At the same time the scale of catastrophic processes is such, that it would be naive to expect that someone in this situation would be able to wriggle out alone from destructive power of the incident idol. The question is not simply to “push the incident one”, but to nudge it to such a place, that is safe for us. That it does not crush us. American Babel Tower is destined to collapse, but it is much likely that under its rubble all other countries will be buried. The U.S. have become a global phenomenon long ago, not a separate country.
Therefore, the struggle with the United States can not be of a character of those historical wars, that were waged by one states against other ones (or coalitions of states). America is a planetary phenomenon, global, and therefore the effective fight against it is possible only if it will take place simultaneously throughout the world, including the territory of U.S. itself, where, as elsewhere, are present nonconformist revolutionary forces, that categorically disagree with the course of the United States, the capitalist world and the global West.
These revolutionary forces within the U.S. may be the most diverse groups - both rightists and leftists, people of different religious, ethnic and religious orientations. And they must be regarded as a valuable segment of the planetary revolutionary front. To some extent we are all today in the American empire - either directly or indirectly, and still unknown, whether it is easier and safer to struggle against it on the periphery, in countries yet not formally placed under direct U.S. control. Suite of global oligarchy, which is almost always at the same time agents of American influence, hidden or direct Liberals, alerts to demonstrations of non-conformism in all world regions. And with the proliferation of tracking means and storage capacity, information processing and transmission total shadowing after any suspicious element  anywhere in the world is already an easily solved problem, and tomorrow will be a routine occurrence. It is important to understand that we live in a global America, and in this respect, those who oppose the United States and American hegemony as well as the global oligarchy from the outside, don’t differ much from those who are against the same enemy from within. We are all strictly in the same situation. 

5. The sameness of the United States and the world’s evil core, the poles of the catastrophic processes that inevitably lead humanity and the world system to death, is the foundation to all the forces opposed to the status quo to join into a single planetary global anti-American front. An all-mankind movement should be created, the network, the structure, which would unite all those who wants the end of the U.S. and is ready to bring an end to it. This is not about the country, but about the principle. Not about the state, but the structural core of a global network of subjugation, submission, deceit and parasitism. Not about the masses, but about global oligarchic elites, that control them. Nowadays USA is responsible for everything. And thus must be destroyed as a historical, political, social, military and strategic phenomenon. But how this can be achieved despite the fact that in the military field, the field of finance, technology, economy, in an aggressive culture expansion U.S. is now the undisputed leader, and other countries, even critical of the United States, not only to lose them in all respects but are afraid if even theoretically conceivable direct confrontation with the agonizing planetary monster, which still preserves its destructive power? Direct frontal collision will clearly not resolve this problem. The war with the United States should be conducted at a different level, according to new rules and by using new strategies, technologies and methods.


Part 5. War practice


1. Global oligarchy uses convenient conflicts, divides and incites its enemies against each other. She is at aggressive wars, provokes them and will act this way in future. The question is not: to fight or not to fight, we will be forced to fight in any case, today more important is how to fight and with whom? War is indefeasible part of human history. All attempts to evade it in practice led only to new wars, each time more violent than previous ones. Thus, realism compels us to treat the war evenly and impartially. Humanity made wars, makes it now and will make it until its end. Most of the religious prophecies about the future describe it in terms of “final battle”. Thence, war must be understood as a socio-cultural environ of human existence. It is inevitable and this should be taken for granted. Wars will rend humanity, but every time we have to learn to correctly analyse the forces involved in the war. This analysis qualitatively changes under current circumstances. Earlier wars were fought between ethnic groups, or between religions, or between empires, or between national states, in the XX century between ideological blocs. Today a new warfare era came, where the protagonist is always a global oligarchy, carrying out its plans, either with the direct use of American forces and NATO troops, or organizing local conflicts in such a way, that its scenario is consistent with the interests of this elite indirectly. In some cases, conflicts, wars and unrest are provoked with participation of many groups, none of which represent the interests of the global oligarchy directly; then we are dealing with a situation of controlled chaos, manipulation with which are processed by American strategists since the 80s. In other cases, the global oligarchy stands simultaneously for the two warring parties, manipulating them in its advantage. Correct analysis of modern war thus is reduced to defining the algorithm of behaviour and singling out tactical and strategic goals of the global oligarchy and American state in each particular case. This kind of analytics requires a new method, based on a revolutionary and global consciousness. Participating the war or watching the war, we should always try to understand its hidden structure and the true nature, relating to the inherent in the conflict program of world government and the planetary elite. Videlicet this instance is a provocateur of practically all of today’s wars, with the help of which the global oligarchy maintains and strengthens its dominance, trying to delay its end

2. Anti-American front in conditions of newest warfare must firstly become the centre of correct analysis of the opposing forces, and of global oligarchy’s interests, hidden behind them, and secondly, must master skills of reorientation of military actions against the real culprit of any modern conflict - against the global oligarchy itself, the liberal environment, the U.S. influence agents network and other accomplices. Today there are no more aggressors and victims, national interests or competition in the accumulated force, which explained wars of the past. Wars of the XXI century are of a character of episodes of a single world civil war, insurgency and symmetrical retributive operations by world government. Anti-American front by its very existence should serve as a mechanism for the reorientation of any flashing military conflict in the true purpose and its real culprits - the U.S., globalism, and their structures.

3. The new conditions require us to improve the skills of classic fighting, as well as mastering new territories of war - including network, cyber, virtual zones. Mastering these areas is the most important area for anti-American front, because the virtual network area allows to effectively use asymmetric forms of military operations. 
If military power in the sense of traditional forms of weapons makes resources of global hierarchy and their U.S. and NATO tools incomparably and many times more superior than the whole power of potential adversaries, and in this area of the frontal confrontation there hardly is a chance to win, then in the area of network warfare and cyber strategies other factors are decisive. Not least role is played by creativity, unconventional ways of thinking, inventiveness, and ability to act outside the box. In cyberspace, at a certain stage forces of global oligarchy and the revolutionary counter-elite can be equated at least temporarily: in frames of once again opened area, zone or technology, especially at first, creativity of loners is comparable with major budgetary constructions of transnational corporations. Suchwise a personal website or stylish blog of a gifted loner may attract public and have an impact comparable to the official government source of information of a country or a large scale funded by globalists media resource. Having mastered the network strategies, it becomes possible to wage a sterling and dynamic cyber war with the global oligarchy - including virology, revolutionary trolling, flaming, flooding, spamming and usage of bots, virtuals and socket-puppet strategies. In this regard, anti-American front of the global counter-elite needs both military trainers and veterans of hot conflicts of classic design, hackers troops, programmers, system administrators or single figures of the global network resistance. Entire reality is now a field of the war - both located in offline, and related to the zones of virtuality. We must be prepared to lead an all-out global war, extending the zone of combat operations at all current levels - from common behaviour, lifestyle, fashion, work and leisure to ideology, information flows, technology, networking and virtual worlds. We must seek to inflict maximum damage on a global oligarchy and the interests of U.S. and NATO on all available levels - personal, military, economic, cultural, informational, network, cyberspace, etc. The enemy must be attacked both frontally and stealthily. At any point where flames resistance to globalism, American expansion and domination of the global oligarchy, should concentrate global efforts of planetary anti-American front, giving support to the rebels, information maintenance, military assistance, conducting all types of actions aimed at inflicting maximum damage on a global oligarchy - moral, physical, informational , image, ideological, material, economic, etc. 

