The coronavirus and the collapse of the world order

Over the last few decades we have awaited something fatal, something irreversible and decisive. Perhaps the coronavirus epidemic will be that event.

It is too early to draw exact conclusions, but some elements of geopolitics and ideology may have already passed the point of no return.

The coronavirus epidemic represents the end of globalization. The open society is ripe for infection. Anyone who wants to tear down borders prepares the territory for the total annihilation of humanity. You can smile, of course, but people in white HazMat suits will put a stop to the inappropriate laughter. Only closedness can save us. Closedness in all senses - closed borders, closed economies, closed supply of goods and products, what Fichte called a "closed trade state." Soros should be lynched, and a monument should be built for Fichte. Lesson one.

Second: the coronavirus turns the last page of liberalism. Liberalism has made it easier to spread the virus - in all senses. The epidemic requires the demolition of all differences. Liberalism is the virus. A little more time will pass, and liberals will be equated with "lepers", infectious "maniacs" who call to dance and have fun in the midst of the plague. The Liberal is the carrier of the coronavirus, its apologist. This is especially the case if it turns out that it was created in the United States, the "citadel of liberalism", as a biological weapon. Lesson two: liberalism kills.

Third: the criteria for success and prosperity of countries and societies are changing dramatically. In the battle against the epidemic, neither China's wealth nor the European social system, nor the absence of a social system in the United States (which has the world’s greatest military and financial power) will save them. Even the Iranian’s spiritual and vertical regime is not helping. The coronavirus has cut off the entire tip of civilization - oil, finance, free exchange, the market, the total dominance of the Fed... the world's leaders are helpless. Completely different criteria have come to the fore: 

- the possession of an antivirus 

- the ability to autonomously prove life for themselves and their loved ones in conditions of maximum closure. 

Meeting these criteria means reassessing all values. The vaccine is in the province of those who most likely developed the virus, and is therefore an unreliable solution. However, closure and the transition to self-sufficiency is something that everyone can do, although doing so requires multipolarity. Small farms and natural exchange will survive the total collapse of everything.

So, what would be the next logical steps after a triumphant march of coronavirus across the planet? At best, the appearance of several relatively closed world zones - civilizations, large spaces, or - at worst - the worlds of Mad Max and Resident Evil. The Russian series "The Epidemic" is becoming a reality in front of our eyes.

The plague gods

I am beginning to understand why in some societies the plague gods were revered and worshipped. The coming of the plague allows for a complete renewal of societies. The epidemic has no logic and spares neither the noble nor the rich, nor the powerful. It destroys everyone indiscriminately, and brings people back to the simple fact of being. The plague gods are the fairest. Antonin Artaud wrote about this, comparing theater to the plague. The purpose of the theater, according to Artaud, is, with all possible cruelty, to return man to the fact that he is, that he is here and now, a fact which he persistently and consistently seeks to forget. The plague is an existential phenomenon. The Greeks called Apollo Smintheus "the Mouse god" and attributed to his arrows the power to bring plague. This is where the Iliad begins, as everyone knows.

That is what Apollo would do if he looked at modern mankind - bankers, bloggers, rappers, deputies, office workers, migrants, feminists... that's about it.

Bunuel has a movie called "The Exterminating Angel" which is more or less about this. 

How the world ends

One can also take note of the elements of the epidemic that seem to suggest its being man-made, either allowing the West to use the virus against its geopolitical opponents (which explains China and Iran, but not Italy and the rest) or even the start of the targeted extermination of all these extra billions by a small circle of humanity with a vaccine which was itself produced by "progress" and "open society." In this case, the "plague gods" may turn out to be quite specific representatives of the global financial elite, which has long recognized the "limits of growth." But even in this case - especially if this is not the beginning of a full-fledged global genocide, but only a test of the pen - the conclusion is the same: those who pretend to be responsible for human societies are not what they seem.

Liberalism is only a pretext for mass extermination, as colonization and the spread of the standards of modern Western civilization were. The global elites and their local puppets may be counting on surviving with a vaccine, but something suggests that this may be where the catch lies. The virus may behave inadequately, and the processes that have begun on the civilizational level, and even in individual unpredictable spontaneous events, may disrupt their carefully thought out plans.

The entire world economy may not collapse within a few months, but it seems to be headed in exactly that direction...

Everything that modern people consider "sustainable" and "reliable" is pure illusion, the coronavirus is showing that clearly and vividly. In fact, once the logic of what is happening continues to develop a little further, we might see how the world ends - at least the world we know and knew. And, at the same time, the first contours of something else will begin to appear.

Matter at risk

It is curious that parallel to the coronavirus, which has become, in a sense, the subject of civilization, discussions in the scientific community about “bubbles of nothing” broke out, reviving some hypotheses of the famous physicist Edward Witten, one of the main theorists of the phenomena of “superstrings.”

According to the ideas of modern physicists, "bubbles of nothing" can arise from a "false vacuum", i.e. a vacuum which has not reached stability, but only seems to have reached it. In the ten-dimensional world (with 4 ordinary measurements and 6 more, present through compacification) such "bubbles of nothing" are quite probable. If they arise, they may suck galaxies into nothing and swallow the Universe. These whirlpools spawned of unstable vacuums leave quite an impression.

And again, as in the case of coronavirus, they say “nothing bad is happening, everything is under control.” Representatives of the scientific elite reassure us that the chance of the appearance of the “bubbles of nothing” is ridiculously small.

But it seems to me that it is not. On the contrary, it is quite significant. The modern world is exactly such a "bubble of nothing" which is growing rapidly, absorbing meaning and dissolving existence: liberalism and globalization are its most vivid expressions. The coronavirus is also a bubble of nothing.

The nature of this virus itself is interesting (although I hate the concept of "nature", there is nothing more senseless). It is something between a living being - it has DNA or RNA - and a mineral (it has no cells). However, most of all, it reminds us of a neural network or even an Artificial Intelligence. It is either there, or not, living, or inanimate ... that is precisely what the “nonequilibrium vacuum” is, which creates these “bubbles of nothing.”

We believe that the vacuum of the universe is in equilibrium, that is, the whole cycle of possible entropy has passed… but what if this only seems to be the case?

When you hear the story about the Wuhan market and imagine the struggle of bats with poisonous snakes, their fierce exchange of contagion and killer microscopic arrows of non-existence shaped like a crown, it is impossible to get rid of the image of bubbles of nothing. The same feeling is brought about by the drop in oil prices and the collapse of stock indices. Even war - with its specificity and existential awakening - does not save us from the attack of nothing, as the motivation of modern wars is so deeply entangled in material, financial and corrupt interests, having lost its original purity: the direct encounter with death. It only serves as another bubble of nothing, fulfilling its instructions to lead matter to total oblivion.

Plague as Event

Is it possible to expect that having coped with the coronavirus, mankind will draw the appropriate conclusions, curtail globalization, throw out liberal superstitions, halt migration and put an end to the obscene technical inventions which are immersing everyone deeper and deeper into endless labyrinths of matter? The answer is quite clearly no. Everyone will quickly go back to their old ways in the blink of an eye, before the corpses are even buried. As soon as - and if - the markets come to life and the Dow Jones wakes back up, everything will be back to normal. The naive one is he who thinks otherwise. But what does that mean? It means that even an epidemic of this scale will be turned into an unfortunate misunderstanding. No one will understand the meaning of the coming of the plague gods, no one will think about "bubbles of nothing" and everything will repeat over and over again until it reaches the point of no return. 

If one pays close attention to the passage of time, it should be clear that we are currently crossing that point.