Elements for a revolutionary populist thought

The emerging Multipolar World is a geopolitical revolution. It doesn’t only mark a paradigm shift from the short unipolar moment established by the United States after 1991, but also the end of Western hegemony. The ongoing process of multipolarity is in favor of the different civilizations and against the Liberalist project of Globalization. Whereas Globalization tries to unify the world under one political system, one ideology and one civilization, multipolarity proclaims the diversity of different political systems, different ideologies and different civilizations.

Life, Thought and Echo-Persons

My main goal is that people - both in power and outside of power - learn to think. Not to think exactly as we do or similar but just to think. This thinking may not be the same as ours, and it may be contrary to what and to how we think.  Thinking is following the thought itself. And who knows where it will lead us... We have to follow it – wherever it leads ... Therefore, teaching people to think is a risk. Huge risk. And we have to accept it. Because to be is to be in danger. And to think is highest state of being… Therefore that is highest risk.

Relative Absolute, American Logos, Figure of Other and American Youth

Multipolarity could have its own contradictions, conflicts, and oppositions, but they would be of another nature than having one hegemony in the West establishing modern day left-liberalism as a global order with absolute truths. Unipolarity is linked to this new left-liberalism, and everybody who challenges the values of LGBT, BLM, “progress,” “technology,” and “scientific development” is considered to be Nazi, Communist, and so on.

Doubts and deadlocks of vaccination

Revaccination – loud calls to be vaccinated again and again and to receive in return various pleasant benefits – such as a QR code or even participation in a raffle of a whole car. That is what is happening actually in Russia. This is already a real epic fail. When they realized that it would not take a long time to hide the fact that the vaccine was a hoax, the idea was born about “new strains” and about the need to do it over and over again. Combined with the false target of herd immunity (let’s infect everyone with bubonic plague, come on !, come on !, of course, come on!) forced revaccination already looks really ominous. 

What does the world government want

Today we will talk about those conspiracy theories that are being censored more and more severely in different states. I wrote the book “Conspirology” and, in fact, in the early 90s, introduced this term into the language of Russian political science. This is, in general, an American word. Moreover, in one of my first speeches at the Sorbonne, I proposed to introduce this term into French, because the French used the term “conspirationnisme”, but did not use the English term “conspirology”. And I introduced this version of the term into Russian. I gave a lecture on conspiracy theories at the Sorbonne in 1899 … or rather in 1989  (I am so many years old that I can even confuse centuries). I gave a lecture on conspiracy theories and used this English term “conspirology” in the French manner – “conspirologie “: This word became a neologism for the French language, and a number of professors who were present at my lecture said: ” This is interesting, we need to enrich our French language borrowing this Anglo-Saxon word from a Russian philosopher who made a lecture on “conspirology”.


The liberal West includes levers of pressure on Russia not only when it comes to the fate of the opposition of the “fifth column”, but also about the inviolability of the “sixth”. The only difference is that open oppositionists are discussed openly and loudly, while the political immunity of the liberals in power – Chubais, Nabiullina or Siluanov – is discussed behind closed doors.


The modern structure of knowledge, whose principles were laid down at the beginning of the Modernity, is focused on a consistent rejection of the hierarchy. This is most clearly seen in nominalism, which overturns the ontological taxonomy that goes back to Aristotle (individual, species, genus –  individuum,  specie,  genus ), in favor of a plane equalization among themselves of all things taken under the modus hicceitas, “thisness” (Duns Scott). From here it is already a stone’s throw to the logical positivism of Bertrand Russell and early Wittgenstein. 

Independence Day of US - hijacked feast

As long as the U.S. remained a peripheral power, closed in on itself, this was acceptable. After all, how various religious sectarians and extravagant fantasists like the Mormons and other still stranger sects want to live, it was their business, their choice.
But then something irreparable happened. A group of British oligarchs - such as the racist and imperialist Cecil Rhodes, responsible for the genocide and brutal exploitation of Africans - saw that the British Empire was heading for the end and decided to prepare a former colony, the United States, to take its place.

The day of global Insurrection

On June 29, the world community celebrates the Day of the Partisan or the Insurgent, the Day of Underground. I like this idea. No one can get a guarantee from being in the position of a persecuted minority, forced to exist in the underground and lead a partisan way of life. Russian proverbs says: one not never too sure to avoid accidental poverty or imprisonment. That depends not on our will only. There is something other. The Fate.

Global World as Masonic Temple. Wake up!

This radical revolutionary Freemasonry rejected God and became the main ideological and political enemy of the whole traditional order in Europe. The Third Estate under the Masonic leadership and guidance destroyed the Church, overthrew the Monarchy and still more enslaved the peasants. The materialistic science of the Encyclopedists all directly connected with Masonry and inspired by it replaced sublime idealism of the Christian Middle Ages.
True Europe fought a desperate battle in the Vendée, where the priesthood, the aristocracy loyal to the monarch, and the peasantry – all three classical functions of Indo-European society (according to G.Dumezil) united against bloody Masonic terrorism, the vanguard of liberal-capitalist materialist civilization, which was advancing on Europe. And, in the end, conquered it.

