1. Liberalism is in decay

• Now we can easily observe that global world order is in decay. Globalism is collapsing. We see, for example, a real agony in the Unites States. The threat of President Trump — who is much more moderated in regards to the global liberal agenda — is experienced by globalists as something fatal, something existential. Globalists are trying to destroy the United States in order to promote their candidate, to save their agenda at any price. 

• Trump has called that cancel culture — a new kind of postmodern totalitarianism. For example, the New York Times has declared the necessity to cancel Aristotle ( We are dealing with the clear totalitarian face of the liberal ideology. It is a liberal dictatorship, because it demands to cancel history — Plato, Aristotle, the Middle Ages, modern authors, modern philosophies.... anything that don't coincide with the more and more narrowing criteria of radical and totally intolerant liberalism. 

• These are clear signs of totalitarianism. The Nazis (national socialists) demanded to cancel Jews. The Soviet totalitarianism (socialist totalitarianism) demanded to cancel dissidents. Now, the liberal ideology demands to cancel everything — or almost everything, except Black Lives Matter, Soros' LGBT+, and some chosen groups of minorities, at the price of prohibiting everybody else. So, that is agony. 

2. Liberalism and its alternatives

 • What is an agony? Liberalism is an agony. 

  • 1st political theory: Liberalism
  • 2nd political theory: Communism
  • 3rd political theory: Fascism — or National Socialism

• Liberalism has won over its rivals in the 20th century (communism and fascism). 

• These three theories represent the political modernity — the Western political modernity.

• The agony of liberalism includes the approaching end of the Western political modernity, because neither communism nor fascism could be regarded as real alternatives to liberalism. 

• Communism and fascism have a common basis with liberalism: 
– Materialism 
– Atheism
– Progressivism
– A purely materialistic approach to the human being.

• We will miss the opportunity of the growing crisis — fueled by the impossibility of globalist structures to deal with the coronavirus (another sign of the collapse of liberalism) —, if we choose to oppose it with communism and fascism, because they are alternatives of the past. And they belong to the same family of Western modern ideologies. 

• So, the 4th Political Theory is an invitation to use this window of historical opportunity (represented by the agony of liberalism as the 1st political theory) to overcome what is common to all forms of political modernity — to overcome the philosophical, metaphysical, political and ideological field of political modernity.

3. The 4th Political Theory vs. Western Modernity

• The 4th Political Theory is an invitation to search for the alternative to this falling liberalism in decay, which intended to be the main and unique, the one and only political ideology from the Fukuyama's moment of The End of History and the Last Man (1992) until now.

• After the end of communism and fascism in the 20th century, liberalism became the only political ideology, which intended to be a kind of universal language — something totally imposed, with free market, liberal democracy, parliamentarianism, individualism, technology, icon culture and LGBT+ ethics. All that was regarded as universal. And now this universality is ending. 

• The 4th Political Theory is an invitation to critique and fight the 1st political theory, neither from the socialist or communist position, nor from the nationalist-fascist or national socialist position — because both belong to the past. This is an invitation to overcome Western political modernity by fighting liberalism, because it still exists.  

4. Why liberalism is absolute evil?

• We precisely choose liberalism to be the representation and symbol of absolute evil because it is still here, and liberals still intend to organize the world under the rule of the liberal transnational elite

• Liberalism is worse than communism and fascism not only from the theoretical point of view. It is worse because it exists here still. Communism and fascism belong to the past — they are chimeras, they are just rests, residues of the political history.

• So, first of all, we need to fight liberalism. We need to bring this lasting decay to the end, we need to overcome liberalism, we need to finish with liberalism — with open society, with human rights, with all the products of this Soros' style liberal system based on individualism, materialism, progressivism, on the total alienation of the people and extinction of social links. 

• Individualism is the last word of liberalism. So, we need to finish with the concept of individualism. 

5. Communism and fascism are the traps

• We should not come to the past alternatives. We shouldn't fall into the trap of communism or fascism. We need to imagine something radically different — not only from liberalism, but from the Western political modernity taken altogether. This is the 4th Political Theory — this is what it's all about.  

• Today, our main enemy is represented by liberalism, by open society, by Soros' funded groups of liberal terrorists — which could be regarded as leftists or far-left fascists. And others: liberals are trying to use religious and ethnical groups. For example, when fighting Islam as a religious sacred tradition, globalists are using some Muslims in order to destroy the European identity. When fighting against all kinds of national identity, they use some ethnical identities (for example, Uyghurs, Ukrainians) in order to destabilize the alternative poles that don't belong to their vision of unipolar global liberal world. They are cynic in that sense, they are hypocrites — they can use something they criticize if they need to. They have double morality.

• But the main idea of fighting liberalism is to fight all Western political modernity. That is the enemy. The 4th Political Theory invites everybody to fight.

6. The name of the enemy is Western Modernity

• The name of the enemy has absolute importance. If we name the enemy as Modern Western Political Ideologies or Western Political Modernity, we already are on the right path. 

• We don't invite people to fight against the West. Not at all. The West is not an enemy.

• We don't invite people to fight against modernity, as such — for example, the contemporary state of affairs in some societies. Because we have different societies, different civilizations that exist in the modern world and don't belong to the Western modernity. We can actually live in the modern world outside the Western political modernity.

• So, we are challenging neither the West, nor the modernity: we are challenging the Western modernity. And that's a kind of form based on the antichristian, anti-spiritual, anti-traditional, anti-sacred turn in Western history that coincided — not by chance — with colonialism, the beginning of the Enlightenment, and so on. This modern era of the scientific, materialist, colonialist period of Western history is the evil, this is the problem.

7. Against capitalism, slavery and Enlightenment

• We have identified our main enemy as Western Political Modernity, or Western Modernity in general — in the philosophical, scientific, geopolitical and economic senses. It coincides with capitalism, because capitalism, materialism, atheism and colonialism re-introduced slavery after hundreds of years of non-existence of slavery in the Western Christian culture. Slavery was reintroduced by the Western political modernity. 

• Sometimes it seems that slavery in colonial times, in America and Africa, was a phenomenon continued from the ancient tradition of the pre-modern West. Not at all. It was a completely new institution — a modern institution. Modern slavery is the path of the so-called "democratic liberal" modernity. People fighting colonialism should understand it very well: they are fighting Western political modernity. 

• That new concept of slavery was based on race and biological aspects, and based on progress. Because there was no reasonable explanation for using black or colored people as slaves apart from progress. That was a new concept of slavery based on measuring progress. Progressivism was the main moving power behind slavery.

• In order to liberate the consequences of slavery and colonialism, we need to extinguish the Western political modernity. This is the only way. If we wrongly project slavery outside the Western political bourgeois capitalist modernity, we will be led to the wrong conclusion. The whole phenomenon was created, explained and funded by the Western political modernity.  

8. Inspiration from the East

• How can we get out of this epistemological field of Western political modernity? If we focus on the name Western political modernity, we already have a solution. In order to get out of these boundaries, we invite you to go beyond the West. So, welcome to the East. Welcome to the non-Western civilizations.

• Welcome to Islam, welcome to India, welcome to the great ancient Chinese civilization, welcome to Africa, welcome to the archaic societies. All these forms of civilizations could be our example to follow. 

• We should consider the Western history as only one branch of the history of humanity. If we reject the pretensions of Westerners' universalism, we could rediscover the values of Chinese political ideas, Islamic political ideas, Christian Orthodox political thought — Eastern, not Western, which is a completely different form of political thought. We could rediscover Indian tradition, we could rediscover archaic people.... not judging them from the point of view of progress or technological development. 

• People in all forms, living in all kinds of societies, are still human — maybe more human than our technological civilization. We should rediscover the multiplicity of all kinds of cultures and societies, and we should accept them. Accept the most archaic people, the most archaic societies and tribes living outside the so-called "civilization" as an example to follow, maybe, or to discover, to study.... something that we need to understand first, not judge or try to bring to the criteria of Western political modernity.

 • We are rediscovering every kind of civilization outside the West. And that is great. We have this immense amount of political thought, cultural thought, philosophy, religion.... outside the West. And we can take them as a source of inspiration to create something new. We can propose something non-Western and take it as a guiding star for the 4th Political Theory. 

• Obviously, we cannot reach some new kind of universalism. And we shouldn't, we don't need that. We need to open the perspectives for each civilization, each culture to create their own political future, apart from something that is imposed as inevitable, as a destiny by the colonial Western modernity. 

• First of all, the invitation is geographical. We should recognize the value of political thought outside the West. For example, Russian Eurasianists have remarked that Austrian philosopher Kelsen's study on the universal history of law is entirely dedicated to Roman law. Just a few pages are dedicated to all the other non-Western legal systems. That doesn't mean that Roman law is evil. There are non-Roman law systems outside the Western civilization — and that is great. We have Islamic law, Chinese law, the Confucianist tradition, Indian law, besides some archaic systems of legality and legitimacy. We need to consider them all. 

• All civilizations can be inspired by their own political thought. That is the meaning of the 4th Political Theory. After the end of liberalism (which is approaching), we need to rehabilitate non-Western political systems. These systems could seem to Westerners as terrible, not civil, or awful.... But that is not an argument. Westerners should worry about their own civilization, which is only one kind of civilization among many others. And nobody can judge the others. Nobody — neither Soros, nor Bill Gates, nor Hillary Clinton, nor Washington, nor Brussels, nor Moscow, nor Riyadh, nor New Delhi, nor Beijing.

• Nobody can judge the other. There is no universal criterion in political thought, and that's the main principle of the 4th Political Theory. 

9. True universalism is based on the plurality of subjects

•  In order to develop a positive meaning for postliberal world order, we should recognize this as the main law: All civilizations can establish their own political systems outside of any universal paradigm — above all, outside the modern Western political paradigm, accepted or imposed as something universal. Democracy, liberalism, human rights, LGBT+, robotization, progress, digitalization and cyberspace are optional. They are not universal values. There are no universal values, except the value upon which all kind of civilizations could agree.

• We lack a real international order, because we lack the full-scale subjects that could establish such law. Now, we are still in colonization. There is only one subject: the modern Western liberal subject, which tries to impose its own values as a universal formal order over all others. And this is radically wrong. We are fighting precisely against this pretention. The West is the West. The West is not all. The West is a part of the whole. Westerners are a part of humanity. The West can be accepted or rejected — that depends on the free decision of other civilizations. The West is one civilization among many others. 

• That's why a non-Western political thought is so importantThe real universal history of law should include all legal systems of all existing civilizations — the serious part of Confucianism, the serious part of Indian political thought, the great part of Islamic law, the great part of Byzantine law, the great part of the various archaic systems of law.... Each archaic tribe can create their own system, and we should be very attentive to that. And, of course, the great part of Roman law. Yet, we could also include modern Western political thought — but that should be a small part of the whole political thought of humanity. 

• We should insist on this redistribution of the system of values. This is a path to get out of the Western political modernity. We should recognize the full-scale dignity of non-Western political thought. This is very concrete: in each civilization we can easily find a huge amount of political treaties, ideas, schools.... But we are ignoring them totally, dealing with open society and its enemies (Karl Popper, Hayek, or Karl Marx) as universal thinkers or systems. Yes, they are more or less interesting. But, comparing with Confucianism, with Indian political thought, with Islamic political thought, liberalism, Marxism and Western nationalism are very poor. They are just possible forms of political thought — a small proportion, a very arrogant proportion of humanity. They are just a small part, not the whole. And this is extremely important.

10. The West is just part of the Rest 

• We need to restore the dignity of all non-Western political philosophies, including Africa, India and the Americas. Including great and developed civilizations as well as the small archaic societies of Oceania. 

• We need to accept humanity as humanity — not the West and the Rest. We should reverse the position: the Rest is the name of humanity, and the West is the name of the disease on the body of humanity. The Rest is the center, not the West. 


  The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (book by Samuel Huntington, 1996) 


• Now, we are leaving in a system where the modern West is the unique pole (unipolar) and intends to establish the rule for the Rest. We need to organize the global geopolitical human revolution against that.We should evenly distribute the status of the subject between the Rest. The West is part of the Rest — a small part of the Rest.

• We should not punish the West. We should put it within its normal historical organic borders — nothing else. You are Western? Alright, but you are not universal. You strongly believe in human rights, LGBT+? It's up to you. It is your decision, not mine. It is not necessary. We could prohibit gay marriages or gay pride — that is absolutely our own right, and that is a highest decision we could take. Or we could let it happen.... 

• Nothing should be universally condemned or justified. Everything depends on the balance of the decision made by each civilization.

• In order to establish the world order on this principle, we need to reject the claim of Western political modernity to establish universal rule. Non-Western societies should be put first. We should extinguish Western consensus; there's no such thing as Western consensus. There is regime, there is colonization, there is occupation — this is the Western imperial liberalism we should fight against.

11. The West itself should be liberated from the modernity

• This is very important; we shouldn't blame the West — we should blame the modern West. And that is totally different, because not only many peoples of the world are colonized and exploited by the Western modernity: the identity of the Western culture (of the Western civilization, of the Western society) is well hijacked by the modernity. And now, with the flourishing of the cancel culture, we see how it works. Modern day liberals are trying to cancel the very principles of the Western identity. Cancel Aristotle, cancel Plato, cancel Hegel, cancel Nietzsche, cancel Heidegger.... demonizing everything in the great Western thought and culture — everything that doesn't fit into the narrowing limits of this radically intolerant left liberal ideology. Everything is judged as fascism, as something inacceptable.

• The modern West more and more destroys the principles of the West (pre-modern West). So, we need to liberate the West. Not only liberate the Rest from the West; but, at the same time, we need to liberate the West from the modernity. Because the modernity tries to cancel the origins, the sources of the Western identity. Now, it is quite open. Everybody is colonized by the Western political modernity. Not the only non-Western cultures and civilizations — the West itself is colonized by the modernity.

• We need to liberate the West. We need to liberate Plato, Aristotle, Greek-Roman antiquity. We need to restore the dignity of the Christian pre-modern societies — political thoughts, cultural values, philosophies, metaphysics.... We need to restore the heritage of the pre-modern West, which is on the way to be totally cancelled by a new purge of the liberalism. 

• We should be united on the global revolution against Western political modernity. But we should understand that we are not fighting against the West. We are fighting against the regime of the modernity

• The modernity is anti-West. It's not the West. It's a deviation of the Western history, based on the total misunderstanding of its own self. Western modernity is the disease. It's a Western disease — but, first of all, it kills the West itself. So, we need to help the West to be free from the modernity. 

• We need to liberate Europe and the United States from liberalism. We should support all kinds of popular movements and tendencies that try to restore social justice and liberate the people from the liberal political elites that promote more and more modernization, liberalism, suicide. Because now postmodern Western education is focused on the total destruction of any kind of Western values. That's a new barbarianismLiberals don't bring culture, they bring barbarityThis cancel culture (which include LGBT+, Black Lives Matter, and other feminist tendencies) is like a call to cancel all other kinds of culture. It is the genocide of the Western culture.

• Modernity is not Western. It is a disease, a modern disease that kills Western identity. And it is not a human enemy that causes this disease — it is caused by a change in the register of existence. 

• We need to finish with capitalism, Western modernity, materialism, modern science — all kinds of political, cultural, philosophical fruits of modernity. And that is not nihilism, not at all. Because by extinguishing modernity, we will be able to perceive the huge heritage of Greek-Roman culture (which is cancelled now.... or in the process of being radically cancelled). We will discover the roots of Western identity: the spiritual, religious, philosophical, political roots — not this kind of deviation and perversion we are dealing with through the political modernity. 

• Not only the world should be decolonized, the West itself should be decolonized and restored to its real dignity — as one great civilization among other great civilizations. 

• So, it is not against the West. It is against liberalism and globalism, against Western political modernity.   

12. Post-Modernity view from the Right

• The Fourth Political Theory is an invitation to go forward, to go ahead. We can take inspiration from the past, but we are living in the present. We shouldn't return to the past exactly as it was — we need to make a step ahead, forward, not many steps backward. The past should be considered as an eternal example, as Platonic ideas, as the being that inspires us. But we are dealing with time, and modern time is the catastrophe. It's the time of the decay, the collapse, the final catastrophe. So, we need to go further. 

• We could use some methods of postmodernity in order to deconstruct the Western political modernity. There are two parts in postmodernism. First, there is very legitimate criticism of the violent and perverted part of Western political modernity as totalitarianism. We could agree with this postmodern criticism. But there is the second part of postmodernism: the moral continuation of modernity — an agreement with its call for further liberation, equalitarianism and other subjects of the left liberal moral. In that moral aspect, postmodernity is much worse than modernity. But we need to separate these two parts. We could accept and use the criticism and the deconstruction process of the modernity, and reject moral solidarity ways that are proper for the postmodernism. We need to have a kind of "right" postmodernism — postmodernity viewed from the right. Not political or economic right. This word is only used to differentiate the left liberal use of postmodernity to destroy more and more the Western and global human identity. So, we need to focus on the deconstruction process of the Western political modernity without sharing the moral presumptions of postmodernity. 

13. Coronavirus: globalism has totally failed

• Now, coronavirus is the plague — a kind of eschatological sign (this is very important), as well as the symbol of the total incapacity of the globalists to manage a problem like an epidemic. This is a clear sign of the end of globalization. 

• Coronavirus and the lockdown have showed how fragile is the globalist system. And when we are challenged by a serious threat, we immediately close the borders. Closing the borders is a short-term solution for anything. And maybe, still living in partial lockdown, we could learn a very important thing from that: opening or extinguishing borders is not a universal solution. It can be useful or harmful, so it is not a universal solution. No solution is universal when we're dealing with liberal elites. 

 • Liberal elites trying to put out fire with oil is suicide. An example is what's happening now in the United States. Democrats are losing their legitimate struggle for the power against Trump, so they are trying to use civil war as an argument to get to their results. This is suicide — the politics of suicide.  

14. Liberalism: extremism, crime, suicide, hatred

• What all liberals do today is suicide. So, we should stop them, we should overcome them. No liberalism — it must be put aside. Liberalism is today's name for fascism. If in the past we demonized fascism, now the word liberal should be an insult. If you are liberal, you are subhuman, you are less than human, you are a disease creature, a perverted creature. And you are criminal, because you are fueling civil war, social injustice, occupation, colonization, dehumanization. Liberalism is a crime, a crime against humanity — worse than fascism and communism. That doesn't mean we should restore fascism or communism. They were totalitarian regimes. We should put them aside as well. They belong to the past. And liberalism is the real danger, the real criminal system of world order that still exists. 

• To be anti-fascist or anti-communist is to fight with the shadow of the past. The real challenge is to be anti-liberal. Today, there are them and us. "Them" are the liberals, and they are not only against Russian, Chinese, Muslim and European patriots — they are against North-Americans, Latin-Americans, Africans, Europeans and everybody else. They are alienated from their own society. They have no legitimacy to rule, because they are usurpers, exploiters, killers. To be liberal is to be a killer.

• That's how precisely the 4th Political Theory understands the situation. And that is the frame of the debate we would like to have with you on the 1st International Congress on 4th Political Theory.  

15. 4th Political Theory and new educational project 

• Finally, we need to act — to put these considerations (if you share them, if you agree with them) in some kind of practice. And the most important and central practice is in education. Because it is through education that liberals penetrate our society, pervert our children, destroy the very principles of cultures and countries, destroy and dissolve identities. 

• The main struggle should be at university level. We suggest to use this global lockdown in order to promote an online structure of alternative education, outside the Western political modernity. Religious, Christian, Islamic, Hinduist, Buddhist — all kinds of non-modern Western approach to education. 

16. Program for 1st caste: Brahmans, philosophers

• At the level of education, there are three types of people we are addressing to. The first type is the small minority of the global population that is inclined to follow philosophy, religion, theology. And we should satisfy their demand by giving them the full picture of the spiritual culture we are going to lose with liberals. We need to save this treasure of religious, traditional, ancient, and modern wisdom. We need to save and preserve this spiritual heritage. That's our mission: to satisfy the need of the thinking persons — philosophers of the world — by giving them access to the real content of the spiritual tradition of different religions and different cultures.

• We need to promote this traditionalist education — including metaphysics, theology, middle-age tradition, as well as non-Western systems of thought. And all kind of philosophical tendencies that formally belong to the modern West, but that are different from it — for example, German classical philosophy starting with Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, or Nietzsche, Heidegger, conservative revolution, traditionalism, Italian thought, artistic realm less affected by the modern Western capitalist liberal principles.... 

• All that should be saved and transformed into something accessible to the people throughout the world. Why is it so important? Because in the Western type of education precisely these things are disappearing under our eyes. Today, there is no classical education in the best high school and universities. They are losing this heritage. They are more and more involved in the cancel culture. They try to cancel everything in education

• Using the Indian term, this is the 4th Political Theory project at the level of the Brahmans — philosophers, priests, sacerdotes, intellectuals. It's a kind of a very special engagement of highly intellectual people. It couldn't be for the masses. It is for these isolated individuals. We need to pay attention to them, we need to satisfy their needs. If the liberal system of education advances, they will be totally alienated. And that will affect not only Western universities, but also Eastern universities, which only imitate the Western pattern. 

17. Program for 2nd caste: Kshatriyas, warriors, activists

• But we also need to make an educational call for the political elite: the fighters, the kshatriyas, the warriorsAnd they cannot be satisfied only with knowledge, they should put knowledge into practiceThey should participate in a special online educational program in order to create warrior knowledge — i.e. knowledge on how to fight our enemy. To do so, they need special qualities. We should restore the values of these kind of people who are potential heroes. They are totally excluded from postmodernity, from liberalism — they don't exist anymore. 

• It was not by chance that Western political modernity has promoted the eradication of the first two estates: the priests, and the noble aristocracies — the warriors. Capitalism came to destroy these two kinds of human personalities. Now, we've arrived to the last stage of eradication of Brahmans and Kshatriyas throughout the world. We need to help them restore themselves and fulfill their existential and metaphysical missions.

• So, we need to create a network for the modern Kshatriyas to fight liberalism, unipolar world order and Western political modernity — but not to fight each other. That is very important. The 4th Political Theory invites all Kshatriyas not to fight against each other — for example, Chinese against Indians, Indians against Pakistanis, Shias against Sunnis, Christians against Muslims, Africans against white people, or one nation against other nation. Because this is the strategy of liberals. They want to divide and rule (divide et impera) on our behalf. And when the spot some warrior spirit ascending in society, they try to manipulate it and orientate it against other potential rivals, competitors, or enemies of the open society. We shouldn't fall in this trap, either. We need to promote solidarity among all Kshatriyas of the world. 

• First of all, we should finish with globalism; and after that, we shall solve our mutual problem. But, this common network of Kshatriyas, warriors, heroes, is very important. We need to provide education for all these Kshatriyas based on solidarity between the warrior type of men and women. Because this type of human personality is distributed evenly among men and women. We should not be arrogant with women — we should rehabilitate the traditional dignity of women.

• In political modernity today, women are seen as goods, because the capitalist-materialist logic prevailsWe need to liberate women for their own destiny — which may be linked to the philosophical type. It is a rare case, but philosophy is rare, it is a very special feature of the human being. And, as Plato says, it is rarely found among men — but it is also rarely found among women. It is rare as such. Men who are totally devoted to philosophy and metaphysics are rare, but women who do so are also rare.

• We need to restore the dignity of women and give them access to the 4th Political education under the same conditions as menThe difference between the metaphysical structure of the soul is much more important than gender difference. So, after creating the Brahman education open to men and women worldwide, we should promote a network of modern Kshatriyas, also open to women, in order to fight against the modern world, and not among each other.

18. Program for 3rd caste: Vaishyas, peasants, countrymen

• But all that is dedicated to a small minority of the global population, because the Brahmans (the thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals) are rare; and the warriors — the real heroes — as well are rare. And what to do with the huge mass of population that is also the victim of liberals? What could we propose outside of this elitist approach? The main idea is to organize a third level of education for the absolute majority of the population, which should be linked to the restoration of the traditional family and the traditional way of living with agriculture. Peasantry is the answer.

• First of all, European peasantry was destroyed by capitalism. The people who intended to be third estate bourgeois were not representatives of the real third estate in the European tradition, because the third estate was precisely represented by the peasants. European peasantry — that was the third estate in European societies. It wasn't represented by traders. The traders were the parasites, intermediates between the higher classes of society and the huge ocean of peasantry. 

• We need to restore the system of self-sufficient agricultural societies based on small villages. The coronavirus lockdown has showed us how important it is to have access to nutrition to satisfy the simplest needs of people. This will be more and more important in the future.

19. Exit from cities: great return to the earth 

• We need to focus on this new tendency of returning to the earth, in which the majority of the population returns to the agricultural practice. We need to promote, help and support the exodus from big cities — that's very important.

• Big cities are artificial constructions of the modern West. Big industrial cities should be extinguished — the population should abandon them and live a real life on the earth, because only the earth gives us real life and real access to being

• We need to create a third level of education focused on the new peasantry. It can be online for people to join our 4th Political Theory network, but it should be organized outside of the big cities, on the basis of traditional families — without the perverts from big cities. 

• We need to go to the earth. And it doesn't mean returning to the past: it is the only way to save humanity from this real disease represented by posthumanism and new technology that tries to intervene in human genes, to transform us, to mark us with artificial substances in order to control and cancel our culture from our veins and our souls. We should fight against this globalization. 

• For the huge majority of the population, the 4th political theory proposes the return to the earth — that is, return to the people, return to the origins, return to the sources. It could be a movement of massive creation of agri-cooperation: agricultural communities linked throughout the world by the system and structure provided by the 4th Political Theory network.  

• We need to educate the new peasantry. We need to help them restore their native traditions, their roots, their ancestors, their cultures. Because agricultural life was full of symbolism and sacredness. Romanian traditionalist Mircea Eliade was a representative of this very rich peasant sacredness. He could be a representative of the third estate traditionalism for the new peasantry. We could develop this idea in our debate.

20. The People: main subject of the 4th Political Theory

• We should promote the people as the main subject of the 4th Political Theory, for the people always presupposes the relations with the earth — in the concrete, symbolic and sacred senses. So, Nietzsche's words "My brethren, stay loyal to the earth" should be taken in consideration. Because the earth for the people is the being — it is not an alienated substance to be used for material needs. The earth is sacred.

• This return to the earth from the cities, this abandon of the big cities should be an existential and metaphysical move to return to the being. The mission of the 4th Political Theory is to promote this process.

21. 4th Political Theory as open project and appeal

• We'd like to hear your opinions, point of views, suggestions, criticism.... The 4th Political Theory is not dogmatic — It is totally open. It is just theoretization. It is a process open to everybody to form a theory outside of liberalism and Western political modernity, with open ends. Each kind of civilization, each society, each culture seeks something very special that makes sense only inside of it, not outside.