Speech by Pepe Escobar at the Global Conference on Multipolarity, 29 April 2023

Hello, everyone, it's a great pleasure to be here. And specially as part of the Eurasia block, which is basically my home. I speak to you as tф Latin American, as a European, as an Asian, as an Eurasian, and why not as a Scythian nomad from 2500 years ago. So, it's wonderful to be speaking after my colleagues from West Asia, from Central Asia. You know, these are my areas, you know, I am a nomad there, I'm always loving my I, across Eurasia. And I've been doing this for almost for the past 30 years.

So this is a brief introduction, I'll be I'll be very brief as a whole. We all know why we are here. from different parts of the world, we are all working towards the same goals, the same targets. We know who are we fighting against, which is an extremely toxic and vicious Atlanticist, a hegemonic-factioned elite. They seem to know what they want, which is basically to crush any dissent anywhere in the world and impose cancel culture on virtually any part of the world to the benefit of a very hazy project, which we can more or less describe as the Davos project a great reset or whatever narrative they try to impose on all of us.

So now, against this hegemonic narrative in block that doesn't admit any deviation from anywhere? what we should try to do now is to go on the offense. That's it, you know, the global South, specially 85 87% of the global population has had enough of this hegemonic power, with their vassals across the west. So, this implies, basically, on a personal level, what we're doing now, which we have to do, constantly, non stop, what our Chinese friends would define as people to people's exchanges, which is exactly what we're doing.

And we have to be systematic, in every language in a basket of languages, nonstop. And we need to coordinate our efforts on a regional, continental and global level. So maybe this is the first stepping stone is today with this with this conference. The second vector is as important as the people to people's exchanges, which is the infrastructure that is being set up to coordinate the move towards a multipolar world. And that includes, of course, BRICS+, starting this year, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, what I called the New Silk Roads for 10 years, since it was established 10 years ago, when Astana to Jakarta by the Chinese, the Belt and Road Initiative, and many the BRICS NDB, the BRICS Bank. So, we have the framework has already been set in place. And the discussions are getting deeper and deeper. So, the number one issue, which we'll have to concentrate our attention from now on is de-dollarization. This is being discussed inside Eurasian Economic Union in detail by Mr. Glaziev and his team. It will be discussed in detail hopefully in the next few months inside the BRICS, when they I guess expand as BRICS+, but this has to, to go all through the international organizations simultaneously and sooner or later, let's say 2024 is not far-fetched, they should get on, they should sit on the same table and start discussing what is going to be the alternative currency, the basket of currencies based on commodities, gold or both, and how to start implementing it through businesses across Eurasia. And then governments will automatically step in and join. So let's say that this is our foundation, that our Rosetta Stone today, with this conference grow really global. And don't forget everyone now it's our tie and we have to go for the kill.

Thank you very much