The accession of Belarus to Russia (especially in its current state) is not an option. Not for Belarusians, not for Lukashenko, not for Putin. Everyone needs, if not the West (and this is definitely not the West), then something new - with a future, with hope, with meaning, with a horizon. Best of all is a radically new state - the Continental Union. With Idea, justice, life, spirit and the triumph of the national element. And to invite Ukraine to him - not to enter the Russian Federation with its monstrous elites, oligarchs and scoundrels, but to create a new state for all Belarusians, Ukrainians and Great Russians -based on three Russian identities, Kievan Rus, Polotsk Rus and Vladimir-Moscow Rus. The Eurasian dimension will add Kazakhstan and the rest of the continental countries and peoples - which they want. You say an impossible utopia, dreams, fantasies. Utopias come true. Humanity lives with fantasy. But if we do not do this, we will continue to slide into a dead end.

After all, today not only Lukashenko and the whole of Belarus are at an impasse ... Are we perhaps at an impasse !? And Kiev !? After all, to be honest, no one knows what to do next. It became clear to

everyone (except for enemies and traitors) that the West was not an option. But the status quo is not an option either. Postponement of the decision. After all, none of us - neither Minsk, nor Moscow, nor Kiev - has an image of our own future. It should have been. So you need to imagine it and move towards embodiment. We obviously live in an era of disasters.

There is no time for long thoughts. We need a Great Continental State - with a Russian (in the broadest sense, white and small and large) core.