С. Mardan: - On air on Radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Sergey Mardan. We will be speaking with Alexander Dugin, Russian philosopher. Alexander Guevich, hello.

А. Dugin: - Hello.

С. Mardan: - Before the broadcast, an acquaintance asked me, when he heard that I was going to speak with Dugin: what are you going to talk about? What is the agenda? I will talk to a Russian philosopher about eternity. I was joking at the time, but then I thought: philosophy, in fact, is a conversation about eternity. Or about eternity. Perhaps you have an idea you would like to express?

А. Dugin: - I think we often do not understand what philosophy is. We think it is something special, a science among sciences, the most abstract, which has nothing to do with reality.

And when we talk about eternity, it sounds ironic. As if we are talking about something unimportant, unprincipled, something that does not exist. This can only amuse adult scientists who try to unburden their lives of all sorts of real and serious problems, commitments and so on. Not at all.

The title 'PhD' in English sounds like Philosophy Doctor, abbreviated to PhD. Not a physicist, not a chemist, not an economist, not a mathematician, not an oil and gas specialist, but above all a philosopher with a PhD. This is, of course, too much, as PhD philosophers are, but at least one shows respect for the greatness and primordiality of philosophy.

Philosophy, in fact, is far more important and necessary than all the sciences. For it is on it that everything else is based.

Even eternity, which we often forget or treat with irony, is the essence of our being, of our presence in the world.

After all, we ourselves live for eternity, in front of eternity. Eternity is all time in its synchronous simultaneity. Our life on earth is a speck of dust in its ocean. Eternity must be treated with reverence. It contains not only all the past, but also all the present and all that is yet to come.

It is very good that you have responded in this way to your colleague.


Reducing the scope of time: Maga Kaif

С. Mardan: - I was thinking more or less the same thing. Modern people are used to being in a hurry; even big companies write their plans further out, five years at the most (and even then nobody takes them seriously). What is happening to our country and to all of us right now has a planning horizon of at least 50 years. Or perhaps forever. And people who today often look ridiculous or embarrassed are categorically unwilling to accept this, they don't want to think in terms of not only 50 years but not even 5 years. They say, "Now I'm...", "I'm going to Croatia and I have to turn around, go through bloody Finland, what is this mockery?".

It would seem that a good, educated, intelligent, honest, upright person is going mad. What to do?

А. Dugin: - Let's digress a little from domestic matters and see how much this volume of comprehensible time for us is shrinking. People used to say 'now' and they meant five years. Then they started saying 'now' and meant a year or two. Gradually, in the era of TikTok, social media and all the things we call 'now', the volume of 'now' is shrinking more and more. What was yesterday and will be tomorrow already belongs to 'eternity' for a modern person, i.e. it does not matter. It does not concern us. Before the trip to Croatia, after the trip - it does not exist. And there is only the time and procedure of preparation, the purchase of tickets, the full involvement in the ephemerality of the process...

If we get distracted and stand at a distance, we see that time accelerates, speeds up. Our attention is fragmenting, the semantic structures of time are disintegrating. Time is crumbling into atoms. This is precisely a consequence of acceleration.

It is even more evident among young people, especially on social networks. They remember today's trends on TikTok, but not yesterday's; if you ask who Morgenstern is, nobody remembers. Or will remember, but only the more conservative one, who happened to have kept the memory of what happened before...

С. Mardan: - Like you and me.

А. Dugin: - Yes, we are the previous generation. A person, a story, an event stays longer in our consciousness. But for young people, if it is not 'now', a person, a motif, an image is no longer trendy. Magomed Magomedov, a singer from Dagestan, for example, is a trendsetter. He is just a complete idiot. He is probably even stupider than Morgenstern. But right now he is trending. For now. He has a silly song about how he wants to get high, but he can't say it in normal Russian, so he makes unintelligible noises as he twists the words. And all his teeth are silver. The overall image is so stupid that everyone likes it... Everyone thinks 'compared to this song I'm smarter'. And Maga Kaif is very popular... Looking at this Maga Kaif, a person can imagine, 'I'm not like that, of course I'm stupid, but there are people who are stupider than me'.

And this impetuous change from trend to trend effectively cancels not only eternity, but also time itself, any kind of historicity, any kind of coherence. If we go along with this process, we will simply turn into another species.


Who really gave birth to SMO

Or let us take a very serious question: SMO. SMO and all that started four months ago is a fundamental change in history. Both in the medium and long term, and in a fundamental perspective. It is a turnaround, a change in the structure of an enormous cycle. But to understand the significance of the SMO, one has to look at the entire volume of Russian history.

I recently discussed with some very serious people the question: who started the SMO? It is not as obvious as it might seem. Some said the Americans imposed it, others said the Ukrainians caused it. Some have said: we started it and we are fully responsible for it. But I am beginning to think that the special military operation started it on its own.

С. Mardan: - That is a very good answer. I like it.

А. Dugin: - It started, and now it doesn't matter who started it. It is there and it cannot be recalled. And now we just have to think: what does it mean? What does it lead to? When we win, what happens?

If we admit that it has begun, and we only think about that, that it has begun, what will follow? Many things. The important thing is not to forget that there is an SMO.

That alone is enough for an important and interesting conversation.


Volotomon Volotomonovich: SMO and giants

С. Mardan: - Politicians live and work in this context of rapidly changing times. And make decisions. It is you and I who can talk about it calmly and calmly. Put yourself in Putin's shoes. It would seem that from the point of view not even of philosophy, not even of eternity, but only from the point of view of not very deep Russian history four months of military campaign is not even the beginning, it is, the fighting in the vanguard began, adapting to each other. I suppose all the opinion polls being taken on the Commander-in-Chief's table are about some sort of emotional exhaustion, burnout: 'right now your rating, Vladimir Vladimirovich, has peaked at 81%, but after the new year we will enter the danger zone'...

Speaking of TikTok time, that's what we mean. And for those on the other side of the tape, as they say in the Donbas, Germany, France and the US, it is even more difficult. What are the four months? They think of the two-week category.

А. Dugin: - Those who think 'behind the tape' should not be of particular interest to us. Unless we work in intelligence.... The smaller our enemies think, in shorter segments, in fragments, the more profitable they will be for us. In this respect, I am more concerned when we ourselves start thinking in the same way.

What is Putin doing? Who is Putin?

Putin is understandable on a broad historical scale. Every action, every utterance, every gesture he makes: it all becomes clear when one considers the whole of Russian history from Vladimir the Red Sun to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, including mythology. In The Book of Doves, there was an interesting character, Volotomon Volotomonovich, who was an image of the tsar of tsars. He was described as a giant. From the ancient Russian 'volot', 'giant'. His other name is Volodimer Volodimerovich.

Putin is recorded somewhere in Russian mythology. If we read the Book of Doves, between the images of Volotomon Volotomonovich and Tsar Davyd Evseyevich, we find Volodimer Volodimerovich as the great Russian Tsar, the Tsar of Tsars.

Putin leads a great country, which has a huge history, which has its own significance, which has its achievements, its defeats, its ups and downs. The size of the country is enormous, both in time and space. But to embrace it all at a glance, one has to think in big categories, in big ideas, in boundless territories. Think big.

And then an SMO gesture will be absolutely understandable and logical. Moreover, it is inevitable. The SMO is inscribed in Russian history from eternity.

Catherine II - the first partition of Poland, the second partition of Poland, the third partition of Poland.

Alexei Mikhailovich - purchase of left Ukraine from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Peter - Battle of Poltava, defeat of the Swedes, liberation of Ukraine from traitors.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - Crimean Spring 2014, start of SSO on 24 February 2022.

Everything is clear, who we are with, who we are, what the balance of power is, who is the determined Tsar, who is the good Tsar, who is the bad Tsar, who started the war, who ended it, who started the special operation...

In the big picture, everything that happens is very clear, sensible and meaningful. And truly heroic.

С. Mardan: - And it seems completely normal and unsurprising.