4. World revolutionary counter-elite must act by any means, depending on the situation. Under military circumstances by military means, under peaceful ones - as it will turn. It should be clear: we are dealing with a system of illegitimate liberal terror, political system created by the cannibalistic junta of international maniacs, that unlawfully seized world control levers, leading the humanity to a death. If we accept their rules, we are guaranteed with slavery, humiliation, degradation, dissolution and forthcoming death. Current situation is not just some temporary condition, burdened by unpleasant details and vexatious costs; it is a fatal diagnosis: continuation of the current trends is not compatible with life. In such a situation, for us there is no longer either law, obstacles, moral attitudes and code of conduct. On this topic we shall speak only after destruction of obscene global clique of oligarchs and their international mercenaries. Thus, in the fight against the system any means to an end. We must clearly realize that the power of the global oligarchy can not be considered a law, and its settings and power authorities that cooperate with it are illegitimate collaborators. The only law is the global revolutionary struggle for a radical change in the course of human history. Only this war is legitimate, just and moral. Only its rules and its purposes are justified and worthy of respect. Anyone who is not involved in this war on the side of the Revolution, with this simple fact already helps the global oligarchy to maintain and strengthen their power. The law of modern global society is lawlessness, all proportions reversed. And on the contrary, the only rightful is now revolt, resistance, struggle against the status quo, trying to arrange its despotism in real terms. While the power is in the hands of the global oligarchy, we don’t have to comply any laws except the laws of war and revolution. However, the global oligarchy itself rules basing on the new one, provokes conflicts and tries to manipulate them. In such circumstances, we are dealing with illegal thieves and maniacs, killing whom is the duty of every normal person, mindful of his species dignity. War is our homeland, our element, our natural, native environment in which we must learn to exist effectively and victoriously. 



Part 6. The structure of
Global Revolutionary


1. The subject of the new world revolution must be the worldwide counter-elite. This counter-elite is intended to form the Global Revolutionary  Alliance (GRA) as a crystallization of efforts of planetary subversive disruptive revolutionary activities aimed at the demolition of the current global world system and the overthrow of the power of the global oligarchy and its entourage. This Global Revolutionary Alliance should be a new type of organization, proper to conditions of the XXI century. Nor party, nor movement, nor order, nor lodge, nor sect, nor religious community or ethnic group or caste - as collective forms of earlier eras - can not serve as a model for its structure. The Global Revolutionary Alliance should be a network structure, without a single control centre, or a set of fixed permanent members, nor the steering group, or a permanent establishment or a well-defined algorithm of action. The Global Revolutionary Alliance should be spontaneous, organically inscribed in the logic of global processes, never being planned in advance and not tied to a particular time and place. Only such a mobile presence will provide an alliance the effectiveness and immunity against planetary global oppressive system and its policing.  Alliance’s activities should be based on understanding of a set of common principles, objectives of the struggle, the identity of the enemy, recognizing the status quo as catastrophic, intolerable and requiring total destruction, as well as understanding the causes of this situation, the stages of its development and instrumental processes, that make it possible and real. Every one who understands it is a member of the Global Revolutionary Alliance, every one who doesn’t accept the current situation and who is ready to act in accordance with this understanding. That’s why the Global Revolutionary Alliance must be polycentric. It shouldn’t have a single territorial, national, religious or another centre. The alliance should operate everywhere, regardless of frontiers, races and religions, on the basis of inner conviction and spontaneously opening windows of opportunity. Exactly the absence of general strategy is the axis of the revolutionary strategy, and the absence of a fixed in space unified hierarchical nerve centre - the dominant model of its operation. The Global Revolutionary Alliance should be everywhere and nowhere, should carry out its rebel actions always and never at a fixed time. The Global Revolutionary Alliance should appear then and there, when and where the global oligarchy least expects it. In this Global Revolutionary Alliance should be similar to the avant-garde performance, to Zen Buddhist practice or to exciting game; to game on the background of end of humanity. The rules of this game can be easily changed in the progress of its development; the players can change their faces, identity, personal history and other individual characteristics (including residence and documentation). Global Revolutionary Alliance should provoke a system failure, a short circuit in the functioning of the global hierarchy and its set up system. It is unable to carry it out in a well-planned, prepared and modelled way; global oligarchy will immediately discover it and take preventive measures. That’s why we should act with a focus on complete unpredictability - combining personal heroic actions with collective actions in all segments of reality. 

