Alain de Benoist. Eurasianism and Liberalism.


The End Of The Present World Conference, that was held on the 12th October 2013, at a prestigious venue in central London, explored alternative potentialities offered by the declining American unipolar world and the nascent Fourth Political Theory.

Alain de Benoist is the leading thinker of the European 'New Right' movement, a school of political thought founded in France in 1968 with the establishment of GRECE (Research and Study Group for European Civilisation). To this day he remains its primary representative, even while rejecting the label 'New Right' for himself. An ethnopluralist defender of cultural uniqueness and integrity, he has argued for the right of Europeans to retain their identity in the face of multiculturalism, and he has opposed immigration, while still preferring the preservation of native cultures over the forced assimilation of immigrant groups. He has authored dozens of books and essays on topics such as immigration, religion, philosophy and political theory. In 1978, he received the Grand Prix de l'Essai from the Académie Française for his book 'Vu de Droite' [View from the Right]. 

Editor of the journals 'Nouvelle Ecole' and 'Krisis', his works have also been published in a variety of English language journals. Over the past forty years he has had a tremendous impact on the philosophical and ideological understanding of the European political situation. His English translations include 'On Being a Pagan', 'The Problem of Democracy', 'Beyond Human Rights', and 'Carl Schmitt Today', the latter three being part of an ongoing series of his works that will be translated and published by Arktos Media Ltd.