Google or Russia: The Choice Is Already Made

Let’s talk about Google. We are on the eve of a very important event. The claim of Constantinople against Google and the YouTube channel has every chance of becoming fateful. The Russian court recognized the full validity of the claim of Constantinople. And during this time the government issued a number of decrees directly ordering foreign services in their activities in Russia to obey Russian laws. Now the most interesting thing: if Google obeys, then its activities in Russia will be completely controlled by the state. This means not only the restoration of the account of Constantinople on Google with a million subscribers and compensation for damage. By the way, Google will have to restore my educational channel, as well as the accounts of Katekhon,, and all those resources that the globalists, having gone wild from their own impunity, demolished without any warning.

This means that all Google / YouTube content will be in the Russian censorship zone. And what Russia recognizes as inappropriate will be removed forcibly. And what, on the contrary, will not contradict Russian legislation, then, please. But we banned propaganda of LGBT people, perversions, transgender people, and same-sex families. We have banned foreign agents, without mentioning that they are agents, terrorist organizations of any kind, including liberal terrorists such as Navalny’s structures banned in Russia. This means that on YouTube you cannot show American and European Union embassies; where men disguised as women waving orange flags to corrupt Russian children.

So, google, get out. You don’t even have the right to find this garbage in Russia. You can search, but you cannot find.
And what will Google do? If he obeys, then it will no longer be Google, not YouTube, not Twitter, not Facebook, not TikTok or Instagram. What is allowed and what is not, will not be determined by them. Yes, only in Russia. But the rest is not important to us. These tools for corrupting morals and imposing their extremist liberal pathological ideology on the peoples of the world have already been banned in many countries – in China, Iran, Turkey, in the Arab world. Interesting: the more sovereignty, the less Google. And there is no Twitter at all. Twitter, led by the already deranged junkie Jack Dorsey, even banned President Trump’s account. And before that – of course – and my account.

So we are far from alone. Services with their impudence, ideological bias in perversion, rigid censorship against everything normal, healthy, traditional, with their complete disregard for national sovereignty – have long gone overall norms. So the question is not why we finally got down to this globalist rabble, but why we didn’t do it earlier. But better late than never.

So if they obey, they will become decent people. Then let them work and earn. We will place on them the content of Constantinople, patriotic resources, and everything else that is innocent, neutral, decent, meaningful, and reasonable. And we will forbid to prohibit. Only we can forbid. While we are with us. Away. You have a different matter. Define conditions based on your laws and regulations. And with us – excuse me.

It’s hard to believe that these poisonous forces, imbued with the demoniac ideology of gender, transgender, and posthumanism, will accept our conditions. They will change themselves. Therefore, most likely, we will say goodbye to them. There will be a lot of noise. However, everything went quiet in China. Especially in Iran and Turkey. Maybe it will be quiet here. It doesn’t matter though. Quiet or loud. Or Russia, or YouTube. The choice is clear. The people deliberately chose Russia. And you can come up with some kind of analog to hosting, search engines, and video services. If only they did not steal the allocated funds.

This is our Russian sorrow. So, soon Russia will very likely start its life without Google. That’s right. To hell with such a search that seeks only what he wants and what is harmful and not soul-saving for a decent person. And shows some kind of rubbish. And if not rubbish, then there will be no problems. We are only worried about rubbish, and also about the fact that Russian laws are in effect in Russia and the Russian person would be calm and reliable – to look, show, search and post – something of his own, Russian, or even if it is not his own – but in the framework!