2. The Global Revolutionary Alliance should be deliberately asymmetric - it could be potentially taken part in by states, social forces, political parties, movements, groups, up to single individuals. All that opposes really or moderately, frontally or tangentially to the power of the global oligarchy must be regarded as a territory of Global Revolutionary Alliance. This area can be conditional or concrete, national or cybernetic, natural or network. 

a. If any country in the world - large or small - acts against the global domination of U.S., NATO, the global West and the world liberal financial system, then this state should be considered as part of the Global Revolutionary Alliance and helped in every way, regardless of whether we share values of this state, whether its rulers are attractive or repulsive, whether its current system is just or corrupt. Nothing should keep us from supporting such state, as passim in the current world balance of powers criticism, blackening and the demonization of such a state can be nothing but a black propaganda of global elites, discrediting their opponents. The Global Revolutionary Alliance categorically prohibits its supporters and participants any criticism of the anti-American regimes and even those countries, whose policies at least some ways significantly differ from the strategy of the global elite. Those who will succumb to the trick of world’s system of total disinformation and will believe to insinuations adressed against such anti-American regimes, deserves a dispraise. We can not exclude, that this is about provocateurs seeking to split the ranks of the counter-elite. Observing this rule or its violation can be a probable cause for determining the adequacy or inadequacy of those who claim to participate in the Global Revolutionary Alliance. 

b. The same principle applies in the case of estimating movements, parties, religious, national and political organizations. It does not matter what they are calling for, are their goals good or bad, whether we like or dislike their leaders, are their values clear or not, their attitudes, motives and goals. Important is another thing: whether they fight with U.S. and global oligarchy, whether they destroy the existing system, or on the contrary, maintain it, serve it and assist its functioning. If first, they are automatically considered as elements of Global Revolutionary Alliance; if the second - they fall into the camp of the world’s evil and satellites of the global oligarchy; and in that case they should not expect no mercy nor condescension. Especially criterion of orientation on discord should be distinguished here : those movements, political parties, religious groups and other associations, which put the confrontation and competition with other movements of the same level above the imperative of opposition to global oligarchy, are indirect accomplices of this oligarchy itself and are its unconscious instruments. Global oligarchy maliciously incites one group against another to distract both  from their struggle against itself. That’s why only those groups (huge ones, as carriers of particular world religion, and small ones, as separate associations of citizens on a common platform) should be ranked to Global Revolutionary Alliance, that are clearly aware of the fact that in any local and regional confrontations the main enemy is mostly often hidden, as it is the global oligarchy, and that to defeat it, if necessary, they must unite even with the worst enemies (on the local level), if they are also oriented against this oligarchy.
Those who challenge this principle, play into the hands of the global oligarchy and can be blamed in it with all causes of accusation. In this sphere also can not be trusted the world of mass media, discrediting certain political, national, ideological or religious organizations, that contend with global oligarchy: for sure all the information about them will be scienter false, and trust to it should be considered a mistake, if not a crime. Those who are denigrated by the global media, are almost certainly the most deserving political, religious, ideological and social groups and movements that deserve the support of the Global Revolutionary Alliance. 

c.  The same should be applied to separate individuals, holding a position of rejection of the global oligarchy or its critics. These are already members of Global Revolutionary Alliance on their own, whether they realize it or not, declare it, or conceal, avow it or deny. It is not necessary to require a clear position from such people : for technical reasons, in certain situations it would be disadvantageous for them (thus for all of us). It is necessary only to evaluate the damage that they cause in practice to a global oligarchy and proceed from that. Positive program for which they are struggling is absolutely irrelevant. It may be close to us, and may be completely alien. It is necessary to evaluate these people by the extent and effectiveness of their resistance, their subversive, destructiveness to the current status quo. If this level is great, they deserve a full and undoubted support. And again in this case it would be a mistake, and even a crime to take into account the denigrating information, that is produced against them by the global media and its national satellites. If the global oligarchy puts a particular person in the black list, the Global Revolutionary Alliance simply must support him. Mostly often everything alleged to this person would be a deliberate falsehood from beginning to the end. But this does not matter - whether all globalists innuendos were pure truth, it wouldn’t change anything - we live under martial law and a hero is that one, who is able to inflict maximum damage to the enemy, but not someone who has exemplar morals or other qualities, crucial for social human estimate in times of peace. A revolutionary has his own moral: it is the effectiveness and success of his struggle against the main world despotism.