А. Dugin: - Absolutely right. Hard times are an analogy of the Gorbachev-Eltsin era. Exiting Troubled Times is analogous to Vladimir Putin. Is it difficult to get out of the Troubled Times? It is difficult. The Poles took Moscow, sat in the Kremlin. Relying, among other things, on the Cossacks of Little Russia.


The Russian Church and the SMO

С. Mardan: - Any retrospective look deep into Russian history gives confidence in today and tomorrow and inner peace. That everything is under control, there is nothing to fear. In practice, everything is as it has always been. I would like to deepen our conversation and discuss some current issues.

There was the Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which we here defended as best we could. Verbally, we defended it. And now they hold their dissenting Council, which I cannot call anything else, in which they proclaimed their separation from Moscow and His Holiness the Patriarch. Now they are separated. Since our media environment is mostly strictly secular, no one has noticed this news. It seems to me that this news is the kind of news that resonates in eternity. Or at least resonates throughout the centuries. What do you think?

А. Dugin: - This is a very important question. It is nothing new, because attempts to create a western Russian metropolitan state have been repeated throughout our history. It is repeated again and again. But in this case I would not dramatise. Because the special military operation is only just beginning.

The question of the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church is resolved in this case, unfortunately, according to the principle cujus regio, ejus religio - 'he who rules, also rules the faith'. This is how, at the time of the Protestant Reformation, the German electors determined whether Catholicism or Protestantism should be present in this or that region, in this or that duchy. A prince of the Protestant faith? So Protestantism is there. A German Catholic prince, so there will be a Catholic state.

When we have completed the special military operation, then we will talk about who is autocephalous here and who is not.

С. Mardan: - Ukrainians should not be in a hurry to get circumcised yet.

А. Dugin: - It seems so to me. First of all, you have to understand that the Orthodox in Ukarine are simply taken hostage. This is the Stockholm syndrome. When people are taken hostage, many become terrorists out of horror.

There is real Nazism in Ukraine right now, there is no freedom even close. These people are being taken hostage, forced to deliver an ultimatum, to leave the ROC. There are people with machine guns behind them. So what they say is not to be taken seriously. Someone has Stockholm syndrome and someone is just saving themselves from being killed in this way.

I don't think it is necessary to dramatise further. We just have to conduct the special military operation methodically, at the necessary pace. And after the liberation of Ukraine, we will forget, we will ignore this problem.

Sometimes Christians come together in a council and say: we did something wrong in previous councils. But now we are not going to examine who was right and who was wrong, we are going to reckon with the "supposedly not true".

All that is being said now, while the special military operation is going on, by the Ukrainian side of our United Church, is 'as if it wasn't there', 'as if it wasn't there'...

Because they need to be understood. People have been taken hostage. And this is where we can stop and quietly continue with SMO. Everything will fall into place.

С. Mardan: - Where are the ascetics, where are the martyrs of the faith? I understand that everyone is a hostage. But of all the councils of bishops, is there one that spits in their faces?

А. Dugin: - We cannot expect people to be holy. As they are, so they are.

С. Mardan: - St. Pope Markellin was not there?

А. Dugin: - Of course, there were many Christian and new martyrs. They were also told to bow down to the godless Bolshevik authorities. They said: no, I martyred. There were such people. And recently there have been. But now there are no such people. We are sorting it out.

I even find it difficult to answer: would there be such people, for example, in our Moscow Patriarchate? Today, in Russia... Now the government is right, and if it turns around, the Antichrist King will come. Wasn't there such a thing? There were such things. Peter, for example, or the Bolsheviks.... And he will say, "Come on, spit on your holy things." Or some worm will climb on the cross... We have one of these singers....

С. Mardan: - There is such a singer.

А. Dugin: - And the Antichrist will say: 'But you have to admit that he is doing everything right.

And someone will surely admit it. At least he will not be scandalised.

And someone will defend the faith, not to the death, but to the death. That is what tests everything. That is faith. If Christ is less important to you than your own life, then of course you are a Christian, no one takes that right away from you, but you are such a Christian... Obedient... Timid...

