Apocalypse as Praxis

Dawn in boots is breaking with an AK-74. The bright star of chaos is rising in the east and the dark logos of a new revolution beckons to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. The veil of our stark despair within the abomination of desolation has been torn away, and we can see now that the spectacle of the eternal shopping mall was only a hideous nightmare.
The time of mixture is coming to an end.
In preparing for the revolutionary struggle Fourth Political Theory seeks a reading of revolution from its own perspective. Unlike Marxists we do not stop at such a recent and local tradition as the “Left”, but look back at the whole history of revolutions going back to the dawn of man. Machiavelli is as much a comrade to us as Mao, the Peloponnesian war as important and interesting to us as the Vietnam war. We can see that the Anabaptist revolutions and the socialist revolutions are historical manifestations of the same eternal rebirth, the same sacred cycle. Revolution is also a tradition, after all, and a very ancient one.
For us the revolutions of the Knights Templar of the Proletariat are sacred traditions. They also form the main history of revolutions in the modern age, and the recent state of the art toolboxes lying at hand. We must steal these toolboxes in order to fabricate our own. To be clear here we are talking about the Communism born of the east, the Communism that made revolutions, fought civil wars, that defeated empires and smashed Nazism, not the western varieties that infiltrate academic jobs or sell unreadable newspapers, nor any of the tottering automatons of the corpse. What we steal from the western left are the ontological assaults of the New Left from anthropologists to existentialists, with the situationists as our sacred center.
(We try to forget that the modern western protest ghetto left even exists, and can take from it only the sobering lessons of idiocy and defeat. The electronic monkey noises of the Facebook revolution do not even concern us, and we have no interest in the upper class white recreational or professional left whatsoever.)
For the American cadre of Fourth Political theory our first task is to jam the American war party narrative as much as possible with the truth. This is a highly post-modern network conflict. Comrade Julian Assange has demonstrated in practice radical new theories of information warfare that have had profound strategic results. The cyberwar is thus properly our first focus and major concern, and so far our only imprint on anything. Given the grave threat to millions of human lives posed by the war party, our obviously limited resources and small handful of cadre, and the complete and utter hopelessness of a revolutionary movement in the near term, this is absolutely correct.
Our allies in the Antiwar movement are very simply those factions who have consistently opposed all the Clinton, Bush & Obama wars. The antiwar.com-Counterpunch alliance that has been struggling against the neocon war party since Serbia is an example of a functional 4PT style alliance between the “left” and the “right”. This alliance has had real success in the antiwar movement as the public support has dried up for large invasions, and the war with Syria just didn’t sell this time around. We must build on this and continue to tirelessly and mercilessly poison the war party’s brand. We must work to expand this struggle to as many possible fronts, because both Bush and Clinton will be worse than Obama.
Yet we must also look to the day when the bright star of chaos is unfurled over the land of Prozac and shopping malls. We must begin thinking about a project of our own. As the empire collapses from without new possibilities will be born within, new forces will be unleashed, and those who were thinking and planning for that day will be the only ones who can master it. Furthermore the revolution in the east has unleashed a new wind that will howl through the land of death and draw new sacred elite to the banner of chaos.
In thinking about the roads ahead we can mutate the old Communist model of cadre and mass for our post-modern conditions. What we have is not the classic cadre and mass of the old left, but a mass audience and a cadre audience. We have a very small number of people in America who might potentially actually read a whole book by Alexander Dugin (at best 1%). We have a vastly larger number of people in this country (probably the majority) who are increasingly skeptical of the neocon war party and who could potentially be influenced further in that direction.
The struggle to poison the media narrative against the neoliberal war machine is also an opportunity to gain cadre, or rather an audience that might become cadre. So while we have a narrative that is aimed at the mainstream (more or less the RT line) we need to also have narratives that are aimed at potential 4pt cadre in the United States. These narratives should lurk around the edges of the main line, advancing in its shadow the siren’s song of the revolution reborn in fire and blood.
We need only to announce her and she will gather her own lost children out of the bondage of the black iron prison.
As this gathering begins we must be thinking about the future and the questions that face a revolutionary struggle in the very lair of the Antichrist. We are looking not for easy answers but hard questions. It is not enough to hopefully expect the Apocalypse; it is not enough to convince ourselves that the enemy will just collapse. We must prepare ourselves with a serious study of the eternal tradition of revolution and we must kindle the burning fire of passion and will that is the very life force of her eternal return. We must prepare her way. We must prepare ourselves as her secret army.
The end times and the eschatological meaning of politics will not realise themselves on their own. We will wait for the end in vain. The end will never come if we wait for it, and it will never come if we do not. This is essential because history, time, and reality have special strategies to avoid Judgment Day, or rather, they have a special strategy of a reversionary manoeuvre that will create the impression that everyone has come to a realisation and an understanding. This is the huge arsenal of Heidegger’s noch nicht, or eternal ‘not yet…’ If the Fourth Political Practice is not able to realise the end of times, then it would be invalid. The end of days should come; but it will not come by itself. This is a task, it is not a certainty. It is active metaphysics. It is a practice.
–Alexander Dugin, The Fourth Political Theory