3. Whatever are the motives which make certain powers to reject the status quo and to challenge the oligarchy, globalization, liberalism and the U.S., they should be, in any case, brought to the alliance. The rest will be decided after the victory over the enemy and the collapse of the new Babylon. This is the most important principle that should be taken as the base of the Global Revolutionary Alliance.
Global oligarchy bases its power on the fact that projects of its alternative revolutionary forces differ from one zone to another, from one society to another, from one confession, or even within confessional lines, to another, from one party to another, and finally, from one actor to another. These contradictions of goals maximally relax the camp of the status quo opponents, and thereby create conditions for a sole domination of the global elite. This exact principle is the strategic backbone of its despotic and success power. It was repeatedly noted that even weak attempts to unite different parties, movements, ethnic groups, states or even separate individuals on the general anti-globalistic and anti-oligarchic platform causes a hysterical reaction of global oligarchy and their allies, unmotivated repressions, preventive measures to eradicate and prevent even a split term of such attempts. Mentioning this topic of creation of the Global Revolutionary Alliance, ignoring differences in the objectives on the basis of the oneness of a common enemy - global oligarchy, the U.S. and the planetary West and financial capitalism, we hit  the most vulnerable place of the existing system, break open its code, undermine the basis of its imperial strategy, consisting in the game on the internal contradictions of different forces. The history of the XX century shows that any association based on common goals, even the most massive (as it was in the case of world system of communism and the communist parties operating practically in all countries of the world) has its own restrictive bar and can not go beyond a certain limit. And the collapse of world socialism is related to it: having united everyone possible around anti-capitalist initiatives with clearly defined positive goals, dogmatic setups, having restricted other interpretations, communists exhausted all the revolutionary resources of Marxism, but did not collect the critical mass, necessary for a real victory over the capitalism. Outside of the Marxist movement were left fiery stratums of conservative, religious, national movements, which were equally intransigent with regard to global capitalism, but did not share specific communist utopia. Taking advantage of this split, the West was able to defeat the Soviet bloc. This fate must be taken into account by revolutionaries of the XXI century very seriously. If today we continue insisting on agreement on a unity of purpose that we propose as an alternative to a global catholic (capitalist ?) oligarchy and world domination of the U.S., we are doomed to inevitable failure and ourselves pass in the hands of enemy the weapon of victory over themselves.

4. The Global Revolutionary Alliance should be fed by the spirit of freedom and independence in the first place, and only secondarily should seek material resources for realization of particular operations and projects. Never start with a matter or resources. It should start from the will. This is the sense of human dignity. This is the most important rule of development of the Global Revolutionary Alliance. In its centre the spirit should be. There are situations where one can not cope with external circumstances, with forces of nature, with the power of fate. Sometimes one confronts with obstacles that are impossible to overcome, that are above him.
But the essence of the humane lies in the fact, that even conceding brute force or pressure of circumstances, one can morally admit or not admit what is happening, to say either “yes” or “no” to circumstances. And if he says “no”, thereby he sentences the circumstances by his decisive verdict, thus preparing the platform for their further suggestions (solution? resolve?). Being disagreed with the objective world, the human spirit with its disagreement already changes it, and even if the consequences of his verdict come not at once and not in his case, they are never a dead letter. It is exactly the spirit that runs the history, society and human life. Any material wealth, any potential without complicity of the spirit, will and moral approval will be useless and powerless. And we know examples where whole civilizations deny the right of material things to be considered true values, and on the contrary, place true values within the spiritual realm - in the worlds of contemplation, deity, faith, asceticism. Conversely, the presence of moral choice will is able to make a complete lack of resources and means into its opposite, to construct endless empire with a minimal starting capital, covering a vast area of material existence. The human spirit can do anything. That’s why the Global Revolutionary Alliance should be ready to begin its struggle against the global oligarchy from any point - from the separate individual, small group of people, from movement, party, and so to the confines of religious communities, entire societies, nations and civilizations. You can enter a battl having nothing at all, on the basis of a negative estimate of the current situation and radical discontent, dissatisfaction with what is happening. And you can rely on the existing structures of any scale. Resources for the implementation of the global revolutionary activities, for a total planetary war should be drawn from everywhere, not worrying about its source and fate. Here all will fit - big and small, traditional weapons and new technologies, infrastructures of entire states or international platforms, creativity of separate individuals, heroically joining the struggle against global oligarchic beast. Only the spirit runs human history. In the spirit, in its illness, in its weakness, in its decline, in its stupefaction we should look for the root of current pathology, and it can be cured by spirit only.


Part 7. Images of the future:
the dialectics of multiple norm


1. The future will be possible if we manage to destroy the existing world and to make norm a reality. Each segment of the anti-American front, each element of the Global Revolutionary Alliance has its own vision of the future, its own norm. It must be assumed that these images and these norms are different, disparate and even mutually exclusive. But this circumstance will be important only if these norms and images of future are realized as something universal and obligatory, that is as exclusive and excluding all other common to all mankind imperative. In this case, the split within the Global Revolutionary Alliance is sooner or later inevitable, and therefore its activity is doomed to failure at some point. The Muslim, atheist, Christian, socialist, anarchist, conservative, libertarian, fundamentalist, sectarian, progressist, ecologist or traditionalist will hardly get on with each other, if they try to spread their vision of the future on their neighbours, and even more so, to all humanity. And the global oligarchy will immediately take advantage of it, hammering a wedge between opponents among themselves, will split their solidarity and would kill or strangle each individually. With all the simplicity and primitiveness of such a strategy,  over millennia it invariably consistently gives a positive result to those who use it. The Global Revolutionary Alliance has no right to succumb to such a pre-programmed and anticipated turn. The ability to extract knowledge from history and build a strategy based on rational thought is an essential feature of intelligent person. Thus for success of its war Global Revolutionary Alliance must avoid this impendent trap. With a diverse and disparate images of the future, we must learn to presume them in their local, rather than a universal context. Islam for Muslims, Christianity for Christians, socialism for socialists, ecology for environmentalists, fundamentalism for fundamentalists, nation for nationalists, anarchy for anarchists and so on - that’s what should be the way of designing the future. That means that we must recognize the multiplicity, the plurality of the future, its polyvariability, as well as the coexistence of different designs of the future on different contiguous or noncontiguous territories. The Global Alliance against revolutionary one common to all of the future, he advocated a bouquet of the future, for humanity to be replenished with a variety of shades and colors, paths, and variations, horizons and targets areas for a throw-forward or return to the roots. The Global Revolutionary Alliance opposes one common to all future, it stands for a bouquet of the future, for humanity to be replenished with a variety of shades and colours, ways and variations, horizons and waymarks, areas for a forward-throw or return to the roots. But for some of these alternatives of the future to be held, the help of other forces, that are sure to see the future in different way, is needed. This is the main discovery of the revolutionary strategy of the XXI century. Nobody gets their future, if rejects that the other will have their own future, distinct from any other’s, its own norm, its own horizon. The future will become real and free only if all nations and cultures, all civilizations and political movements, all States and separate individuals will manage to scrag the American hegemony, the global oligarchy and the financial system. And this can be done only by combining the efforts of all the discontent. No one should be excluded from the Global Revolutionary Alliance. All who are against the status quo and who see the root of the evil in liberalism, globalism and Americanism, they should be treated as plenipotentiary participants of our common front.

2. The future must be based on the principle of solidarity, on societies as organic holistic units. Each culture will give its own response to a particular spiritual and religious form. This form is every time different. But all they have something in common. There are no such cultures, religions and states, which built a matter, money, physical comfort, mechanical effectiveness and vegetative pleasure into a highest value. Matter can never retrieve its own form, it is formless. 

