Introduction to NOOMAHIA. Lecture 3. Logos of Indo-european civilization

1. Existential space and its classes. Big and small existential spaces. The linguistic factor. Language as house of being.
2. Biggest existential space. Indo-European space. The Indo-European Dasein. The borders.
3. What is Turan? Iran and Turan in Firdowsi. Ancient name Avesta. Indo-European nomadic people and indo-european sedentary people.
4. The indo-european motherland. Craddle of Indo-europeans. Turan and Eurasia. Mary Gymbutas kurgan theory. Oswald Spengler three civilizations Atlantic, Kushitic and Turanian.
5. The structure of Indo-European Logos. Patriarchy. The theory of George Dumezil. Three functions.
• priests Apollo
• warriors Apollo/ Dionysus
• simple pastoralists Apollo/Dionysus – more material.
6. The Indo-European ideology is based on three functions. All the myths, tales, the historicals, political institutions, religions, rites are based on the tri-functional logic.
7. Pure verticality. The Father is transcendent. The Son is immanent. There is no antagonism between them.
8. Indo-European world is nomadic. But there is the center that is eternal. The sacred motherland.
9. Symbol of sun – circle, wheel. Solar wheel. Chariot.
10. Plato – “Timy” three world: paradigms, images and khora – matter. Three species. “Republic”: Priests – philosophers, Guardians, auxiliaries, assistants – warriors and producers. “Pheadrus”: the soul has three principles black horse (epithymia ) white horse (thymos) and charioteer (kybernautos).
11. Triade is in all Indo-European peoples – hittites, germans, celts, greeks, Thracians, latins, slavs, balts, Iranians, Indians, illirians, Armenians and so on.
12. But the problem is that the third function is represented by sedentary peasants, farmers. They were integrated into the Indo-European societies long ago. Sо they became the third function with the pastoralists.
Here the Earth manifests Herself. Dionysus is now the grain, the vine grape.