In our Holy Great-Continental State there will be three types (with variations and subtypes, bien sûr): 

  • philosopher-priests (clergy) 
  • royal heroes warriors (aristocracy, nobles) 
  • workers-villagers (people). 

If you do not recognize yourself among these three types, you will not be included in this State. 
This is the classical structure of Indo-European society, which stood originally and always (forever) was the very essence of social and political ideas of European and Indo-European cultures of Eurasia. It emerges in ancient times, in antiquity, in the Mediterranean civilization in the Middle Ages, and even through the pathology of modern times (in garbled form). Why deal with parodies - we need a Holy Empire.
At the head - sacral Basileus, the Great Monarch.
Look, today everyone puts forward completely utopian projects and do not hesitate to do it. Either universal gay-parade with post-human beings possessed by virtual currency and physical immortality (liberals). Then the global caliphate (wahhabis).
That messianic world center in Israel that feed rod of iron ger-toshav (Zionists). The "realists" and supporters of the status quo (say, nothing will happen and everything will be so as it is now as usual, as if everything had been so as of now, nonsense - everything was always different and it depends on what we are as free human beings want deeply in our hearts) grumble full absurdity - there is nothing more utopian than the desire to preserve all, that exists at the moment. In anyway, we are led by big projects.
Why should we, as traditionalists and fundamental conservatives hide behind the façade of our plans and projects of dry rational calculations (no one believes us anyway). Therefore, it's possible to speak openly: our goal is Indo-European Empire - from Vladivostok to Dublin. Under the banner of Christ and the Great Monarch. The People's Empire, ruled by the wise and courageous. Merchants and polit-technologists, oligarchs and usurers won't exist there. 
Everyone who does not like it can go out or sink in the other, disgusting, in my opinion, utopias.
Large Ukraine - is nonsense, unrealizable, spiteful, petty, envious, based on resentment as a national idea. But Great Russia is not nonsense. It was and it will be. Our lands narrow, and then - as a spring - expand.
As always. So beats the Russian heart. In 1991 we were again tightened. With Ossetia, Abkhazia and especially the Crimea and the Novorussia countdown - time of the Empire. Many of us want to restrain us, but will not succeed. We are building a different society in general, other State than the one we have now. From this transition state will not be left one stone upon another, as no stone was left from the Russian Empire and then of the Soviet Union. And we do not go back, but forward.
Eternity is not in the past, it is also always present, and most importantly - the future. All of eternity is ahead. This is the real avant-garde. 
Indo-European Sacred Empire of the End - that's our true future. A current misunderstanding will dissipate like smoke. 
Russian return to history and will build a New Russia. Imperial and absolute. Novorussia.

transl. Vladimer Ilin


Comments of translator:


I can outline some things on our path:

1. Spiritual. Protestant and American sects are the primal obstacle. Political always depends upon the spiritual, and we cannot ignore their destructive influence on our orthodox society. We need a conservative reform everywhere.
2. Political. All traitors, cowards and marodeurs are the primal obstacle, those who in Novorussia restrain the process of nationalization of oligarch's industries and disobey the Commander Igor Strelkov. Dealing with them happens under martial law. 
3. Cultural. Image of a people (Laos) is today replaced with Mass-Media. Culture (society of the spectacle) is formed by popular concepts of infernal manipulators and not through the upper caste, as it should really be.

Our political life will live when we purify it with Fire (Idea, eidos), separating the valuable from the invaluable.

Vladimer Ilin