The Final Battle

This is a book-length essay by the Russian philosopher and political theorist Alexander Dugin. Without a doubt, Dugin is one of the most brilliant “out of-the-box” thinkers of our age.

Does this mean I’m some kind of full-on Dugin disciple? No. I have my doubts about his contention that philosophical Nominalism (aka William of Ockham) was ultimately the cause of the downfall of Western Civilization.

He is also a strong advocate for Heidegger. Heidegger is one of those men (admittedly a genius) who is so obscure in his philosophy that he is a kind of Rorschach Test resulting in left-wing Heidiggerians, right-wing Heidiggerians and Duganite Heidiggerians, etc. However, just because I might have a few qualifications about Dugin’s thought, does not mean I don’t think he’s startlingly brilliant.

In this essay Professor Dugin tells us quite correctly (as in his Fourth Political Theory) that since there has been no competing political ideology in the world since the fall of the old Soviet Union, that Liberal Democracy, which combines radical Capitalism with radical individualism, has become anti-human and a destroyer of culture, tradition and religion. He also notes that all collective notions, even gender, have been reduced to a bizarre “choice” paradigm. Dugin is convinced that with the rise of things like artificial intelligence, genetic manipulation and Transhumanism, Liberal Democracy is on its way to abolishing mankind itself.

Dugin agrees with what I have been saying since 2016 — that both the Trump phenomenon in the U.S. and the rise of European populist parties were a terrible shock to the globalists and they felt compelled to put a tighter rein on the world and began to push harder toward a totalitarian system in both the United States and Europe. This is where we see the Great Reset coming, seemingly out of nowhere.

Dugin is convinced that the final battle for the survival of mankind is underway between advocates of the Great Awakening and the Liberal elites and their “Great Reset.” Dugin thinks that an alliance can be made between all the traditional cultures and religions of the world in Africa, Asia, and North and South America to fight the Liberal-Globalist menace.

Professor Dugin goes on to assess the prospects for various nations and peoples in fighting the globalists all over the world. He is careful to distinguish between the West and Western Modernism. As he states: “Modernity is anti-West. It’s not the West. It’s a deviation of Western history based on a total misunderstanding of its own self. Western modernity is the disease.”

Similar to what I have been pushing over the past few years, Dugin sees the Trump movement, even more than Trump himself, as defenders of traditional American heartland, even if many of them still adhere to some liberal ideas. I consider this slim, inexpensive book as one of the most important publications of the year.