Why fascism was (is) wrong?

Why fascism was (is) wrong?

(critics from 4-th Political Theory point of view)

1. It was Modern and dealt with the concept belonging to the Enlightenment philosophy. It is absolutely wrong: the Modernity is evil and falsehood. It was Modern political theory. Much better than other modern political theories, but still modern. Essentially. In all its aspects that were non-Modern, anti-Modern and Post-Modern it was not wrong.
2. It was eurocentric. Any ethnic group (we-group) is ethnocentric. It is quite normal. But to be eurocentric in the Modern Europe is the same as to be anti-European, because the european Modernity is not European at all. Being eurocentric in Modern Europe and against all other (non-European) societies judged retarded and sub-human means to be anti-traditional. The appeal to the return to the european (German, indo-aryan) roots was quit legitimate and good. But opposition of the deep identity of Europe to the identities of other societies (much less modernized than Germany of XX century) was absolutely wrong and unjustifiable.
3. It was based on little nationalism. So Germans against French's, Slaves and so on. It was wrong and many German thinkers and fighters supporting Hitler were against such position (including Leon Degrelle for example). German or Italian nationalism is one thing - finally little thing. Indo-European (indo-aryan) is other, much greater. The Sacred Tradition and the Third Empire of Spirit is the third thing, the greatest one. If little nationalism agrees to be embedded in the Indo-European context is good. When it stresses the inner differences it is bad. The same for Indo-European civilization. If it recognizes its sacred nature (Tradition) is good. If it conceives itself as goal in itself it is not acceptable and looses its legitimation.
4. It attacked the first political theory and second political theory simultaneously. That was main reason of its strategic and military defeat. On the ideologically level the same was the reason of its intellectual defeat. The rule (explicitly defined in the 4PT) is the attack on the communism is valid and legitimated ONLY AFTER the common victory over the liberals. Geopolitically speaking Land wins the Sea and only AFTER that its parts decide who is Heartland. If the inner struggle starts BEFORE the victory over first political theory (capitalism and anglo-saxon thalassocratic Empire of money and lie) or even if the communists are declared the enemy number one instead of liberals, the fascism helps the liberals to win and pushes the communists on the side of the MAIN EVIL. So the fascism was absolutely wrong here.
These four points are essential negative moments. There were other less important as the theoretical weight. There were some positive moments: anti-capitalism, anti-materialism and other anti-modern features. That is valid for real historic fascism with all its terrible and fascinating (for some) aspects. 
Today "fascism" consists only from weak and wicked points. It is fully reducible to these four moments: it is modern (as concept of Nation is Modern), eurocentric, chauvinistic and first anti-communist and only after (demagogically) critical of liberalism. It gathers all weak points of historic fascism and is completely devoid of any positive ones. That's why it is but a caricature. That's why it should be overcome and transcended. That's why it only serves as secondary weapon for liberals (as well as neo-leftists, anti-globalists and eco clowns - also the puppets of the capitalist masters). 
The fascism is semantically and historically exhausted. Its rests as self-parodies. Dawn with that. Let make one step ahead. 
The order of destruction (deconstruction) becomes now DOGMATIC: 

  1. Against liberalism. 
  2. When the liberals are dead and for sure, let us liquidate the materialist marxists (principal critics of Modern world by Guenon instead of radical critics of capitalism by Marx). When the Global Oligarchy will lay in the ruins we will need finish with reds. But before that point we are allies. Who call to fight left first are traitors. Fight first REAL ENNEMY. 
  3. When there are no more liberals and Global Oligarchy, there is no more marxists with their idiotic materialism and mechanistic determinism, with their imagined proletariat or worse "multitudes", with their unqualified egalitarianism and perverted mentally "intellectuals" and "degenerated art", we will exterminate finally neo-nazi fools. Only then but not earlier. But if any person of these three ideological camps would eventual change his (her) mind accepting our logic and our Fourth Path he (she) will be cordially welcomed. 
  4. It is almost impossible to pass from the first political theory to Fourth. It is the same as to be born again.

It is quite difficult to pass from the communism to the Fourth Path. But hate toward capitalism and discover of proper ethnic and cultural identity as well as anti-imperialist anti-hegemonic feeling and the love for justice can help much. In this case the communists above all national-communists are welcome.
It is much more easy for ex-fascists to make the next step on the basis of cold geopolitical and ideological analysis of the intellectual and political history of XX century and join Fourth Path. But if this step is not made the guilt of non-doers becomes greater than the stubborn attitude of fixed liberals or communists. They belong to the past. But if those who really dreamt of the future will loose the historical chance they will have no mercy. They will be destroyed last but their crime will be biggest. They should be regarded as traitors of our struggle.