Putin-Biden summit: still better than W-word

Putin's meeting with Biden clearly did not bode well. None of the analysts and experts expected from it any breakthroughs or reassuring signals. The only thing worse would be the absence of such a meeting. If the leaders of two clearly hostile world powers do meet face-to-face, it means that at least no there is no war. Of course, real war could erupt at any moment: When Biden and his liberal extremist agenda of the Great Reset snatched the presidency from Trump, this risk increased dramatically.

Russia and the U.S. - or rather, Putin's Russia and Biden's U.S. - have opposing views on almost everything. And most importantly, they see the future world order so differently that one excludes the other.

For Putin, the unconditional and absolute priority is the full and complete real sovereignty of Russia. And this is only possible in a multipolar world where Russia will be a self-sufficient free decision-making center. Along with the other poles, whose existence and  sovereignties are also recognized, but whose freedom is limited only by the freedom of the other poles -- that is by crude balance of powers.

For Biden, the priority is not even the United States, but the creation of a World State headed by a World Government. Such a world can only be unipolar, with only one ideology reigning everywhere--liberalism, LGBT-model, deep ecology, minority democracy, and compensatory racism (according to the critical racial theory now accepted in the United States, formerly oppressed races can now oppress their former oppressors with impunity). No one should have any sovereignty, as it is against “human rights” ideology, established, explained and interpreted by neoliberal elite.

Therefore, for Biden, Putin's Russia is an enemy, an absolute enemy. This does not mean that Russia is the enemy of the United States. If you view the U.S. as a pole of a multipolar world, which was quite possible and probable under the nationalist Trump, then any contentious issues could be – at least in theory -- resolved. Yes, the U.S. and Russia have areas of overlapping national interests, but they are not critical. Especially if we designate areas of mutual responsibility in a realistic way - Eurasia to Eurasians, America to Americans, and Europe to Europeans. We could continue this multipolar enumeration - Africa to Africans, Asia to Asians, Islamic world to Muslims, etc. But that would be true if America had an American president at the helm. A meeting between such a real American president and a president of Russia could be quite constructive and meaningful.

But the problem is: Biden is not an American president.

He is a liberal and a globalist and he insists that everyone must be a globalist and a liberal, and therefore share his agenda and follow his rules. To a globalist, only globalists like him are friends but more often instrumental aids. Anyone who insists on sovereignty and multipolarity automatically becomes an enemy.

Putin is exactly like that. He thinks of the architecture of the world as a concert of sovereign subjects, one of which is Russia, one America, one China, and so on. When he meets with Biden, he meets with an equal. Biden, on the other hand, sees Putin as nothing more than an out of control rebellious subordinate who should be punished with sanctions and – eventually - seduced with handouts.

Hence the cognitive dissonance of the Putin-Biden summit. In fact, there is no such summit. They have nothing to talk about because they stay in two parallel worlds. And the polarization of these worlds is rapidly increasing. They can meet only if one side accepts the rules of the other.

Can you imagine Biden rejecting globalism? I can't.

Would Putin give up sovereignty? Absolutely not, this is the main thing for Putin, this is his absolute.

So no dialogue is possible. You can only come to a consensus on details that essentially don't matter at all.

As far as Russia-US relations are concerned, only the disappearance of one of the sides will solve everything. Who will be the first to collapse? And if no one collapses, then we are left with one word that begins with "w"... W – word…