But we are all sinners, we are all weak, we must repent.

I understand it, the UOC's hesitation shows a certain state of faith. But it is also important that it is not only violence that frightens us. In fact, for thirty years Ukrainian identity, including the Orthodox and even Orthodox priests, has been progressively eroded. They are hypnotised, regularly, from morning to night. "You are an independent nation, you are an independent people, the Russians are the enemy". And so, being an Orthodox, a Ukrainian, one eventually begins to go mad.

This is the impact on a biological level. It is like a poisoning. Of course, you can drug a person with LSD and make them speak correctly, answer questions and pass the exam. But it is unlikely to work.

In the past thirty years, Russophobic, Western, racist and neo-Nazi propaganda has in fact already started to corrupt people chemically. We should therefore be lenient.

Actually, Soviet propaganda was no less intense. But back then, there were no people in the churches, only old ladies saved our Church. It is therefore also possible to remember a very recent past. Remember the Soviet Union, there was no Christianity. It was impossible to be a Christian, people laughed at that. And if a person started going to church, he was looked down upon, at the very least. Then followed more serious methods of re-education. Some put up with it, others did not.

It seems to me that on the one hand, we must be steadfast in our faith. From this, draw a lesson for yourselves: what would I do if I were a bishop or priest?

We know that many people simply deserted from us when this nightmare began. Wonderful preachers, like Father Andrey Tkachev, a genius, a true Malorussian Orthodox priest. But he moved to us, fleeing from this Satanism that was established after Maidan. And now he continues his fiery preaching, which is more lively than that of many of our traditional Russian priests. He has felt this evil, he has faced it. And for him, what he talks about is simply a matter of life and death.


Russian liberals are not real

С. Mardan: - Are you so tolerant of our Russian liberals? To the "fifth column"?

Dugin: - I believe that our people are not convinced liberals. They are just victims of zombification, only now they are ours. We too have been subjected to this kind of hypnosis for decades. From morning to night in the early 1990s we were told: 'Russia is a historical misunderstanding', only the West is right, we should be guided by liberal values. Entire ministries, entire industries, entire segments of the government still live this way.

You and I can see how ugly and deceptive it is, because we can see the milestones of history. Because we look at events without being involved in the immediate, the agenda. And so, listening to Ekho Moskvy for ten years, you can even believe the nonsense that these Russophobic agents have been peddling incessantly. And the world will look like that. And confirmation of this enemy propaganda can easily be found all around you. You will go from one "Jean-Jacques" to another and meet exactly the same listeners of Ekho Moskvy. Open Novaya Gazeta on your iPhone. And they all induce and reinforce Russophobia, the cult of the West and Smyrdyakovism in others.

It is a mass hypnosis that the West is the centre, Russia is the periphery, a 'developing democracy' that also aspires to become the West. This is what they teach, this is what they make us live on, this is what all our education is based on. I used to run the department at Moscow State University and I can say that the paradigm of our education - at least our humanitarian education - is all like this. It is liberal.


The Zombie High School

С. Mardan: - That's why I asked what we should do about it. Can you give me a recipe?

А. Dugin: - This is a more serious question. If the whole paradigm of our country is westernised, if all our disciplines - sociology, anthropology, history, psychology, congitivism, political science - in general the whole complex of humanities in all our universities has been created by copying western sources, then what do we want? For the entire corps of Russian teachers to realise in a moment that everything has changed and that from now on the Slavophile paradigm has arrived. Yes, it has arrived. But they haven't realised it yet. That is what is important. And the process of realisation can take an indefinitely long time....

But even in this case I urge tolerance. They are simply zombified; they are infected, infected by liberalism, by Westernism. Practically our entire scientific community, our teaching community, carries the liberal virus. Perhaps with the exception of the natural sciences and purely technical disciplines. I will not judge here.

Liberals are similar to the Nazi punishers of the Azov battalion in Mariupol, a terrorist organisation banned in the Russian Federation. In Ukraine, liberalism is combined with Nazism and Russophobia. We have liberalism combined with Russophobia, without the Ukrainian Nazism. However, this ideology is very similar. And our education system has been built on this ideology since the 1990s.

