Global Resistance has become a necessity: A Eurasianist perspective

A world state, which embraces the entire globe and all of humanity, cannot exist. The political world is a pluriverse, not a universe; Carl Schmitt writes in his book “The Concept of the Political” (p.153). The beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, a year ago has shattered the socio-political and economic foundations of the so-called globalized and hyper-connected world. Especially, at the social sphere, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the fragile socio-political and behavioral patterns of the liberal modernity. According to sociologist Jurgen Hebermas, there are two modes in modern societies, which corresponds to the enduring interest of human species: Work and Interaction.
Here, the work includes the modes of action based on the rational choices of the efficient means—which also includes the forms of instrumental and strategic actions. Likewise, interaction refers to the forms of “communicative actions” in which actor manages his behavior based on the consensual norms. Nonetheless, the fact cannot be denied that Jurgen Hebermas aforementioned distinction corresponds to the Aristotelian contrast between “technie” and “Praxis”.
Consequently, the sudden upsurge of COVID-19 has challenged the behavioral modes of the liberal modernity by dissenting the human societies into chaos. Although, the liberal pundits across the west have called for the exponential cum practical measure to normalize and control the ongoing waves of psychological trauma but all measures went in vain. It was the sudden eruption of chaos and social abnormality, which persuaded the neo-liberal pundit Klaus Schwab to produce a propaganda pamphlet to fend off the allegation on neo-liberal capitalism. As the title of his recent book “About COVID-19: The Great Reset” clearly indicates that the corporate liberal elites are attempting to construct a new grand strategy in order to reset liberal order and globalization.
This is why; we Eurasianists are in open rebellion against the so-called Great Reset because we believe that it is time for the Great Awakening as Philosopher Alexandr Dugin said. The liberal order is under severe crisis in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the fact cannot be denied that the sudden upsurge of the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragile socio-political and economic models of the liberal world order. Consequently, under the guise of the ongoing Pandemic, the liberal pundits such as Klaus Schwab (COVID-19: The Great Reset) and George Soros (Open Society) are attempting to hide the failure and crisis of the liberal world order. As Klaus Schwab in his propaganda pamphlet "About COVID-19: The Great Reset" ambiguously claims that "COVID-19 is not going to end anytime soon; hence we must learn to live with it". This clearly illustrates that the corporate liberal pundits are trying to design a new grand reset strategy to save the liberal world order. Unfortunately, this time; it won't be successful because the ordinary masses are well aware about the superficiality of the liberal modernity and its cherished ideologies.
For us Eurasianists, COVID-19 is the greatest conspiracy of the 21st century to rescue corporate liberal capitalism from an epic fall. Although, for liberal pundits such as Klaus Schwab and George Soros, through COVID-19, liberal capitalism has got the great opportunity to remodel itself in the social, political and economic sphere but it is late to save it in the ideological sphere. Now let me mention the famous boat metaphor used by former Singaporean diplomat Kishore Mahbani to explain the liberal world order. He once said " The 7 billion people, who inhabit the planet earth no longer live in more than one hundred separate boats (Countries), instead; they live in 193 separate cabins on the same boat".
After the sudden eruption of COVID-19 pandemic he rephrased his boat metaphor in this way "If we 7.5 billion people now stuck together on a virus infected on a virus infected cruise ship;  does it make sense to clean and scrub our personal cabins while ignoring the corridors and air wells outside through which the virus travels". Here Kishore Mahbuni forget to mention that the major reason we are trapped inside a virus infected cruise-ship is the liberal order centric globalization (neoliberal imperialism). Thus, it goes without saying that the blood thirsty liberal order centric globalization and its unparalleled development is the primary culprit for trapping the world in an enigmatic tragedy.