Eurasianism: The struggle for the multi-polar world

Whereas George Marshall explained the responsibility of American leadership in the context of the cold war, Fukuyama attempted to presume the unilateral role of American leadership in the post-cold war, especially in the absence any major adversary on the global scale. But within a decade, after Fukuyama’s open proclamation of America’s liberal ascendance, American leadership began suffering from the disorder of doublethink that originates from the contradiction between theory and practice in the promotion of liberal values.

Galileo's repentance was false. Modern science is criminal

Historical chronicles report that Galileo renounced the heliocentric picture of the world on 22 June 1633. Urban folklore adds that Galileo muttered to himself "and so it goes round and round". This moment is usually thought of as the drama of “a progressive scientific worldview in the struggle against medieval backwardness”. In fact it was one episode in an act of God-killing that stretched over several centuries of Western European history. When in the XIX century Nietzsche proclaimed "God is dead, you killed him - you and me!", he was only stating a fait accompli. He has heroically taken the blame upon himself, trying to live, think, and create with this unbearable knowledge of the Western nihilistic abyss. If there is no God, there is nothing. If the earth is round, material and revolves around the same material sun in infinite - and again - purely material! - space, then there is no God. And there is no world, His world.

The Theory of a Multipolar World

Alexander Dugin’s The Theory of a Multipolar World is a cheerful and optimistic view of a future in which humanity will reach its highest development. However, it will not be the uniform humanity pictured by the globalizing and leveling schemers and manipulators. Instead, old artificial borders will be dissolved and new natural divisions installed. Mankind will blossom in its manifold manifestations, namely the distinct civilizations and the ethnoses that breathe their souls into them. Drawing from a variety of philosophies from both the Right and Left, Dugin maps out the immediate goals and ultimate vision of this theory, and what is required to implement it.

Interview with Alexander Dugin – ‘Welcome all newcomers!’

Modern liberalism seems to have lost its enemies after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This is fatal for this ideology, as it is primarily defined by its demarcation. In my “Fourth Political Theory”, liberalism is defined as the first theory to fight the two “main enemies” – communism (second theory) and fascism (third theory). Both had challenged liberalism: for liberalism claims to be the most modern and progressive theory. But both communism and fascism made the same claim. In 1990 communism and fascism were considered defeated.

William Okham: The Curse of Nominalism

This is Occam's famous razor - it cuts the spiritual vertical of being. It is an instrument of castration, the tool of the maniac killer.
While Occam himself still recognizes God as the creator of this material multitude, His role is not much different from the Big Bang of modern physics. Such a "God" is only the cause of material existence. And following the logic of "don't double essences" such a "God" will gradually disappear from modern Western European science. God disappears precisely because "there is no need to double essences," the materialists will develop Occam's idea until logical end. The material multitude itself is enough. And everything else is just a pure game of the intellect, desperately trying to cope with the multitude that surrounds it. And the bearer of the intellect is also only a material individual, another atom added to an infinite number of particles. Not parts, for only a whole can have a part, but particles, that is, parts that do not have a whole, being parts of something that does not exist.

The End of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Yuga Cycle

The timeline also indicates that the ascending Kali Yuga, which is the current epoch in which we are living, will end in 2025 CE. The full manifestation of the next Yuga – the ascending Dwapara – will take place in 2325 CE, after a transitional period of 300 years. The ascending Dwapara Yuga will then be followed by two more Yugas: the ascending Treta Yuga and the ascending Satya Yuga, which completes the 12,000 year ascending cycle.

Men of Mystery: Raymond Abellio & Jean Parvulesco – Their Vision of a New Europe

Raymond Abellio claimed that the Flemish occultist S.U. Zanne, pseudonym of Auguste Van de Kerckhove (1838-1923), was amongst the greatest initiates of the modern era. But hardly anyone knows who he is. Some have placed Abellio in the same category – he too is a great unknown for most. And those that have looked at Abellio largely conclude that he was a French fascist politician with an interest in esotericism. Was he? Part of the problem is that Abellio’s writings – like that of so many alchemists – need a key. So much of their material is coded text, and Abellio himself used to laugh that most people’s keys “only opened their own doors” – not his. Who was he really, and what were his true political aims?

The Ethnosociological and Existential Dimensions of Alexander Dugin’s Populism

Unlike the ethnos, the narod has taken on a historical mission. It is caught between “past paradise” and “eschatology in the future.” It has lost the integrity of the ethnos and seeks to obtain integrity as its fate. The narod is “tragic”: it wants what it can never have, the integrity of the ethnos. Its nature is therefore to be restless and discontent. It is also militant: “The narod sees the restoration of integrity only in the destruction of the ‘other’ as an external enemy.” In the narod, the gods, or the element of the divine, is also not integrated, as was the case in the ethnos: “distance is established between humans and gods.” Distance arises in the realm of thought, too, as doubt.