Introduction to NOOMAHIA. Lecture 2. Geosophy


1. Geosophy is the field of application of Noology (the Noomahia principle) to the study of cultures, peoples and civilizations. Its is deepest level of ethnosociology.
2. The basic idea of geosophy is that there are different organization of the balance of three Logos that defines the identity of concrete human society. Apollonian culture, Cybelean culture and so on.
3. The society where the Logos dominates can change its form in space and time. The balance of Noomahia can change also. Here Apollo rules, there Cybele. Now here Dionysus dominates, then Apollo outbalances it. SO Noomahia is essentially dynamic, the process.
4. The borders of people or cultures in the moment of Noomahia in space are defined as existential horizon. It is multilevel structure close to Dasein concept. It is the basis of people, its roots. The Logos is build and founded over the existential horizon. It is living space. Da-sein, being t/here being in concrete world organized with the help of dominating Logos. So it is also ontho-logical space. There is no universal space. Space is existential and understood and studied through dominating Logos.
5. The borders of people or cultures in the moment of Noomahia in time are defined as the Historical (not the historic). The French term l’historial. H.Corbin has translated so the heideggerian term das Seynsgeschichtliche or simply da Geschichtliche in opposition to das Historische. So the history of people is defined by the ruling Logos. The history is not the consequence of facts but the consequence of meanings, senses. The history is semantic chain, the structure. So in the history – as semantic history or ontohistory , the history of being we can trace the manifestation of dominating Logos. There is no universal time. Time is existential and understood and studied through dominating Logos.
6. The main principle of geosophy is perspectivism. We are dealing not with unique space and time differently understood by with different times and spaces because they have no existence outside of their interpretation in the context of concrete – factual – culture. We think otherwise just because we are under over overwhelming influence of modern (in the historical sense) and western (in the existential horizon sense) culture. We think that the modern western understanding of nature of space and time is universal. Every man of every space and time thinks the same. It is ethnocentrism.
7. The geosophy doesn’t fight the ethnocentrism: without it there is no human. To be ethnocentric is the same as to have Da in Dasein, to be t/here. Da is defined by ethnos – ethos, culture, people, language. But geosophy reflects the ethnocentric nature of any thought. So it is perspectivism: there is no one world there are many worlds imbedded in each other – as many as there are peoples. We can not be and think without cultural structure that is ethnocentric. We need understand it in full measure.
The geosophy as perspectivism is not anti-ethnocentric: it is anti-racist and anti-universalist. We accept plurality of ethnocentrism as something factual, as given as unavoidable condition. But we need to fix the borders or limits. The univeralism is in itself titanic. It seeks to transcend the borders of Apollo. Hybris the essential sin of titans, it is excessive. So ethnocentrism is legitimate until it recognizes the limits. When is pass the borders it becomes racist and universalist. So it looses its legitimity.