Global Conference on Multipolarity and Fourth Political Theory

Dear friends! You are invited to participate 29 April in international conference on Multipolarity. It will last all day in order to cover space of the planet. Most welcome are people from those countries that are not too active in promoting multipolarity or rather we don't know well enough - Southern Asia, Africa, Oceania. We plan speaking any one on her/his native language. WE are the humanity. Not them.
We are proud to announce the Global Conference on Multipolarity and Fourth Political Theory, co-organized by Nova Resistência and Alexander Dugin.

Living and acting in the spirit of the Donbass

The spirit of the Donbass is the realisation of the Imperium, it is a paradigm of undivided theoria and praxis, it is a model but even more a categorical and binding archetype for conceiving, planning, concretising and realising the ideological clash of the culture war, that Kulturkampf through which the Italian and European world too will know and will want to free themselves from the global and unipolar oppression of American hegemony.

The Economic Personality

The concept of the “total laborer” as a source of economic history can be supplemented by the formula “economic personality.” Economic personality is a total (integral) worker. In this case, the focus is on the personality in its anthropological interpretation (primarily in the French school of Durkheim-Moss and the followers of F. Boas in the USA).

Prophecy Of A Theban Princess

Last fall, I had the privilege of reviewing Eschatological Optimism by the late Daria Dugina (1992-2022), a book I learned of thanks to a very good friend. Earlier this year, I was reminded by another great and lovely friend that a second posthumous Dugina book was forthcoming in English from PRAV. One simply cannot have enough literarily in-tune friends in this life. Nor can one get enough of Russia’s brilliant and ever-rising star of intellect and steely determination.

No more ideologies: it is time to choose the Imperium!

The Fourth Political Theory (4TP) is metaphysics of the Imperial Idea. Founded on the reality principle, on the restoration of Natural Law as the manifestation of Divine Order in the world and its natural hierarchies, the 4TP manifests itself as the glorification of the Imperium. The reality of Empire - which is not imperialism - is the ultimate metapolitical and political goal of the 4TP.

Multipolarity as a fact

Multipolarity as a fact

Multipolarity is a fact and not some falsifiable academic theory, especially by those who obsessively wish for a utopian unipolar hegemony of the USA. Events are running faster than the international system's adoption of the theory of a multipolar world. A theory first introduced into the international debate in its entirety by Professor Dugin, who created a global political movement. 

Without the Fourth Political Theory, multipolarism is an empty shell

True! Without the Fourth Political Theory, multipolarism is indeed an empty shell. In fact, if we take away from multipolarism its foundation, the one that has genially idealized and generated it, namely the Fourth Political Theory (4TP), then the multipolar idea will end up being the greatest deception of the 21st century, the double black, the Antichrist of which Alexander Dugin frequently speaks to us in his texts, in his magisterium, in his lectures, in his debates.