The antichrist's last trick

Let's put all the elements together. We have a frightening picture (for the Russians). Forces, groups, worldviews and governmental entities, which collectively call themselves "the West" and which since their victory in the Cold War have been the sole rulers of the world, behind a façade of "liberalism" profess a thin eschatological theological doctrine, in which the events of secular history, technological progress, international relations, social processes, etc. are interpreted from an apocalyptic perspective.
The civilised roots of this Western model date back to antiquity and, in a sense, a certain archaism persists to this day in parallel with technological and social modernisation. These forces constantly and consistently identify us, the Russians, with the 'spirits of hell', with the demonic, the 'hordes of King Gog of the land of Magog', with the bearers of 'absolute evil'. The biblical reference to the apocalyptic "princes of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal" is interpreted as an explicit reference to Russia - "Rosh" (="Russia"), "Meshech" (="Moscow"), Tubal (="the ancient name of Scythia"). In other words, the Russophobia of the West and especially of the US does not stem from a pharisaical concern for the "victims of totalitarianism" or the infamous "human rights".
It is the consistent and doctrinally "justified" demonisation of Eastern European civilisation in all its aspects - historical, cultural, theological, geopolitical, ethical, social, economic, etc. - in order to make it look as if it is the only one in the world. We would like to draw particular attention to the multidimensional convergence of the distant conceptual levels of 'Western ideology': proponents of capitalism in the economic sphere; individualist theorists in the philosophical-social sphere; geopoliticians on the level of continental strategy; theologians, operating with eschatological and apocalyptic "dispensationalist" doctrines - all converge to the unambiguous and coincidental identification in all cases of Russia with an "evil empire", with historical negativity, with a completely negative hero of the world drama. All this is very, very serious. World wars and the collapse of empires, the disappearance of entire peoples and races, class conflicts and revolutions are but episodes in the great confrontation that will culminate in the final apocalyptic battle, the Endkampf, where we are assigned an important role. In the eyes of the West, this role is entirely negative. The role of planetary scapegoat.
The Western Antichrist is trying to convince the world that, in fact, the "antichrist" is its planetary and spiritual enemy: the Russian continent and its secret pole. That is, us.
Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini