Dasha friend and sister

Dasha friend and sister

"The day was beautiful, exciting. I am happy. Lorenzo, we must have the courage to die for our ideas!"

I reread with a trembling heart these words, the last ones in our chat, dating back to that 20 August 2022. I have carved them in my heart as if they had been your testament, when returning from the Festival of Tradition you told me, as night fell, how it had gone; a few hours later you were barbarously murdered.

One year ago.

A year, friend and sister, in which I have felt you so much closer than before. It is the mystery of when you cross the dimension of this world. You have been present with all those who have known you, admired you, planted you. I have received so many testimonies of your sweet and discreet presence that we could compose a book on it. You were always here, beside me, every step of the way, not only when we dedicated memorials, lectures, publications to you, but every time our hearts soared to Heaven, every time the Logos burst into this world that supports wanting to incarnate itself in Radical Subjectivity in open hearts, every time I uttered the words "Eurasia", "Multipolarity", "Tradition", "Philosophy".

You were there before, when we exchanged philosophical messages and amusing photographs; you are there now, even at this instant as I write, more alive than ever, ready to lend your help and courage.

I could spend rivers of words commenting on the justice and injustice of what happened, but they would be in vain, because of divine plans we really know very little. Instead, I accept the value of your sacrifice, a true 'sacred doing' that gave itself to the extreme. Those who wanted you dead to instil terror and despair have instead consecrated you and made you what you were born to be: cartographer of the Multipolar World, martyr of Eurasia, feminine Radical Subject.

This is you now, Darya, Dasha.

I gather tears of gratitude for the short time we spent together, promising that your example will make new heroes capable of writing new myths flourish. Everyone will remember you.

Thank you, friend and sister.

May you receive that 'I love you' that I never had the courage to say to you.

Eternal memory!