High Formation academic course: The Fourth Political Theory

High Formation academic course: The Fourth Political Theory

The course aims to offer an in-depth understanding of the Fourth Political Theory of the philosopher, sociologist and political scientist Professor Aleksandr Dugin, a well-known contemporary Russian thinker. His theory, which is of great interest worldwide, offers many highly topical insights and is proposed as an alternative and solution to today's problems. Students will come into contact with the Fourth Political Theory by getting to know its founding elements, political and ethno-sociological philosophical thinking, theory and praxis, the original instrument of Noomachia with its geopolitical meanings and metaphysics for a new humanity.


Module 1: Introduction to the Thought of A. Dugin

  1. Philosophical premise: three tools for approaching the thinker
  2. Who Aleksandr Dugin really is
  3. Global transition: the paradigms of history according to Dugin; Plato for Russia between geopolitics and philosophy
  4. The Alchemy of the Political: The Alchemical Reading of Dugin's Philosophy
  5. Postmodern processes: the new task of philosophy
  6. The myth of the cave and the mission of Dugin's political thought

Module 2: Platonic Dugin, Political Dugin

  1. Plato's political thought in Dugin's doctrine
  2. Traditionalism, Platonopolis and Diabolopolis, the metaphysics of the new world
  3. Noologians, the three logoi: Dionysus, Apollo, Cybele
  4. Noomachy, the war of the nous and logoi
  5. Dawn of the Radical Subject: the superman, the differentiated individual, radical subjectivity

Module 3: The 4TP between theory and praxis

  1. Political Metamorphosis in History: liberalism, communism and nationalism
  2. Modernity and Postmodernity: dictionary of post-modernism, deconstruction of democracy, the egg of the world
  3. The Da-sein heart as a key element
  4. The Fourth Political Theory: gender, praxis, Eurasianism as political philosophy, new existential theory of society
  5. Noomachy of the Radical Subject as Platonic Political Pragmatics

Module 4: Pre-Future Horizons, Metaphysics of Chaos and New Age Ontology

  1. The metaphysics of Chaos: riding decadence; thinking chaos and the Other Beginning; a new horizon of metaphysics; the new metaphysics of postmodernism
  2. The anthropology of the New Age: the archaeo-modern; thinking non-dualistically; sunset as inverted aurora
  3. Notes on Duginian critique: the postmodernists, the globalists, the transhumanists.
  4. The myth of Er: night as universal possibility; the midnight sun
  5. Beyond Dugin: the challenge of a new world

— Il course is conducted in cooperation with the Popular University "Darya Dugina" in Moscow!

The lectures will take place online, once a week for two hours. Students will be provided with the necessary materials and recordings of the meetings.  Surprise guests will speak to make the in-depth study of the thought of the so-called 'Rasputin of the Kremlin' and 'Putin's ideologue', a great philosopher and political scientist whose theories underpin the current multipolar global change.

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