Speech by Alexander Markovics at the Global Conference on Multipolarity, 29 April 2023

Dear Prof. Dugin! Dear Mr. Savin! Dear Mr. Bovdunov! Dear Mr. Pacini! Thank you very much for the invitation to this important conference.

We're living in interesting times. For more than 30 years, Europeans felt like living at the “End of History” as proclaimed by Francis Fukuyama. No alternative seemed possible to our Liberal-Capitalist system, no other form than Liberalist Democracy. But with the start of the Russian special military operation, it became obvious, that history is moving again. The end of history has ended.

Since Europe was living in the believe, that no alternative is possible, nobody dared to think about geopolitical alternatives to the European Union, which served as an obedient vassal to the United States for most of the time. The COVID measures have been a first wake up call for most Europeans, the Western escalation in the Ukraine conflict turned out to be the final straw in terms of a geopolitical awakening. Finally people started to protest against Globalism on the streets, but an European spring can only start, if we also realize the need for a mental and spiritual awakening of Europe.

As a consequence of the Russian Special Military Operation, Russia finally started it's Eurasian mission on an international scale. Before our very eyes the unipolar moment is collapsing and the multipolar moment just started. Russia, China, Iran, Latin America are already playing an important part in creating the nucleus of a multipolar order, something we can only envy you for as Europeans.  But what place can Europe have in this process, especially since it's still part of the political Wesr?

I think that Europeans first and foremost have to leave behind the chimeras of modernity, not only including the true genocidal Neofascism in Ukraine and other countries, but especially the ideology of Liberalism 2.0 with it's Great Reset, wokeism, Human rights imperialism, destruction of identity and individualism. This of course also includes the Neomalthusian ideas of climate change and population reduction. Democracy has shown it's true face and behind the mask we can recognize a Globalist oligarchy which wants to get rid of the peoples it governs. Europe becoming multipolar would mean that it leaves it's postmodern civilization behind and returns to it's traditional identity.

Europe can only become a souvereign part of a multipolar world, if it manages to reaffirm it's traditional identity, based on Christianity and the idea of empire, which is the anti-thesis to the current Atheist-Satanic and centralist regime imposed by the European Union. By adopting the ideas of the New Right, Europe can become it's own pole as a part of multipolarity, in the process of realizing it's authetic identity. For many Europeans this will constitute a painful process, since they'll forced to realize, that Europe is not world, but just a part of the world.

Of course this future isolation in the sense of Europe focusing on itself would also be benefical for the rest of the world: Europe stopping it's support for open society on a global scale would mean peace for world. An end of European support for the Zionist regime in Israel means peace for Palestine. Europeans stopping to impose neocolonialism in Africa will finally mean a more peaceful life for Africans and put an end to mass migration. And the end of European lectures on Democracy and Human rights for China will make normal realtions between Europe and Asia possible. Finally, an end of the Transatlantic partnership will result in the United States no longer being able to abuse European ressources for their dreadful wars all around the world.

Last not least, in order to create a long lasting peace order in Eurasia, Europe needs to respect Russians, Chinese and Turkish people as they are. The Europeans have to remember the start of their relations with Russia in the 16th century, where the Austrian nobleman Sigmund von Herberstein started diplomacy between Russia and the Holy Roman Empire as a relation between equals. We need to finally respect the other as the other and should no longer strive to assimilate everyone to European values. This will mean the beginning of a true pax euroasiatica and peaceful cooperation between europe and the other civilizations of mankind.