But precisely this absolutely materialistic civilization is being built in global scales by world global oligarchy, exploiting the basest, the most tangible incentives and the most primitive impulses of the human being. At the very bottom of the soul sleep shameful semianimal, semi-demoniac energies, tending to the matter, to merge with the organic physical being. These sluggish energies, resistant to fire, to light, to concentration and elevation, are the very backbone, which is being exploited by the global system, which it cultivates, with which gallivants and to which flatters. This bottom of the soul, or the voice of physicality ruins any cultural form, any ideal, any normative, whatever it is. That means, that course of history stops, the eternal return of the consuming cycle begins, the race for material pleasures, consumption of succous and mindless images. This way societies lose their future. Each culture opposes this basest appetites, energies of spiritual entropy and decay. But does it in its own way and sets a waymark to its norm, its idea, its spirit. And despite the fact that the lineaments and configuration of these forms and ideals are different, they all have one thing in common - in fact anywhere we are talking about form, not substance, about the idea, and not about physicality, about the norm and effort, but not about dissipation, entertainment and debauchery. Therefore, the image of the future, for which all the elements of the Global Revolutionary Alliance fight against global oligarchy, in all its diversity is common - in all cases it is the form, but not  deformity, an idea, but not matter, something that elevates the human spirit, rather than sinks it into the abyss of empty inertial entropic physicality. At the heart of any norm stand common good, truth, beauty. Each nation has its own ideals, being usually very different, they share the view that these are exactly ideals, but not something else. Global oligarchy destroys all these ideals, not letting them to be held. In doing so it deprives all societies of the future.

3. The should be won in the war and harden in the fire of revolution. It won’t occur simply by itself. That’s why, the revolution against the American global world is not just a detail or an accident, but the sence of the work of history, which movement is blocked by certain forces. 
These forces will not leave by themselves, will not step aside, will not give a way for energies of existence. We are in a civilizational and historical dead end, and the structure of this dead end is such, that it has as both an objective and subjective dimension, that is that deadlock is deliberately selfishly maintained by certain historical and at the same time anti-historical phenomenon – the global oligarchy. To open the gates to the future, it is necessary to blow up the dam, that stands in its way. No war – no victory. No victory – no ever coming future. Unlike the nature, where the sun rises every morning itself, the onset of the dawn of human history depends directly on the effectiveness and success of the struggle against the dark forces - the world oligarchy, the U.S. and global capitalism. Only having uprooted the existing global elite, the course of history can move forward, from where it got stuck today. The future can only be created in the war and born out of the fire of the Global Revolution. The War and Revolution are an awakening. The Daytime – is the time of awakened ones. Meanwhile, the global oligarchy does all it can for humanity to continue sleeping, and seeks to ensure that it never awakes. For this exact purpose an artificial virtual world is being created, where night lasts forever and a day represented in exquisite electronic simulation. This world should be blown it up.

4. Design of the future must be contemplated and created openly. Peoples and societies must select it, but not get it as something imposed. Thus Global Revolutionary Alliance should appeal to all and to everyone, tell everything about its goals and objectives, their horizons and their plans. The Global Revolutionary Alliance should not impose anything to anyone, and does not seek to bestow. The Global Revolutionary Alliance promises nothing, doesn’t tempt, doesn’t lead somewhere, that is clear to him, but that remains a mystery to everyone else. Such tactics will not give us the desired result. The Global Revolutionary Alliance insists on universal awakening, on the total mobilization, the piercing and general awareness of the catastrophe that opened up and gains momentum, and on building on this tragic foundation new transparent world, open to all people. We must tell people the truth: the state of humanity is awful, the self-diagnosis is most disappointing. Yes, this is a disease, severe illness, deep and relentless. But .....curable. Curable it is if recognized as a disease, considered such and if there is the will to change the situation and to find the horizon of recovery. To find health, it is necessary to recover. To recover, we must realize that we are seriously ill. And the first step to recovery will be to identify where will disease lead us, and what is its main carriers. The case records in Western culture of modern times and its historical prelude. The carrier of the disease, parasitic on its development as tumor cells in healthy tissues, is the world global oligarchy, the State-Monster USA, ideology of liberalism, vicious in its foundations, worldwide network of agents of influence, serving the interests of the empire of evil in all societies - including those who were able to maintain at least partial immunity to malignant corrosive viruses. Doctors know that without the will of the patient to recovery, its not possible to achieve, and no tricks and external methods will help. Therefore, the main allies of the Global Revolutionary Alliance to become are people themselves, societies, cultures, whole humanity, which is simply obliged to wake up and shake off the blood-sucking American oligarchic liberal scum. Reset and start living a full life – according to own will and relying on own minds. Then the mission of the Global Revolutionary Alliance will be carried out and there will be no longer need in it. In its place will come the future, which mankind will choose for themselves, and which will freely make by own hands. It will create itself, only with itself, and for itself only.