We are now chasing unhappy Ukrainian extremists out of cracks, out of basements, while in our own society the work of the West to hijack the collective consciousness has been going on for thirty years and is still in full swing. We are reaping the fruits. What happened on 24 February was not achieved by anyone. That is why I say that the operation started on its own. Because even those who formally proposed it were clearly not aware of what they were doing. To understand this you have to throw away once and for all all the polls, the assessments, the idea of elections, quotas. When history arrives, all this is simply shredded and thrown in the bin with all the planned youth activities, all the plans, all the party quotas. There is nothing else. There is the people, the country, destiny, victory.

Zhirinovsky, realising that the end had come, made the right gesture: he died. Because an era is over. This new era requires a completely different approach.

Today the time has come to change everything, the paradigm itself. A new humanitarian, political science, philosophical rethinking of the very essence of Russia, its identity, its role in the world, its relations with the West, the structure of its society, its history, is needed. But no one is ready for this. But it is necessary and inevitable. And it will be.

And as for the reckless individuals who said the wrong thing at the wrong time, or misjudged the irreversibility and seriousness of things after 24 February 2022, I pity them. They are insignificant and have the opportunity to serve the country by, for example, digging trenches. Because the case is too serious.

A is followed by B: inevitably.

But here's what really matters. We are still governed by people who have made a fateful and irreversible decision and do not understand what follows from it. They have said A and it is followed by B. But they don't know and don't want to know about B. But we are already living in B, and they still only bend to A. To A or not to A. Well, it's clear that it's all about A. It's all about what A says.

And there is no point in settling accounts with those who in the first stage, without realising that they are coming and are serious, decided to protest against A. The discussion is already about A or not A.

A has already been said. A has already been done. Now B. Now neither the authorities nor society are ready for B.

С. Mardan: - Settling accounts with a concrete, stupid individual is not only stupid, it is cruel, it is simply unproductive. It is a waste of time. And what do you think of the technology that has been tested for thousands of years (which, incidentally, was graphically demonstrated by Vladimir Putin, who led all the members of the Security Council off camera and forced each of them to say aloud the very 'creed' of future victory in a special military operation)? Perhaps it would make sense for the education system to do the same thing institute by institute, academy by academy: sign letters, come to demonstrations, chant, speak and say that there is and will be no mercy for fascist scum?

А. Dugin: - I think it's a very good argument. But it was all about A. It was an argument. Actually, our President, the Commander-in-Chief, took his own entourage hostage and forced them to sign A. A was the very fact that the special military operation in Ukraine started. It was a decision, it was an event. It changed us and the world.

Whether or not the Russian elite wanted (I think most of it did not) to sign for A (i.e. the start of the military operation), it was forced to do so.

First the security forces were sworn in. Then the Commander-in-Chief invited the businessmen and asked them to sign for A.

Then he invited the media, then the government, then the business community. And again he made them sign. Some signed, some left.

But all of this in relation to La, the first agreement, the first act of a huge historical drama of SMO, which has enormous significance.

But so far, our Commander-in-Chief has only taken a part of the elite hostage, mainly linked to power structures and business, politics, information.

To them he said: 'Am I the Commander-in-Chief?

Everyone agreed: yes!

So here I am, as commander-in-chief, based on my general command, I order you that SMO is starting, and you must sign here. And that's it.

The West reacted immediately. It showed all the assets, it issued harsh ultimatums. We know where all your assets are. We know all your addresses, your pitchforks, your yacht accounts. And because you signed for A (SMO), they will now immediately change the owner. So they have nowhere to run.

For decades, our elites have extracted their wealth fairly or unfairly (it depends on who, but people believe most of them are unfair) here not here, but put it aside and hid it there.

Once and for all. Nothing has disappeared. There. Everything is reset. All that remains is to start again.

The Russian elite has found itself caught in a pincer: the West, under threat of total expropriation, demands one thing, while loyalty to the Commander-in-Chief and compliance with his orders demand something else, exactly the opposite.

Operation A was executed flawlessly, exactly as you described.

But when we get to B, these methods no longer work. Because it is one thing to prepare quickly for an extraordinary and emergency situation, which is one step. - The key thing is to make a decision about SMO. Everyone signed up, that's great, we accepted. The next point is how to behave in an SMO. You can do this, you can't do that. You cannot come out during a programme with a sign on Channel One to show what you want or don't want. One cannot glorify Nazism or Biden, our enemy, as one can on the Ekho Moskvy radio station or in the Novaya Gazeta newspaper. On Serebryaniy Dozhd, pouring rivers of Russophobia and lies and speaking ill of the president and the people, which used to be fashionable, is no longer allowed, it is forbidden.

Everything else is allowed. The A hour has begun, the Z hour. That is the principle, and everything else can be resolved as you wish. Sign. And it worked, the country, society, administration and government were able to withstand such a steep slope as the decision on SWO and its commencement.

And here we come to B. At the beginning, another letter, another reality, another problem. There was A and now there is B. And here we have to apply much more complex and deeper mechanisms.

С. Mardan: - We dealt with the management layer. There it was clear. Although in reality it is much broader. All these people, and moreover the middle class, were excluded from the political framework of the decisions taken and thus from the whole story in general. B stands for what?

А. Dugin: - A - that was the decision to start or not to start. And when it was started, how to behave in extreme situations. And in principle, everyone was ready for phase A.

Look at how Lavrov and Zakharova spoke at the beginning. Everyone agreed with A, everyone behaved impeccably. Everyone joined in, rearranged the usual patterns and models, declared mourning in the first days, when there were no real victims yet. All entertainment was cancelled.

But everyone only signed up for the A, a short 50-metre swim. The aim seemed to be to swim those 50 metres quickly, at all costs, under bullets, under blows, with big waves coming at us, and then we would get to shore and everything would be more or less back to normal. Yes, we would be in new conditions, but the emergency would be over. Ah, it was an emergency.

Four months have passed - today we have regained a certain number of metres on the Donbass land, thank God, but there is still an immeasurable amount of space waiting for us.

In addition, the enemy has an ever-widening range of fire, our areas adjacent to Ukraine, from Belgorod to Rostov, including Voronezh and the Kursk and Bryansk regions, are regularly shelled. Strikes are ongoing in the Crimea. The state of emergency has not yet ended. And people are beginning to realise that it will never end.

Now the hurricane is our way of life. This is called B.

We have to rebuild our consciousness that the conflict with the West is not a flashpoint, it is forever. It is important to understand clearly and soberly that we have been taken out of the game by this global system, not temporarily, not while we decide our goals in Ukraine, but in general.

Now is the time to give a more serious answer to what we are doing in Ukraine, to why we are there. We have an answer, to a first approximation we have given it. We are denazifying and demilitarising everyone. It is a very good answer, but it is a last resort to begin with.

Now it is no longer enough. Now we have to give an answer on how to live outside the West, economically, ideologically, technologically, financially, in terms of education. Because we cannot take their models and apply them in our country: it is a direct contradiction. By adopting their standards, we have to accept their correctness, i.e. accept that we are 'criminals', 'enemies', 'scum' and so on. We simply can no longer use textbooks written in liberal Western gender-postmodernist modern language. Otherwise we will have to educate ourselves to hate ourselves.

And so - in everything. In economics, in planning, in education, in culture. Because our whole culture, you and I know, is totally infected with liberalism. Attempts to do anything in a normal direction are suffocating. Art is permeated with the poison of liberal postmodernism. Indeed, western-centric racism, Russophobic neo-Nazism. Only liberal, without glorifying any particular nation.

But Russophobia is the ticket to our culture. If you are not Russophobic, you cannot do anything. And if you still love your people, you are finished.


SPIEF and CAR: VTB for the Donbass

С. Mardan: - My friends described the past St Petersburg Economic Forum as a gathering of people hoping for the best: everything will end now, and with loss, with pain, but it will come back.

