There will be no more global social networks, they will be imported and replaced by something national, which is not very attractive, but all the better: society will discover the forgotten charm of the offline. It is the end of the migration towards the two-dimensional and cyberspace and the return to the three-dimensional.

The dollar and the euro will be abolished. The reign of the rouble will begin. It will only be able to be exchanged for goods and services. Or simply shared with those in need.

Corruption - especially that which has to do with betrayal of the Motherland - will first be prosecuted, then imprisoned for a long time, and then (since the first measures will not do much good) even sent to the DNR. Russia will be a kind of imperial state. Zelensky will sit where another clown of the colour revolution sits. But only the phrase will be real. A life. At first it will be difficult and unusual. Then everyone will like it. None of the modern popsters will be left on TV or radio. Not one. There will be ethno-folk on all channels - Russian and Eurasian psychedelia, and even Peter Leshchenko and Vadim Kozin. New people will rise to power, from the common people.

Gosplan will be returned to the economy. All those who think in short cycles will be sent to work in a restaurant as waiters. Because we like to complain, many will not like everything. There will be nostalgic reminiscences of something from the past (by choice), but no one pays attention to that now, nor will they tomorrow. There will be many products from Belarus, even more than now, including textiles and cosmetics, even from neighbouring suppliers, but Belarus will be the Empire State.

There will be a big increase in the number of marriages, because getting married is interesting. Whole flotillas of wedding ships will float down the Moskva River and other rivers. Wedding music will be played everywhere. People will get in tune with it.

The government will be in the air, in a magnificent suspended structure attached to a huge blimp. The blimp will fly over the Imperial States, where the government will look through binoculars to see if all is well, all according to plan. As in Ancient China, the position of Minister of Clouds will be introduced, along with the Head of the Department of Federal Dreams and many other fascinating positions - Lord of the Forest, Guardian of the Waters, etc. There will be several women in the government. Beautiful and strict.

There will be a quantum leap in music theory. The ternary division of a fraction will be restored, i.e. a quarter will again be divided into three eights instead of two (as in the case of Modern). This is how New Age music will be defeated. By listening to it, people will better understand the universe, each other and the decisions of the authorities.

Masks will only be worn on feast days: animals, birds, fairy tale creatures and as yet unknown objects and figures. So that everyone can guess whose mask it is. The definition of a thing in the explanatory dictionary of the new country would be: a thing is a rhetorical figure, an ironic trope, an entimeme. Such a definition would correct the sad state of affairs in the natural sciences and make them more amusing and sympathetic. A disciplinary continuum would be established between quantum mechanics and Traumdeutung (Gaston Bachelard's new scientific mind). The walls of houses, even skyscrapers, will be covered in ivy.

Oh, also. The supreme power will rest with the Dasein and its Selbst. Das Man will complete his dictatorship. The population will become authentically existentialised. Everything else I have forgotten does not and will not matter much.

Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini