The limit of Russian patience

The story of the Hague Tribunal is symbolic. Russia has never before wondered what kind of institution it is. In reality, it is part of the implementation of World Government, a supranational political system created over nation states that are invited to cede part of their sovereignty to this structure. This includes the European Court of Human Rights and the EU itself, but also the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the WHO, etc. The League of Nations, and later the UN, was conceived as another preparatory step on the way to the establishment of a world government.

The rod of liberalism

Let us discuss liberalism in international relations, a component of liberal ideology as a whole. Liberals see the law of 'progress' as irreversible, the essence of which is that capitalism, the market, liberal democracy, individualism, LGBT, transgender, mass migration, etc. are spreading throughout humanity. In the liberal doctrine of international relations, 'progress' means the transition from sovereign nation-states to supranational instances of power. The goal of this 'progress' is the establishment of a world government. It is explicitly and unequivocally stated in International Relations textbooks. All countries that do not want 'progress' are, according to this theory, enemies of 'progress', 'enemies of an open society', therefore they are 'fascists' and must be judged (at the Hague Tribunal) and destroyed ('inflict a strategic defeat on them' - Blinken) and in place of the sovereign leaders put liberals - preferably transgender ones.

This is the ideological position on which the US Democratic Party, the Biden administration and most European elites stand. All the forces in non-Western countries, which support the collective West and the American globalists, also swear by this ideology. And this is precisely the ideology: radical, rigid, totalitarian.

The challenge is accepted

It’s somewhat surprising that Russia, for 23 years under a fully sovereign leader, has not bothered to confront liberalism and has, up to a point, accepted the legitimacy of its rules, structures and institutions.

They are not the ones who changed, Russia changed with the start of SMO, and a legitimate escalation by global liberals followed. There is nothing casual about it: it is just liberalism. Until we overthrow this ideology, both internally and externally, the escalation will only increase.

We simply cannot go any further without our ideology.

The decision of the Hague Tribunal to arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin and Children's Rights Ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova is so outrageous that it is simply impossible not to respond. It is an insult to the country, the people, society, every person, every Russian woman, every mother, every child. How can one respond to this with dignity?

In my opinion, there are real culprits in this whole situation and they are not in Washington or The Hague: they are in Russia itself. They are a group of liberals who for 23 years have been convincing the President in every possible way that friendship with the West is a must, that it is the only way forward, and that the adoption of liberal ideology, as well as integration into liberal globalist international structures and institutions (including recognition of the International Criminal Court, ECHR, WHO, etc.) have no alternative. They have also discredited the patriotic camp, both left and right, by convincing the head of state that they are only dreaming of staging a 'Maidan'. In reality, the patriots, both left and right, are Putin's people and main support. They are his support, his staunch supporters, but the liberals in power have always praised the West and vilified the patriots. This has been going on for 23 years, ever since Putin came to power.

The hour of reckoning

We have logically reached the point where the lauded West has revealed itself to be a terrorist structure that assassinates us, blows up pipelines, steals money, and we, after having been at its beck and call for so long, have found ourselves in a humiliating dependency; 23 years ago we should have followed the course to establish our Russian Eurasian civilisation.

Putin focused on sovereignty. It was assumed - precisely under the influence of the liberals - that the West would accept this sovereignty as long as Moscow remained within the general framework of Western civilisation, as long as it was involved in its structures and institutions, as long as it accepted Western values (capitalism, liberal democracy, digitalisation, the culture of annihilation, 'wokism', i.e. the obligation to denounce anyone who disagrees with liberalism, LGBT). It has been a deception from the beginning and this deception has specific individuals: the liberal bloc in the President's inner circle. It is they who have contributed to what is happening today, who have obstructed the patriotic awakening, who have done everything possible to separate the President from the people, from the Russian core, from the bearers of patriotic consciousness.

The time has come to settle accounts. Or it is about to come. I don't know what else needs to happen for the ruling liberals to be called to the carpet and questioned severely. Perhaps something else is missing, but in any case it won't take long. The sword of vengeance is on the heads of the Russian liberals in power and nothing can prevent the natural punishment, it can be delayed a little but it cannot be avoided.

The Russian liberals must answer for all their crimes. Without this there will be no purification and no victory.

Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini