Is Brexit what you had in mind when you discussed the isolation of Britain n your book "Foundations of Geopolitics"?

Not exactly. I consider Britain to be Sea Power and the matrix of Modernity and liberalism. The continental Europe — celtic-german and roman-greek — is opposite to the Sea Power it is Land Power. Here I fully share the analysis of Carl Schmitt. By the way I consider Ireland to be part of Europe belonging to the Tradition and not to Modernity. So the history of Ireland is the calvary of the Tradition suffering the genocide from the anglo-protestant Modernity.
But on the other hand actual European Union is not based on Tradition. Quite opposite. It is based on ultra-liberalism and globalism that is Post-Modern liquid society (Z.Bauman), so actual EU is the worst thing. The Britain quitting the EU is good thing for two reasons: 1. Great Britain liberates itself from euro-globalism (that is good thing for British identity whatever it be) 2. It liberates the Europe from its liberal-financial pressure, as well as from American tool thus giving the Europa the chance to return to her own profound (illiberal) continental identity. I don’t overestimate this chance and agree it to be relatively small one, but nevertheless it is the chance.

Do you feel that the goals outlined in your book "Foundations of Geopolitics" are being achieved?

My work has two sides - description and projecting desirable future based on this description. I think that description part is overwhelming success that recognise all — friends (few) and enemies (many). After the fall of two ideological camps we are obliged to deal with eurasianism vs atlanticism frame. It is the truth of the analysis of post-ideological period. I was the first to accept the geopolitics on the continental side (eurasianism) in new post-ideological era. Atlanticist camp existed without interruptions from Macкinder time and German school of continentalism of Haushofer has fallen in discredit, is demonized and forgotten. The very existence of this possibility to found the geopolitic of continentalism with the Russian Heartland as a centre in post-soviet conditions was the conceptual cognitive weapon that was taken in consideration by Russian authorities and for example by Turkish military and political elites (the fact of translation of Foundations of Geopolitics in early 2000 in Turkey has prepared future evolution of Erdogans politics). So this book has made serious impact. And nobody doubts it - the question is only how evaluate this impact morally — good or bad, but that depends on the position you choose in the great war of continents...

Second side — projects — is achieved at half. In the time of writing and publishing "Foundations of Geopolitics" all I talked there about was in absolute contradiction with Eltsine and his course. It was revolutionary book that went radically against Eltsine and the main trend of Russian foreign politics in 90s. With Putin the situation has changed for 90 degrees — not for 180 as is it should be. Putin has fulfilled eurasianist agenda at half. So the second half wasn’t fulfilled. I consider that in the following way: it was not myself who predicted wrongly, it is Putin who is half-eurasianist half-opportunist (pragmatist). So the second part of my will based on the geopolitical analysis waits its moment and its leader. It is not certainly Putin. He is man of Half.

What further goals do you see being achieved in your lifetime?

Now I am approaching the end of my Magnum Opus Noomahia. It should consist of 20 big volumes dedicated to different civilisations. 18 are already finished and published. That is most important for me because it is a sort of Encyclopaedia of Multipolar World or else  Anti-Encyclopaedia of Enlightenment, or Counter-Modern Encyclopaedia deconstructing the eurocentrism and Western Modernity and affirming the right of the people to create their own civilisations basing on their own values. It is the plan for global radical revolution against the Modern World, globalism and the domination of the West. But at the same time it is defence of the deep - Premodern — european identity destroyed by the capitalism, liberalism and anglo-saxon ideological dictatorship. 

My life is the proof that ideas do matter. More than anything else in the life. More than life itself.

I will fight for my ideas and for the revival of deep Russian identity till the end. And we will see who will laugh the last. So I strongly believe in the final Eurasian laugh over the smoking ruins of the present world that should end.