Youtube Must be Destroyed

Youtube excelled again. This time he demolished the Russian television channel Russia Today in Germany without warning. As soon as I gave comments on the elections to the Bundestag for this channel, Youtube immediately eliminated it. Coincidence? Yes, I think it’s a coincidence, but a very symbolic one. The same Youtube, more than a year ago, also deleted my philosophical channel, where there were mainly lectures about Aristotle, and the millionth channel of Constantinople. Youtube lost the trial with Constantinople, but no one is going to change the way we see our policy. And now it is Russia Today Deutschland.

Cancel culture is a culture of eliminating everything that does not agree with the globalist liberal agenda. She cannot stop until she destroys everything that only comes into the field of her attention. Neither fines nor protests on Youtube are valid. This epidemic of liberal censorship is becoming more and more totalitarian and even irrational. Youtube has a huge impact on the masses of all kinds of societies, especially young people, but the dizziness of the perceived victory forces the operators of the new liberal dictatorship to cross the line.

With regard to Russia Today, I think this is exactly what happened. The power in Russia is extremely pragmatic, I would say too much. Yes, it instinctively gravitates towards conservatism – if only because such are the moods of the overwhelming majority of the population, but it hardly shares truly conservative values ​​and a conservative idea. Therefore, when Youtube destroys the channels of patriots, the government is almost inactive. But now Youtube is hitting the Russian state and its information system directly. Not reacting to this means accepting surrender and surrendering to the mercy of the World Government, global corporations, and information empires controlled by the globalist sect.

Therefore, the Kremlin’s reaction to the unceremonious closure of Russia Today by Deutschland should be quite tangible, not symbolic. We are patriots in our battle with globalist totalitarianism cancel culture – as always! – were pioneers. Now the Russian state media are accusing us of what they groundlessly accused us of. And on our example, you can understand that no rational arguments work here. Neither the grotesque nagging of Plato and Aristotle in the case of my channel nor the loss of the trial to Tsar Grad changes anything in the politics of Youtube and Google. There is only one thing left – to follow the Chinese path. 

The actions of globalist fanatics from Youtube, Google, Twitter and other similar structures practicing cancel culture and not putting Russian legislation into a penny should be prohibited. They no longer react to warnings or fines. It’s time to turn off the switch.

Aggression on Russia Today (RT), the Deutschland is crossing the forbidden red line. The answer must be overwhelming. All these networks, starting with Youtube and Google, must be disabled in Russia. Learn to live without them. At first, it will be unusual, but our people quickly adapt to everything. And the very ideology of cancel culture must be equated with extremist and misanthropic. This is a form of the new liberal fascism and there is nothing to stand on ceremony here. On Russian territory, the Russian channel is under direct repression. Someone has to pay for it. Youtube is a great responder. Nice Youtube missing Youtube.

But where to lay out the oceans of endless dope, to which everyone is accustomed? Where is it now to contemplate a bewildered cat or adolescents showing their tongue to the mirror or something even less decent? How to get to the tongue-tied Morgenstern worm with Satan’s tattoo on its narrow forehead, or to enjoy the feeble-minded swearing of the Cord? Good question. You can create an electronic ghetto for them – a separate social video hosting for the mentally retarded.

China easily replaced the globalist networks with its own. And the censorship is now Chinese. And even stupidity for the broad masses and that Chinese. An idiot, but our Chinese idiot. Look, I don’t want cats and how to water the flowers. But that’s all. The more boring the content of social networks, the more people will live offline. But those who insist can be given this opportunity – rehabilitation will be gradual.

Thank God, television is so low that it can only be watched by the population of nursing homes and colonies, where there is nowhere else to watch. Therefore, the ban on Youtube will not lead the masses to new addictions. People will start walking more and looking at the air and autumn leaves.
Today it is almost not a sales dream – to return to the world from the electronic prison of virtuality. Only Goskomnadzor can change the most important parameters of life. One has only to prohibit – put liberal censorship outside – our Russian – law. This is what ecology and common sense require us. Youtube is toxic, contagious, and immoral. Please, Goskomnadzor, destroy it.