The Fate of the Sixth Column: When Will it End?

You’ve probably noticed that in Russia the campaign against the liberal fifth column is gradually gaining momentum. This is related to the consolidation of the status of foreign agents for a number of media outlets and individual figures. Increasingly, the authorities are resorting to a completely justified classification of a number of liberal and pro-Western groups that are actively acting in order to destabilize society as extremism. What for decades got away with Navalny, Roman Dobrokhotov and other radical anti-state figures are finally beginning to qualify properly. Like a crime. Working for the collapse of your country in the interests of the enemy powers is, of course, a crime. In all senses. And it must be followed by punishment.

The punishment is so far the mildest – for example, the requirement for spies to wear a special sign, “honorary spy.” And that’s all. Don’t be spies will not need to wear. Everything is simple here. Many people assume that this is all for the elections. Maybe, but elections are frequent in our country, so the pressure on the fifth column is growing – we will put some of them for these elections, and others for the next.

However, this is not important. With regard to the fifth column, the authorities seem to have decided. A course has been taken to eliminate it, or at least to make it as difficult as possible for foreign agents to do their subversive work. Faced with even mild measures – while they were simply scolded – many of them rushed headlong out of the country. And great. They are not dangerous there. And curators, in order not to waste money on used garbage, will soon unload them nowhere.

I’m not worried about the fifth, but the sixth column. These are liberals and Westernizers who occupy a high position in the state – in the hierarchy, government, economy. They are no better than the fifth column. They also consider Russia to be the periphery of Western civilization, they also despise the people and the state, they are just as cynical about Russian history and look forward to a return to the blessed 90s. That is, frankly speaking, the sixth column sleeps and sees the end of the Putin era. Here, probably, many fugitives to the West would not mind returning, taking part in finishing off the hated, but still, in spite of everything, a rather rich country.

The sixth column resisted Putin’s course for a long time, but little by little it was forced to endure it. And she even began to sluggishly and insincerely mutter something about the “Crimean consensus” … And now we see how the direct adherents of globalization, Westernism, liberalism, and world hegemony are changing their ideological positions. They are already dressing up as “patriots” and with all their hearts are in favor of sovereignty. And even if they do not do this, and continue to confront – like Chubais, Kudrin, or Gref, then nothing is directly opposed to Putin, preferring to act on the sly.

However, he believes that the sixth column was re-educated, there is no reason. There is a continuum between the sixth and fifth columns. They have common values, common cynicism, common goals, and common curators. It’s just that the fifth column is a small change. And the sixth is the real resource of the West in terms of influence on Russian policy. Yes, Putin is constantly tearing down this influence, putting obstacles to him, but since the 90s, the conductors of Western – globalist, American – hegemony in the Russian elite have settled down and have become firmly entrenched. With the exception of the siloviki and a number of real and convinced patriots, the Russian elite is the sixth column. This whole network is connected with great crimes and great betrayal.

One by one, as Putin is doing so far, revealingly, by punishing or sending the most odious and daring founders across the border, of course, this network cannot be dealt with. Moreover, Putin is doing it in a measured manner and without haste. Once according to Berezovsky – Khodorkovsky in several years. And those who do not stick out are not touched at all. But as a result, the sixth column hisses, spits, accepting more and more patriotic rules of the game, but remains in its key positions.
Against the background of the beginning of the cleaning of the fifth column, the sixth column still continues to feel safe. Here the calculation is as follows: to buy time until the end of Putin. Then, in their opinion, the hour of the lawsuit will come. The envelopes from Washington will be picked up in the tabs, printed and the instructions will be checked out. The scenario is not difficult to imagine: either a liberal successor who will voluntarily begin to weaken and destroy the country, or another turmoil and unrest.

The sixth column in power is incomparable with the Russian future. It’s good that the fifth column is being put in place, but without a serious study of the sixth, this will not be particularly effective. It is necessary to hit the headquarters, not the tails.

However, it depends on what the authorities want to achieve. If a strong and free sovereign Russia is confidently entering the difficult period of the transfer of power – and sooner or later this moment will come, then it is time to take up the sixth column seriously. And for the release of steam, small agents are enough. Which is good in itself, but not enough.