4 November is a beautiful feast day (Editor's note: The Feast of the Mother of God in Kazan, a liturgical feast in Eastern Christianity that is very important because it commemorates the victory of material and spiritual wars). Here are its main meanings.

The unity in question is:
- the unity of the people in itself, the end of divisions and separations;
- the unity of the people and the Church, and thus the glorious image of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God, saviour of Russia;
- the unity of the people and the state, and the conditions of the people: the true aristocrat who is loyal to his people and his homeland (traitor, tempter, impostor, occupier - out);
- the unity of the Russian lands, which should be liberated from the western invaders up to the western borders (having started with the expulsion of the Polish garrison from the Moscow Kremlin, the Russian people and the Russian power completed the work by dividing Poland).

The second popular militia, which stormed Kitay-gorod and then liberated the Kremlin from the Poles, was a unique phenomenon in Russian history. This time it was the people - yes, the Russian people, the people as such - who decided the fate of its historical existence, its power, its geopolitical orientation, its political system. And the people, perhaps the only time they act on their own and on their own initiative, have decided:

- Russia must be;
- Russia to be Russian, i.e. independent, sovereign, subordinate neither to the impostors, nor to the Poles, nor to the Swedes, nor to the corrupt aristocracy (in fact, to the oligarchs);
- Russia to be Orthodox;
Russia was autocratic, at one with the Catechon and relied on the Zemsky Sobor (editor's note: this was the first Russian parliament, which arose in the feudal period), which served as the main organ of the historical will of the Russian people (immediately after the liberation of Moscow, the first representative of the new ruling dynasty, the Romanovs, was elected to the throne).

The Russian people in 1612-1613 made this choice and to this day have not rejected it, and if the Russian people were asked again today, they would make exactly the same choice as they did 400 years ago. It is simply not asked. Hence all the problems. Once again the West advances and presses on Russia, and once again the powerful authorities falter, and once again the oligarchs betray the Motherland and swear allegiance to the temporary, usurpers and foreigners; once again Russia is forced into war.

It is 4 November 2022. The authorities must immediately turn to the Russian people for help, complicity, advice. Otherwise nothing will be done about it. We will only win the SMO if it is led by the people's militia, by a Russian militia, and only the awakening of the Russian people will truly put an end to all new problems.

A further lesson: only autocracy is possible in Russia. No matter how we build democracy, socialism or civil society, we end up with a monarchy. It is time to honestly admit that nothing but monarchy is possible in Russia and when it weakens or falls, oligarchy begins. And this is the death of the Russian land. Destruction comes undeterred, and the oligarchy sells and betrays the fatherland more and more, until it leads to revolutions, and that is when the Russian people rise up and re-establish the monarchy.

The problems will end in true victory if the Russian people eventually find a true legitimate ruler, their Russian monarch.

However, we are talking about a popular monarchy, born from the depths of Russian existence, an existential, spiritual monarchy. Russia is the Katechon, the Holder. We are fighting against the Antikeimenos, the enemy, the collective West and its satanic anti-Christ civilisation. We must enter fully into this eschatological heritage and take up this mission.

We will defeat the West only in the shadow of the icon of Our Lady in Kazan. We will win as true Russian people and, if necessary, we will have to restart the state itself, to re-elect the rulers. We will only be saved by the Monarchy of the Spirit, the Zemsky Sobor and the great Russian Awakening.

Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini