Speech on the 40 anniversary of Iranian Revolution (2020, Karaj/Alborz)

Dear Iranian friends! Brothers and sisters!
I wish to thank you for the participation in such important and symbolic event held in Islamic Republic of Iran dedicated to the anniversary of the Great Iranian Revolution.
For me personally in quite sincerity the figure of founder of modern Iran Ayatallah Khomeni father of Islamic Revolution is guiding star in spirituality, politics an geopolitics.
His revolution concerned and still concerns not only Iranians, nor Shiites, nor muslims, it has truly universal dimension – it concerns all humanity, all mankind, all beings.
Iran is the one and only example of the possibility and reality of the Return of Great Times, of the restauration of the sacred tradition in life, society, culture and politics right inside the godless chaotic world, dominated by perverted Modernity, wextoxication (as great Iranian thinker Ahmad Fardid called it) totally devoid of justice, freedom and dignity because of the satanic rule of the Daddjal clearly incarnated in the Modern Western hegemony and above all in Great Shaytan – United States of America.
The Iranian Revolution is obvious and marvellous at the same time proof that not only the fight and resistance against the Evil is possible, but the victory is possible also. And this proof is your country Islamic Republic of Iran that in spite of all pressure, sanctions and imposed limitations still continues to exists, to resist and to prosper in spiritual and material worlds.
Ayatallah Khomeni addressed all people of the world inviting them to join final battle led by Iranian Revolution against Western hegemony, capitalism, liberalism, secularization and degeneration of society in order to bring back justice and liberate all the oppressed ow the world. It is the call of the return to the very roots of Islamic sacredness, but it is not limited by the muslim world.
In his letter to last ruler of Soviet Union Ayatallah Khomeni wrote that after liberation from atheist godless communism Russia should not fall in the other trap – in the liberal version of the same decadent, materialistic, hedonist and perverted civilization into the trap of liberalism.
Coming out from the dominance of the lesser Shaytan Ayatallah Khomeni prevent us Russians from falling under the rule of the greater Shaytan, liberal capitalist West.
Instead Ayatallah Khomeni proposed to search the solution in ancient wisdom and spiritual teachers of humanity among which Ayatallah Khomeni cited only two names great Iranian mystic Sohrawardi and greatest sufi of all times Ibn Arabi.
The real alternative to ending communism in Russia in the eyes of Ayatallah Khomeni was the return to the Spiritual Orient, to the Origins, from the well of the Western exile to the oriental Fatherland of the Light.
Gorbatchov didn’t give attention for that letter and the consequences were terrible for our country.
Exactly as great Ayatallah Khomeni prevented us we have fallen in the trap of Western liberalism. We have almost died there if only Putin wouldn’t appear on historical horizon and saved in Russia all that was yet to save.
Ayatallah Khomeni suggest Russia to follow the real Revolution, Conservative Revolution, the great Return.
Russian spiritual Orthodox elders also prophesied the Great Restauration of the Holy Church and ancient tradition of Russia after the period of tribulation and atheistic rule and in front of the End Time.
So the main idea about approaching day of final manifestation of Mahdi, hidden Imam, the man of time has its very close equivalent in Russian spiritual culture.
In that sense the message of Iranian Revolution obtains new and very actual dimension for us Russians.
We should stand together with the awakened Iranians, awakened Shiites, awakened muslims and all awakened from other confessions and religions in order to participate on the same side in common struggle against Daddjal, the Lier which we call Antichrist and which is identified in the actual world in globalism, Western hegemony, global capitalism and murderous politics of United States of America with all theirs pawns, puppets and proxies.
The Iranian Revolution ids the revolt against modern World in favor of eternal truth and the coming age of the Restoration, Resurrection and establishing of global Justice. It is our common struggle – we have common enemy and we should feel ourselves as brothers in spirit and arms.
We see now how the rage of the Western globalists is growing in Middle East and elsewhere. It is because they see that they begin to loose.
They loose everywhere in Muslim worlds USA and NATO is universally hated.
In Russia we refute the liberalism and return to our Russian values – in society, politics, foreign relations.
China experiences now all aspects of trade war and diplomatic pressure and starts to fight back.
Africa has enough of colonialism and neocolonialism hidden under cover of globalization that it is just new name for submission, exploitation and subjugation.
The same for Latin America trying to break through USA yoke.
Common efforts of Russia and Iran with some important participation of Turkey quitting more and more Western camp in Syria shows haw strong can be the coalition that challenges the Western dominance and how victorious it can be.
Together Syrians, Russians, Iranians, Shiites form Lebanon, Iraq and other countries, but as well Turks we have save Syria from total destruction planned by the West, by Daddjal. And we have paid for that big price, we have lost our best men.
The bloody and totally unjust killing of great general Suleymani, real hero of End Battle was the sign of this rage of Daddjal against the force of the Sons of Light.
To fall in Holy War of the End Time is not tragedy it is great favor and privilege.
But its is the sign that Dadjjal is frightened, he is afraid and become mad.
The blood of one hero awakes hundred new heroes who stand up in his place.
That is the law of God not of matter. So we consider general Suleymani to be pour own hero and venerate his deeds and his memory.
All world has remarked the red flag that was raised over Camkaran Mosquee – th unique monument erected not for the glory of the past but for the glory of the Future – for the Coming Imam, Imam Mahdi.
It is the call for global awakening not the revenge but for total mobilization of the forces of the Light.
It is our flag, the flag of the last Revolution, the flag of Resistance, the Flag of Resurrection.
So now is the moment to revival universal dimension of the Iranian Revolution, to revival of the great message of Ayatallah Khomeni.
The Zuhur is close and according to many hadith all the powers of real Christians and real Muslims will be assembled under the flags of Jesus and Mahdi.
And all that will take place in ancient land of Syria and broader in Middle East.
So we need to give new life to Iranian Revolution that is still in its beginning. Now the time arrives to the second phase.
In front of us new battles – for liberation pf Iraq, of Arabian Peninsula, of Maghrib and of Holy Land.
Our enemy understands quite well eschatological aspect of the actual events.
They too are moved by the expectation of End of Time but in their false Zionist or protestant optics. The things are getting totally clear. Us and them.
Who we are? We are the sons of Light, the army of Jesus and Mahdi, the followers of the spiritual tradition, of the sacred East (Ishraq) and of Iranian revolution, the continuators of Ayatallah Khomeni, general Soleymani and Christian Saints and Martyrs who gave their live for the glory and eternity of the God of Heaven in the mortal combat against the false ruler of this world, against the dictatorship of poisoned flesh and iniquity.
God bless you! My sincere congratulations for Your great celebration of our common Revolution!