Post-men or post-humans?

When a man stops being a man, he does not become a woman. When a man stops being a man, he does not become a beast.

Here the matter is very complicated. He who betrays his own sex falls below the critical line, the boundary that demarcates both sexes.

The post-male betrays both sexes simultaneously. We are dealing with a monster, a dangerous and unpredictable degenerate, who is not a 'woman' at all, even to think so is an insult.

With a woman, however, it is a little different. The true structure of her gender is peculiar and poorly understood, and concepts such as loyalty/ betrayal (which describe the male attitude quite clearly) do not apply directly to her. There is (should be) a special language to describe women and their logic, a secret, or as yet undiscovered, language. There are no post-women. They were invented by post-men, and there are no feminists, there are victims of a dangerous and cynical experiment. They are simply pitied, like the lame crow.

There are post-men and they are to blame for what they do and what they become. Everything around them begins to rot, to decay, to slide into dissolution. When they are few, they may still have a place in culture: in exotic marginality, eccentricity, extravagance, but as soon as post-masculinity becomes a serious trend, it turns into a highly contagious deadly virus. If given free rein, they will destroy everything around them.

Something similar happens to those who lose their human image. Here it is even more evident. Such people do not turn into beasts: beasts, even if predatory or repulsive, are organic, harmonious and never do anything that is not justified and predestined by their nature. In this they are beautiful, even when they are extremely dangerous or annoying. We recognise this by respecting animals, both domestic and wild. Post-humans, on the other hand, are very different. they cut ties with our archetype, but they do not enter into an ontological contract with beasts. Man cannot become a beast, that is beyond his powers, and above all he does not and cannot have the innocence inherent in every beast. That is why post-human beings are also monsters, perverts and degenerates. In ancient times they were called 'chimeras' or 'sheddim'. There is a version that they are the ancestors of monkeys, but monkeys are harmonious, organic and fascinating. I believe this version is false. Let us not offend the apes.

Post-humans undermine the human being just as post-humans undermine sex - sex as such. Post-humans, by giving in to humans, are also doing irreparable damage to the nature of beasts.

Environmentalists (mainly deep ecologists in the spirit of steampunk or cyber-feminism, Donna Harraway's Cthulhuzen) are a type of post-human. Unable to be human, they try to become mice or jackdaws, but in doing so insult rodents and birds. Environmentalists are enemies of animals and hide the face of subverted maniacs under the guise of animal protectors.

Today's liberals are mainly made up of post-humans and post-men. Liberalism is a kind of post-ideology in which thought, idea and morality have all fallen below the critical line, which is why modern liberals attach so much importance to gender politics and deep ecology. They are dragging humanity into the ocean of full-throttle degeneration. If they need a nuclear war to create monsters of cellophane waste, algae and computer circuits, sooner or later they will. What is in the mind of a sodomite or a digital environmentalist is beyond the criteria of normality. Hence the mutations imposed by global elites through the infosphere, comedians, virtuality, social media, drugs, the modern urban lifestyle (urbanism is one of the most important tools of forced mass degeneration).

Consider this: in Georgia, a moderate government proposed a foreign agent law, just like in the US. The foreign agents immediately rebelled because they feared they would not be the only ones to decide who is an agent and who is not. The same is true for the post-men and women: having seized power, they themselves impose the criteria of what is the norm, what is woke and what is not, and what should be abolished (deleted). Today, what was the gender norm in many European countries yesterday is already a crime, tomorrow the violation of the rights of a computer or a spectator ant could be grounds for outright imprisonment, and the loudest cries about human rights come from those who hate human beings. Likewise, feminism is just an aggressive and extremist version of radical misogyny. The situation is complicated by the fact that the next turning point in history requires a true apology of man (of gender in general) and of the human being as such, in order to remain at least where we are.

Today, however, this is exactly what is categorically forbidden by the elites, even in our society, so much so that post-humans and post-humans have taken root there, and contrary to the 'traditional values' enshrined in Decree No. 809, liberals still dominate in Russia as the legislators of the dominant paradigm, the episteme. In fact, the Russian elite is directly sabotaging the President's decisions on a return to normality and without this reversal, there can be no real apology.

This is what we are facing at the moment. We are at war with a liberal, globalist civilisation, but we remain almost entirely under its ideological control. The war is in its second year and there is total sabotage, contrary to what the President has said and done. That is the problem. Perhaps it is not a question of how to win, but how to start a real war.

War is an affair of men. War is an affair of men. First of all, both must be justified and put the other in his place.

Seek the man! Seek the man, that is what we must absolutely do.

But do you hear how disturbing that sounds?! We already have mental programmes built into us that do not even allow us to think in this direction and they are working. We are actively and intensely demasculinated and dehumanised and those who resist are relegated to the margins, to the obscurantists, branded with the most disgusting labels and then killed.

Translation by Lorenzo Maria Pacini