And then a philosophical question arises, a worldview question. Suppose Putin brings Germany, and with it all of Europe, to its knees this winter, cuts off gas supplies, stops supplying them with inert gas, rare earth metals, wheat, and generally everything. They will understand who has them by the throat. But they are rational people, the West is a rational place. They will come, they will repent, they will say, yes, really, let's divide Ukraine and start living together.

Internally, in terms of values, in terms of perspectives, are they ready to play further with Russia and Putin under the new rules? Consequently, to a certain extent, to trust Putin again. Or not?

А. Dugin: - As far as Europe and the German economy are concerned, frankly I don't think we will 'bring them to their knees'. But if they are willing to talk to us about Ukraine on reasonable terms - for example, Ukraine to us and gas to them - that's fine, and then we need to restore relations with them, give them gas and take what belongs to us. But I don't think they will do that, so we should be prepared to rely only on our own strengths and our partners in a multipolar world.

As for the St Petersburg Forum, my daughter Dasha was there and she says that this time the spectacle was absolutely extraordinary. The entire Russian elite came to the Forum, as always, and for the past decades they have come there as a branch of Davos, to make deals, to talk to Western investors, to show themselves to the West. But the most important VIP, around whom everything was building, was the ambassador of the Central African Republic. And everyone rushed to his reception because he was the only one, while all the other delegations were below the CAR and a couple of other African delegations. There were representatives of the Taliban, who are banned in Russia. There were no Chinese for other reasons, because they are fighting the coronavirus.

And so, in fact, our elite, finding themselves face to face with the Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, the biggest figure in this forum, instead of the plenipotentiary representatives of the globalist elite, with their cards not working, their accounts disconnected, i.e. in a completely new state for themselves, were confronted with reality. None of them were prepared for this. Of course, apart from the patriots who were prepared for it - there were sophisticated, fairly patriotic sectors, there were sane and elite people. But most were like in a state of hallucination. Things seemed recognisable: the walls of the St Petersburg Forum, the sections, everything was just as organised, brilliant, the parties, the entertainment. But there was only one thing missing, the most important thing: instead of the global and powerful West, which one should look to, the Prime Minister of the CAR. This was the first.

Our elite continue to be enthusiastic. It is already the CAR and they continue to behave as before. Even though in reality (Dasha was at a closed reception at VTB), on the fringes of the Forum, when people have already relaxed, taken off their ties, drunk cocktails, listened to avant-garde music, suddenly and in all sincerity the big managers proclaim a toast: "To Z!", "To SWO!". I loved it... Someone from the management stood back from the shock, looked at the guests, thought about it, drank, understood everything and said: 'Well, that's it, long live the Donbass!

And this is very positive. It's a good sign, even if someone is still in a hallucination, but someone has come back to reality. Reality is this. On the Gazprom building is painted a Z that lights up in the evening. Someone accepted this new model. They did not understand it, of course; nobody is ready for it. But I liked that our people didn't get angry. And accepted it. "Long live the Donbass!"


SMO is forever

С. Mardan: - Find your own way.

А. Dugin: - They think: let's go another way, we will find something, maybe... Russians adapt very well to the situation. When they adapt to bad situations, we patriots get inflamed. And when they adapt to a good situation, on the contrary, they think: bravo, how easily and quickly they adapt to difficult conditions, what a great quality! SMO has begun - well, now we will be like that. And if so, that's it. The main thing has been done.

Someone returning from this forum, still with a critical sense, will promptly pack his bags and try to disappear from circulation. After all, the situation will only get worse. Nothing will come back from anywhere. As it was, it will never be again. Never. It will be new.

Even if we 'bring the West to its knees', that does not mean it will end. It will still get worse. One can also shoot from the knee.

One could say that SMO is not an emergency event, but a way of life. We have entered SMO, it is the river we are in. It is our time, it is our history.

It seems to me that the sooner we realise that we are already in B, the better and more reliable it will be for everyone. The decision to move to B, i.e. to completely overhaul our entire system, does not have to be made. The decision on A has already been made. And that is irreversible.

Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini