Glory to general Suleymavni!

Asr program of Nader Taleb-Zade

Teheran 11.02.2020

The bloody and totally unjust killing of great general Suleymani, real hero of End Battle was the sign of this rage of Daddjal against the force of the Sons of Light.

To fall in Holy War of the End Time is not tragedy it is great favor and privilege.
But its is the sign that Dadjjal is frightened, he is afraid and become mad.
The blood of one hero awakes hundred new heroes who stand up in his place.
That is the law of God not of matter. So we consider general Suleymani to be pour own hero and venerate his deeds and his memory.
All world has remarked the red flag that was raised over Camkaran Mosquee – th unique monument erected not for the glory of the past but for the glory of the Future – for the Coming Imam, Imam Mahdi.
It is the call for global awakening not the revenge but for total mobilization of the forces of the Light.
It is our flag, the flag of the last Revolution, the flag of Resistance, the Flag of Resurrection.
So now is the moment to revival universal dimension of the Iranian Revolution, to revival of the great message of Ayatallah Khomeni.
The Zuhur is close and according to many hadith all the powers of real Christians and real Muslims will be assembled under the flags of Jesus and Mahdi.