The Pseudo-Religion of Oil and Gas

Amid ongoing attacks on Nord Stream 2 and the advancement of the green agenda, gas prices in Europe continue to break records. Now the cost of a thousand cubic meters of natural gas is already $ 1500. This means that it has risen in price by 5 times over the past two years. Analysts predict: and this is not the limit – in winter it can reach up to $ 2,000. At the same time, Europe is already requesting coal from Russia.

One could certainly sarcastically say: here’s Greta Thunberg and a green turn. But I will not do that. It is worth talking about deeper things: what good is an industrial civilization based on oil and gas? What is good in industrialization and the triumph of machines and mechanisms? What good is a technical civilization that cannot live without a black thick liquid obtained from the corpses of small creatures that died many millennia ago and from dense underground air with an unpleasant odor and dire consequences for the world in which we live?

In modern times, humanity has entered the era of machines. Oil and gas, has become the main production, subjugated people. For us, Gazprom or Rosneft and similar structures abroad have become formulas of a new sacredness. Gas and oil are the ultimate truth, a measure of being, a volume of power. The whole story comes down to Booty and we are ready to admit it and bow to it. All wars are wars for resources. The oil comes first (Über alles gas).

Don’t we find it all disgusting? In the oil and gas civilization, all values ​​become black as oil and smell foul like gas. These are the colors and smells of the underworld – the rivers of hell and the smell of sulfur. In his dark visions, Yegor Letov in the album “Russian Field of Experiments” shrilly shouted “Eternity smells of oil” This is Svidrigailov’s eternity, protracted and never-ending areas of eternal damnation – where time drags on like meaningless black streams of oil. Without purpose and grace.

And why are we happy with this rise in gas prices? Of course, it is patriotic and noble to be on the side of your country. But the country – its authorities, and elites – must have a meaning, there must be an idea, ethics, and aesthetics, there must be the truth. An oil or gas country with petrodollars and gas rubles – with the gray faces of Gazprom officials as an example of what “life is good” means – this is not very attractive. It’s even humiliating. It is wonderful when we rejoice in the Cross, victory, ingenious work, happy families, and healthy blood and milk for children. But the whistle of sulfuric air in the gas pipeline, which will be burned and thrown into the atmosphere by European inhabitants and migrants – no, it cannot be objects of national pride. It shouldn’t.

Therefore, we need a different civilization – not technical, but existential, ontological, aesthetic, human, and superhuman. It’s not about ecology. Those who designed and created this technical world, today decided to rebuild it for new needs. Not a single word of the ecologists hired by Soros and other globalists can be trusted. The green economy is pure sabotage. It aims to pollute humanity even more. BUT, first of all, weaken the competitors of the global West and puts them at a disadvantage. Yes, that’s all true. But one should not succumb to a primitive dilemma – either the Sorov networks and the Great Reset of the green economy, or applause for the rise in gas prices in Europe.

Prices will rise well. But just to help us do something beautiful and sublime? Let’s create beauty and help those in need? Will we finance research into the Russian Logos and support rural communities and small parishes?

Of course not. All the same Gazprom officials and the rest of the completely degenerate elite will build their new cities from ugly tasteless and pathologically expensive cottages. And that’s all.

The mere squandering of natural resources is no alternative to subversive and thoroughly deceitful green economy projects. The economy should not be green, but human, cultural, spiritual. She must obey and serve the highest values. The Russian economist Sergiy Bulgakov insisted: the economy should be creative, in labor a person exalts himself, creates a good and wonderful world together with God according to His commandments. Bulgakov called it Sophia, the Wisdom of God. She is the true subject of the economy. The economy must be excellent and sublime. And it does not boil down to the Big Reload dilemma or $ 1500 per thousand cubic meters.

Man’s goal is to raise the world, to let Heaven freely drop its rays onto the dark earth. The modern economy is the economy of hell. But ecology is not an alternative to it. The alternative is Sophia.