Introduction to NOOMAHIA. Lecture 4. Logos of Cybele.

1. The Indo-European warriors invaded the sedentary people the major part of them were matriarchy society. Mary Gymbutas. Bachofen.
2. The concept of paleo-european. The European population before the arrival of Turanian warriors.
3. The major centers of matriarchal civilization were in Anatoly and in Balkans. There was ancient civilization of Cybele. The Mother Goddess had different names but the same Logos. The birth and death. So absence of features in the face and head of Goddess was sign that was of no importance. There was a Power of manifestation.
4. The Goddes was immanent, chtonic, earthly. The male figures were absent. But there were the beasts – mostly two on both sides of Great Mother. After they were transformed in the half beast half human. They were possessions of Great Mother.
5. The figure of Attis. There was female Androgyne Agdytis that has given birth to beautiful youth. Cybele has fallen in love with that youth. But he wanted to marry earthly woman. Jealous Cybele has put the madness on him. He castrated himself and died. Cybele has resurrected him. He is the priest of Her. The fate of man in the Cybelian world.
6. Other type of male figure in Great Mother world is Titan. It is chthonic creatures with serpent features aggressing the Heaven. Dragon.
7. Matriarchy is not the female version of male (Indo-European) domination. It is special type of society based on the euphimization, the use of euphemism. The death is life, the darkness is light, the pain is joy, the passive is active. Nocturne regime in Gilbert Durand sociology of imagination.
8. The peasantry. The peasantry was based on the power of Earth co create the stalk of wheat, the stem of plant. The first farmers were women working as birth attendant (doula) rather than fertilizer. The hoe not the plow was main instrument. No animal horse neither bull was used.
9. So the peasantry corresponds to the paleo-european matriarchy.
10.  When Indo-European invaders came from Turan to Anatoly and Balkans they have met with Great Mother – Chatal-Huyuk , Lepenski Vir, Vincha. That was the decisive moment of Noomahia. The struggle of heavenly gods with chtonic deities.
The result of battle is appearance of European peasantry. The Mother was dethroned and submitted. The mixed society arrived. F.Junger says the divine order is created on the tops of the defeated Titans. It is not on the void. It is based on the subordinate nature of Great Mother.