Introduction to NOOMAHIA. Lecture 8. Noological analysis of Modernity


1. The Modernity as paradigmatic phenomenon. The structure of Modernity is based on the denial of Tradition (Guenon, Evola, Schuon, Burkhardt, Valsan, Nasr). What Tradition destroys Modernity? The answer is clear: apollonian Logos in form of Christianity.
2. The origins of scientific world picture reveals the special philosophical tendency – atomism of Democritus and Epicurus. Later Roman Lucretius.. That was pre-socratic tendencies of Logos of Cybele in greek culture. Plato, Aristotle, Parmenides, Pythagoras and Stoia are based on Logos of Apollo and sometimes of Dionysus. Atomism and epicureanism are based on Logos of Cybele. So in Christianism Democritus and Epicurus were absent.  They have reappeared with Galliley, Newton, Gassendi, Boyl, Descartes, Hobbes.
3. The Modernity is based on refutation of Platonism and Aristotle. It is basically titanic or in Christian terms Luciferian. The Modernity refuses verticality, hierarchy, warrior values (knights ethos of Middle Age), theology as ruling paradigm, sacralization of State (modern State as profane), democracy and individualism.
4. Cosmos is Kopernickian – decentralized, relative, material. The gravity rules. There is no natural structure of space (Aristotle anizotopy). Any direction is equal.
5. The State is organized from bottom to the top. Democracy. No castes – equality. Three political theories: liberalism, communism, nationalism All three based on the concept of Cartesian subject – individual, class, nation (race). All three Modern and totalitarian. Totalitarian because they should rule the minds and not the bodies. Rule through epistemology.
6. Soul: The human nature is progress, tabula rasa, no soul, only the place to inscribe the social content (Lock). No horses, no chartioteer. No transcendent Nous or Logos, only mechanical reason and beast. Remember how first male figures appeared in matriarchal art of the Great Goddess. The time, progress, evolution dectroyed eternity, descent and permanence.
7. Modernity is Logos of Cybele. It is revenge and counter-attack of titans. Titanomachia continues.
8. The role of peasantry and the figure of bourgeois. How the Cybele come in the scene with peasants torn from the Earth and village with its patriarchal technic to control the Great Goddess. The peasant origins of proletariat.
The geosophy of Modernity. The role of England (bipolar schizophrenia) and France esthetic satanism (black romantism). Modernity and Tradition in catholic Habsburg Europa against protestant Modern North. Italy and Austria. Position of Russia and Ottoman Empire.