To stop this path of destruction, we need a multipolar world

I’m honoured to be here amongst highly respected speakers, and I’d like to give a salute, to our host Professor Alexander Dugin the father of the hero, Darya Dugina.

My name is Maram Susli, I was born in syria, and live in Australia. As such I live between two worlds, and since this is a conference about a multipolar world, it may be fitting to discuss how polar these two worlds are.

Where I live in Australia, I can turn on the tap, and I have clean running water.

Yet in Syria water shortages mean some neighbourhoods in the capital city of Damascus,
receive running water for only two hours every four days.

5 million people are without clean water. Sewage systems are crumbling.

As a result, Disease is spreading. There has been a cholera outbreak.

Where I live in Australia, I have a health care system that i can rely on.

In syria, life saving medications have become scarce. Syria’s which once had a pharmaceutical industry that supplied the entire middle east with affordable and safe medication, can no longer supply itself.

Where I live in Australia, when I turn on my light switch, I never have to worry about wether there will be light.
In the capital Syria, Damascus, they are down to 1-4 hours of electricity per day, and in the rural areas they receive one hour of electricity every three days.

In Syria, there are fuel shortages, and food shortages.

There is no heating in winter, and no water in summer.
The weak and the elderly are dying, wether rich or poor.

I do not speak in abstractions, but from personal tragedy.

All of this suffering, isn’t the result of mismanagement, nor natural disaster.

This suffering has been caused intentionally by war, occupation and sanctions, imposed by the US, UK and their allies .

The US occupies Syria’s oil fields and Syria’s wheat fields, preventing access to food and fuel. Their sanctions prevent fertiliser from reaching thirsty soil.

As a result Syria has the six highest rate for food insecurity in the world, meanwhile Australia has the 6th highest rate of obesity.

And yet Inspite of all the comparisons I have made between Syria and Australia, Syria is still in a better position, because Syria still has its soul.

In Syria i see a nation who has not forgotten her history nor her identity, but in Australia i see a nation that does not know where it is going. It has been absorbed into the ideology of unipolar world, and is not a master of her destiny, she follows the US into miss-adventures.

The western hegemon demands hegemony, and no ideas but its own are allowed to exist. A recent article in Bloomberg titled “How wokeism will rule the world”, makes no secret that it aims to impose this liberal vision on the world by force.

But this vision has become a dystopian nightmare and a denial of humanity.
It is a nihilistic ideology that demands depopulation, and destruction of traditional moral values.
It creates a suicidal nations with plummeting birth rates. A vestige of sanity cannot survive as a counterbalance, it would be akin to pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.

That is why the US is tries to starve Syria into submission, yet her spirit is not broken.

But in the last two decades, I have witnessed the US destroy nation upon nation, upon nation for simply having the desire to live their own way of life.

To stop this path of destruction, We need a multipolar world. We look east towards Russia and china, to rise, stand up and end our suffering. In particular we see in China the economic basis for an independent future.

The US may fear Russia nuclear weapon, and while this does deter them, it is Russia’s faith that it frightens them the most, it stands an example of an alternative way of life, a shining beacon of hope not only to those nations targeted by the US empire, but for people inside the west who want to live in a nation that has not lost its sanity nor its values.

It is for this reason, that the US and its allies have been trying to surround and isolate Russia, by sacrificing Ukraine on the alter of woke-ism. There’s no regard for civilians or the future of even their own allied nations. They are prepared to destroy infrastructure like Nordstream 2, and Kerch bridge.  It is a force of destruction, and an empire of chaos

Make no mistake the world is at war, and it is not just for land or power, but for the future of humanity. The liberal values they aim to impose on the world could will ensure the extinction of humanity as a species. For this reason Russia cannot lose and China must rise. The idea that an empire must be destructive must be challenged. A multipolar world will show that nations cal deal with other with respect and can peacefully co-exist, for mutual prosperity.