Speech by Lucas Leiroz at the Global Conference on Multipolarity, 29 April 2023


Christos voskrese! Christ is risen!

Dear friends, colleagues, brothers and comrades,

my most sincere gratitude to each of you for this event. As a member of Nova Resistência, I’m immensely grateful to Professor Alexandr Dugin and his team, the International Russophile Movement and the Chinese friends of the Thinker’s Forum for making this event a true pillar for the construction of the Multipolar World.

I think this conference is precisely the model we want of a new world. Often, people think Multipolarity means ideas such as isolationism and less integration between nations. But this has nothing to do with Multipolarity.

In recent decades, we were led to believe that liberal globalization was the greatest advent in human history, integrating peoples, cultures and civilizations in a world of greater mutual respect between people and a greater level of tolerance for differences. But we know this is a lie.

Globalization is a false concept. It has never existed as in academic terms. "Globalization" is nothing more than "Westernization". And we only use the word "globalization" precisely because the West has somehow become "global".

With the end of the Cold War and the victory of the US, we absolutely lost the geographical and ideological perception in our minds. Liberalism has become nature itself. And the West became the globe itself. What was once ideological became normal and natural. What was once modern western civilization became global civilization itself.

But it didn't take long for us to remember the words of Proudhon and Carl Schmitt: whoever invokes humanity wants to cheat. In the years following the victory of the capitalist West, wars of aggression and invasions of all kinds began around the world. Wars were waged in the name of what they called “humanity” and so we, non-Western peoples, realized very quickly that we were not really members of that "global civilization", of that "humanity". We realized that globalization was not peaceful, but a violent process of forced domination of all peoples, guaranteed by wars and terror.

And it was at that moment that we understood we were alone. That the western powers would not come to our rescue and save us of the misery and chaos to which they themselves have subjected us. It was also then that we realized that to overcome such situation we needed to unite, cooperate with each other, and rewrite the history of nations.

This awareness that we, non-western peoples, only had each other made us gradually recognize that everything we had been taught was wrong. It made us see that we did not live in any global civilization without borders, but in a determined physical, geographical space, filled with our symbols, our language, our culture, our religion.

It made us acknowledge that we were not the outsiders of a global union called "humanity", but that we are true humanity, in the full sense of the term: the qualitative harmony of all peoples. And only then were we able to begin our march towards freedom.

This march is above all mental and spiritual. Our war starts in our minds and our hearts. It is there that we must free ourselves from the main western chains. And until this is done, we will not be able to face the physical battles properly. As long as we are colonized in our minds and spirits, no matter how much our countries have some kind of formal sovereignty, we will remain hostages to our oppressors.

I consider this event, therefore, the result of this human consciousness that we are developing. The result of the Great Awakening, which makes us realize that in fact we, not them, are Humanity.

So, this is precisely what I mean by Multipolarity. The human awakening. The awareness that we are together in a war against those who want to subjugate, colonize and annihilate us. That is why we must always be together, united, integrated and exchanging perspectives and knowledge. We have a lot to learn and gain from each other. And this conference is proof of that.

We know that ideas only are not enough and that there is also a physical war. We know that right now our heroes are sacrificing their lives on the battlefield to fight for Multipolarity. And we honor their necessary work beyond everything. However, we must also have in minds that this is a mental and spiritual war and that our philosophers and saints are the number one enemies of the globalists.

Thank you all.