No more ideologies: it is time to choose the Imperium!

The Fourth Political Theory (4TP) is metaphysics of the Imperial Idea. Founded on the reality principle, on the restoration of Natural Law as the manifestation of Divine Order in the world and its natural hierarchies, the 4TP manifests itself as the glorification of the Imperium. The reality of Empire - which is not imperialism - is the ultimate metapolitical and political goal of the 4TP.

One does not arrive at Empire through Revolution. The Revolution is infernal, the Imperium is solar. The Revolution is the first-born child of Modernity and is antithetical to the Imperium because it is horizontal, infernal and gloomy. The Empire is descended from divine Fatherhood, from ancient and medieval sacredness; it is vertical, Edenic, solar. Revolution and Empire hate each other because they start from two irreconcilable principles.

Revolution is subversion, subvertere: to turn under/reverse/revolve, and revolvere: to turn, revolve/revolve continuously, a turning back to the rebellion of the fallen angels. Empire, on the other hand, is authority, peace, stability, harmony, prosperity of the peoples - tranquillity in order, as Pope Pius XII would say -, from Imperium and imperare: that is, to command by the grace of God (divine right) and the will of the People (natural right), coupled with a strong commitment to war against Evil and its associates.

Empire does not come through Revolution, even if it is conservative. Empire is not Revolution but is Revelation, Divine Revelation (Apokàlypsis). For if, as De Maistre stated, 'the Counter-Revolution is not a revolution, but the opposite of the Revolution', then Revelation is the death of the Revolution and the triumph of the Imperium. Lucifer is the affirmation of the Revolution, the diabolical "Non serviam!" which then becomes incarnate in human history. The Archangel Michael is the principle of the triumph in Heaven of Revelation, the "Quis ut Deus!" that crushes Lucifer and prepares the return to earth of the Divine Order of the Imperium, and at the end of time the coming of the King, the Christus Rex venturus: no longer therefore counter-revolutionaries fighting revolutionaries, whites fighting reds, but the prophets of Revelation, or rather the Radical Subjects fighting the Revolution.

The Revolution is plunging into becoming, into the panta rei, where everything flows in the perennial mutation that spins towards the death of souls and peoples, in the stirring in the mud and sewage of the now deadly liquid postmodern society. Revelation is the opening to Being, it is the Event(Ereignis) with which the philosopher Martin Heidegger attests that the contemplation of Being towards Being that takes place in the Being-us(Dasein) is the beginning of the new philosophy; a philosophy that runs towards the Imperium that is the life of the soul and of peoples and is the return of the Sacred, of Religio, in which God and man walk together again side by side, and peoples in the multi-polar diversity of creeds and faiths renew their alliance with the Divine.

Indo-European and Caucasian peoples, such as that of Chechnya, may they be an example to us in the perfect integration of faith, ethnicity, warrior vocation and belonging to the Russian Federation, which they experience and feel as belonging to a great Empire. One can no longer be communist or fascist or liberal and be imperial at the same time. No one prohibits people from venerating and commemorating their fallen, giving a damn about any homegrown anti-fascism and anti-communism. Moreover, as Alexander Dugin states, it is necessary to keep alive the social, corporatist and anti-capitalist aspects of communism and fascism - once de-ideologised - just as the foundation of individual freedom must be preserved of liberalism: these are all natural aspirations and foundations that over the centuries have enabled peoples to counter, through often losing action, first monarchical absolutism with its caste egoisms, and then the economic capitalism of the bourgeoisie that has devastated the world and destroyed peoples by turning them first into anonymous masses and monadic individuals, and now into atomised 'dividends' with no lasting social ties.

But in the face of History's final hour, in the face of the total liquefaction of societies, politics and human beings caused by the Postmodern era, which has marked the collapse of these ideologies and the definitive satanic appropriation of human space, wanting to continue to be 'reducists' and 'nostalgic' means being part of the globalist game and belonging de facto to the kingdom of Evil, as we are shown by the alleged Ukrainian neo-Nazism, a creation skilfully exploited by liberal totalitarianism as it was already the case with ISIS. The vertical and aristocratic asceticism of a metaphysical and metapolitical order, which Julius Evola, among others and most significantly, points out to us, is not only a battle of the spirit, a submission of the ego to the Self in order to liberate the soul through meditation and the fight against the deadly vices, but is above all a war of the mind.

This war of the mind must be experienced by us fiercely and without discount, in order to remove all that is reductive and nostalgic in us, not only from an emotional point of view, but above all on an intellectual level, where error is manifest and does not allow a transit in ideal continuity from fascism and communism towards the Imperial Idea. By studying the Fourth Political Theory in depth, through the rich supporting Duginian cultural overview ranging from Multipolarism, fundamental Ethnosociology, Æthernal Politics, the irreplaceable Noomachy and the metaphysical, theological and angelological treatment of theAntichrist, we will have a complete overview and will gradually be aware of what still stands in the way of our full membership of the Imperial Idea, which is mainly given by the following elements: materialism, atheism, racism, ethnocentrism, imperialism.

Let us conclude in this regard and to stay on topic with a thought by Alexander Dugin, which appeared on 16 April 2024 on his Russian Telegram Channel, following an attack by the Ukrainian and British intelligence services on the Ivan Ilyn Higher Political School he headed at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Moscow State University of Humanities. The secret services involved managed through Internet channels and agents inside Russia to create a PsyOp, mobilising several university students of neo-communist tendency, who staged a very well organised protest, claiming that the great philosopher Ilyn was a collaborator of the Germans during the Second World War - whereas he was only persecuted by them - and that therefore this School must be closed. This, represents a direct attack on the Eurasianist, imperial and traditional Russian teaching and thought of Prof. Dugin, who replies thus:

"(...) We still have many objects bearing the name of Lenin and other Bolsheviks. This is part of our Russian history. But in our history there were other authorities, thinkers and great public figures: supporters of the Empire, Orthodoxy, monarchy and popular traditions. No one should be allowed to defame their blessed memory. And they prevailed for long centuries, not just for a few very particular decades, with very problematic results.

The Bolsheviks began with the betrayal of the fatherland and the destruction of the state and ended with the same. Between the beginning and the end there was an incredible rise, linked to the achievements of our people, but also to enormous sacrifices. All developments in the historical dialectic must be treated with care and sensitivity. And of course there is still an uncritical inclination towards Bolshevism, which has long since disappeared from politics and ideology. It is like a phantom pain, an acute but impotent nostalgia.

I think the definition given by the great Russian poet Nikolaev Gumilyov of his position is much more relevant today: 'I am a traditionalist, monarchist, imperialist and pan-Slavist. I have a Russian character, formed by Orthodoxy'. Ivan Ilyn could have said the same thing about himself.

And I can say the same about myself - I would just like to make it clear that I am not an 'imperialist', but a 'supporter of the Empire', and not so much a 'pan-Slavist' as a 'Eurasianist' -.

But Gumilyov is wonderful, sincere, open, brilliant and... brutally shot during the Red Terror. It would be better if the Left did not remind us of all this.... He will become more expensive'.

So enough of ideologies, enough of reductivism, enough of nostalgia: the time has finally come to choose the Imperium. And Julius Evola, in the words of Alexander Dugin, is the Morning Star of this new Imperium, from Iberia to Siberia, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, from Rome to Moscow, from the Holy Fatherland Italy to the Holy Mother Russia: it will be the Empire of the two-headed Eagle, of the Imperial Eagle, it will be the Empire of Europe, it will be the Empire of Eurasia!