1. The task.

If fourth political theory is to become a revolutionary doctrine it must be generative of radical new theoretical approaches that can break out of the blind alleys and historical deadlocks of post modernity and awake our slumbering species from its nightmare of post politics.
To radically shift regime behavior we must think clearly and boldly for if we have learned anything, it is that regimes do not want to be changed. We must think beyond those who have gone before us, and discover technological changes that embolden us with ways to act in which our forebears could not. Firstly we must understand what aspect of government or neocorporatist behavior we wish to change or remove. Secondly we must develop a way of thinking about this behavior that is strong enough carry us through the mire of politically distorted language, and into a position of clarity. Finally must use these insights to inspire within us and others a course of ennobling, and effective action.
-Julian Assange, State and Terrorist Conspiracies
Julian Assange is usually thought of as a hacker, but it is as a strategic theorist that he stands as the first post modern revolutionary to have delivered a brutal body blow to the genocidal empire of the Antichrist. His assault was the product of a radical application of information theory to the revolutionary task. The concise goal of the attack was the crippling and blinding of the internal information networks of the technocratic organizations targeted. All of the other spectacular and devastating effects of Wikileaks are only secondary effects. This demonstrates how powerful a radical new theory of attack can be.
Our new political theory approaches propaganda and political warfare with the full armory of the madmen of literature and the madmen of history, as a metaphysical struggle in the cosmic war. As the Bolshevik party was conceived as the weapon of political warfare in the second political theory, so we must conceive the radical weapons of metaphysical war in the Fourth. This begins with the theory. The theory begins with the enemy.
What is the enemy in a metaphysical war?
For us it is the religion of the Antichrist, but what is the true religion of the Antichrist? It loudly proclaims allegiance to a set of Idols (Democracy, Freedom, etcetera), but demonstrably no longer believes in them and often enough forgets to even pretend that it does. The last decades of wanton racist murder and torture abroad and ruthless plundering and extortion at home have made a complete mockery of what we would think of as the political religion of Americanism, and yet nothing collapses. The approval ratings across the board of almost every institution in American society are in the single digits, and yet everything remains in place.
We observe thus that the Antichrist has an old political religion (Democracy, etcetera) that has collapsed and fallen into evident ruin. We observe that all the temples are already desecrated, and that these once proud political Gods are now little more than rat infested piles of bones and rags. Indeed if such corpses were our enemies, the war would have been long over. How could one mock liberty more than Abu Ghraib? How could one mock Democracy more than Obama? How could one mock Capitalism more than the housing pyramid scheme bubble? What is even left to attack, at this point?
So as we may stop to desecrate the temples of these dead Gods along the way, our true enemy lies elsewhere.
We theorize then that the Antichrist has another political religion of some kind that is not plainly evident and yet is operating on a level that by definition must be public. This is because we believe that man is still human (more or less) and that the human will always have a metaphysical order of some kind in which it believes. Furthermore this order is always evident in the social life of the human, in his artifacts and his rituals, in his narratives and his myths, and most of all in the ordering of his societies. So this other Godhead must lie in our plain sight, or it does not exist. It cannot be “secret” as such.
Proceeding past these wasted and abandoned citadels, we approach the vast rat maze of the technocratic organization, the brave new world it has created, and the man-rats it has bred. This is a strange species, only distantly resembling the ancients who worshiped at the altars of Democracy and Individualism. This is a strange world, almost beyond comprehension and yet run by a perfectly lucid and universal logic. Once we have eyes to see them with, it is a world full of demons and Gods, with its own inversions of temples and sacred groves, its own vile consecrations and human sacrifices.
Never before did death rule the world with such an absolute and terrifying clarity, as it does today in the liberal world. – Alexander Dugin, Guy Debord is dead.
This is the land of Moloch.

2. The Adversary

Understanding that the consumerist culture that intends to turn the entire planet into a shopping mall is not just inhuman and disgusting, but anti-human and a total profanity against man, nature, and eternity, and that this merciless enemy has the ideology of a cancer cell, we are not going to play around. We will not be hypnotized by the smarminess or the psychiatric medicine in the water supply. We are going to hang the Idols of Moloch from a lamppost.
With Fourth Political theory we approach man as a compound historical subject, with the “individual” as an organic part of a whole social organism. We seek to avoid the death trap that lobotomized Marxism, of dismissing the “I” as the grammatical fiction, while we also avoid the equally absurd mistake of Liberalism, of seeing the “I” as the whole subject. This approach is extremely difficult, as so conceived the Human is perhaps the most complex and ambiguous of known phenomenon, but it is precisely this struggle that opens for us a new the path to revolution. We apply this approach not just to our own historical subject, but also to our Adversary.
To begin with let us imagine that an alien space probe was left behind on our moon for the enjoyment of the cable television audience of intelligent crystals living in the Alpha Centauri system. To save power the hyperspace broadcast only pulses every 100 years, the last a true cliffhanger: 1915. Now the new signal arrives for 2015. While they download the whole century they watch the current feed and discover that an entirely new kind of civilization has arisen in America, unlike anything in the history of the human species.
As a social species of crystal they understand the human as a social animal, and so they immediately look to the growing of the human child as the most critical event in the civilization. They see that it has been radically and catastrophically altered. They see it beginning first with the elites and then spreading to the majority of population.
The main points of radical transformation are:
-The destruction and alteration of the traditional close family life of the human child, and thus the disfigurement of its primary interpersonal relationships.
-The annihilation of the traditional extended kin group in favor of the uprooted nuclear family, and thus the destruction of most of the child’s secondary interpersonal relationships.
-The end of the childhood within a larger community with deep interconnections where membership was (more or less) stable over the long term.
-Instead the child is raised within interchangeable units of nuclear families that are highly mobile, unrooted, and often deliberately moved by either the organization or the market.
-The cultural transmission not just of heritage, but even of identity, is largely taken over by electronic media and to a much lesser extent, the school system.
-After a certain age the primary mode of socialization is within a controlled environment, the school, the primary purpose of which is to indoctrinate the child into obedience to the organization and introduce it to the mode of work, (where it will spend the majority of its life outside of sleep, if it has use.)
The crystals immediately note that the three main routes by which a child was raised to be a human, its primary family interpersonal relationships, its extended kin relationships, and its observation of and participation in a traditional community have been severely interrupted or cut off. Thus the entire organic process of human development has been drastically altered. In place of usually being raised by at least one parent full time within an extended kin network and an organic community, the human is now largely raised by electronic media and the school system, with an increasingly vestigial set of family relationships that have become fluid and even disposable.
So we begin our orientation towards the adversary by understanding that in the place of an ancient tapestry of living historical culture being transmitted by deep long term relationships between humans, an entirely manufactured and malevolently manipulative product provides the deep culture, the mythology and mythos, and the sacred identity (just to begin with) of the American. This effect is even more pronounced among the elite, where it in fact began. This is not a sucker problem but a massive civilizational shift. Obama is an even more grossly manipulated product of the rat maze than the average man in the street, and that is why he rose to the top. It is accelerating.
A new kind of interpersonal relationship, one unknown to the human species before, is the “entertainment” relationship where a one sided interaction that is no longer human begins to entirely replace the once rich social life of the animal. We cannot underestimate this effect. Even what is left of “family time” now mostly revolves around watching electronic entertainment. When consumption precedes essence, when it precedes identity and language, when it forms all of these things profoundly, it transfigures the human.
We are not talking about the mere “ideologies” of Walt Disney and Saturday morning cartoons, we are talking about deep metaphysics, of the ontologies of the action movie and the sitcom, because increasingly this electronic culture is entirely replacing the historical human culture and even the interpersonal relationships in the mind and life of the American. We look in vain to the historical traditions to understand him; they have been displaced from their primacy.
We note that in the place of the rich ancient heritage of Athens and Jerusalem is the cartoon as the primary source of mythologies and grand cultural narratives imbibed by young children, and that these cartoons are already merchandised and connected to an entire line of consumerist products, and indeed are inseparable from them as a phenomenon. Thus learned in early youth this receptivity to marketing propaganda and the direct connection between the mythical foundation of the American identity and consumerism cannot be underestimated in its explanatory power of the abomination of American culture and the more bizarre extremes of American behavior. George W Bush and Abu Ghraib can only be understood as the products of television and action figures.
So the intelligent crystals survey a brutal century of radical totalitarian social experiments gone cancerous and they begin to place their bets on the fate of the most radical and the most cancerous of them all: America. For us it enough to observe that this replacement of the larger organic human society with a diseased electronic spectacle is the very center of the inversion, and that it has profound implications for how we understand the Antichrist.
As we take the idea that there is no I without We, that man is a whole organism very seriously, we must admit that with such a radical intrusion of an inhuman influence into the We, the American is in fact already a Cyborg , already the victim of an alien force, and has been for generations. The human has somehow survived all of this, and indeed a certain kind of zoo human thrives in this environment. For this perverse kind of human consumption precedes essence (and production). The Cyborg Antichrist was born with the first baby raised by television. (How many sacred traditions have warned us of the evil of the image?)
Now we can begin to resolve the metaphysical enemy…

3. The crisis

In order to create the interchangeable post human desired by the market, man was mass indoctrinated by the organization into the identity of both a consumer and a producer, and any human element that resisted or impeded this was ruthlessly annihilated. The project was absolutely successful in its implementation, indeed few in the united states even understand what has happened, and almost no one could imagine a political resistance to the Organization or Consumerism as such, much less life without them.
Yet while everything is set up properly, something has gone terribly wrong. The rat will no longer pull the lever correctly; he just chews on his tail and twitches. The rat in the next cage has taken to triggering the electric shocks for fun. The other rats are into cannibalism…
The human animal is not that far from the wild, and civilization is a very recent invention in the history of the species. Our extreme civilizational mutation is highly disruptive of our natural life in a way that even the agricultural and industrial revolutions were not, and it creates a new and radical kind of biological political tension between the system and the human itself. The cage has so dominated the human today that it is destroying him. He faces the choice between becoming a new organism that is entirely domesticated, in essence destroying the human, or destroying his cage.
Marxism as a revolutionary project was based upon an aspect of this tension, the early conflict between capital and the proletariat. The Fourth Political Theory must find its ground as a revolutionary project in the full spectrum of conflict between the human and the system. We have a chance because the system is so Utopian and anti-human, and because it is in a self evident crisis that is much deeper than its immediate expressions.
The very power of the system, its relentless totalitarianism, its extreme manipulation and intrusion has driven the American insane. It is a broken and fat kind of insane, mostly. The evidence of this is overwhelming with an increasingly large part of the population on powerful psychiatric medication from early childhood, particularly among the elite upper classes. The use of powerful psychiatric drugs on the population is now so widespread that they show up in trace amounts in the water supply and the fish.
This self evident pathology of the American is the soft underbelly of his entire civilization. It is the most powerful of the negative centers of gravity (or centers of entropy) within the Antichrist. It offers some of the richest possibilities for metaphysical warfare. With a method that exploits this condition we can turn the power of the system of domination back against itself. This “sick underbelly” of the adversary is its Achilles heel. We intend to saw through the hamstring.
As Gnostics we must recognize that this sickness and the entire civilization that spawned it is the product of the most extreme imaginable expression of the right hand path, of the mindless and craven pursuit of warmth and honey. The revenge of the left hand path should be absolute and completely merciless. We are not trying to liberate the happy fat pig. We want him to choke to death on his Big Mac and his psychiatric medications, and let us not even bother to pretend otherwise. We are not in favor of “The People” but rather of The Human, and we are going to cure him with his own sickness.
In a war to the death between the anti-human profanity and the most merciless land predator to ever stalk out of Africa, we have both eternity and evolution on our side.