“We Live in the Era of the End”: An Eternally Relevant Interview with Daria Dugina

“We Live in the Era of the End”: An Eternally Relevant Interview with Daria Dugina

In January 2013, Open Revolt was very happy to publish the following conversation between the Eurasian Youth Union’s Daria Dugina and our very own James Porrazzo, founder of New Resistance.

Daria, the daughter of one of New Resistance/Open Revolt’s favorite revolutionary philosophers, Alexander Dugin, in addition to her work in the Eurasian Youth Union was at the time also the director of the project Alternative Europe for the Global Revolutionary Alliance.

Now, nearly 6 years later, Open Revolt is more than pleased to present an improved English  language version of this eternally relevant interview.

Times, movements, and signboards change. But eternity and the Holy War remain.


Daria, you are a second generation Eurasianist and the daughter of our most important thinker and leader Alexander Dugin. Do you care to share with us your thoughts on being a young militant this deep into the Kali Yuga?

We live in the era of the end – the end of culture, philosophy, politics, ideology. This is a time without real movement. Fukuyama’s gloomy prophecy of the ”End of History” is turning out to be a kind of reality. That’s the essence of Modernity, of the Kali Yuga. We are living in the momentum of Finis Mundi. The arrival of the Antichrist is on the agenda. This deep and exhausting night is the reign of quantity, masked by tempting concepts such as Gilles Deleuze’s Rhizome: the pieces of the modern Subject changes into the ”chair-woman” from the “Tokyo Gore Police” (post-modern Japanese film) – the individual of the modern paradigm turns into the pieces of dividuum. “God is dead” and his place is being occupied by the fragments of individual. But if we make a political analysis, we will find that this new state of the world is the project of liberalism. The extravagant ideas of Foucault, seemingly revolutionary in their pathos after more scruple analysis, show their conformist and (secretly) liberal bottom which go against the traditional hierarchy of values and aim at establishing the perverted “new order” where the summit is occupied by the self-adoring individual and atomistic decay.

It’s hard to fight against modernity, but it is surely unbearable to live in it, to agree with this state of things, where all systems are changed and traditional values become a parody, in addition to being purged and mocked in all spheres under the control of modern paradigms. This is the reign of the cultural hegemony.

And this state of the world bothers us. We fight against it – for the divine order – for the ideal hierarchy. The caste-system in the modern world is completely forgotten and transformed into a parody. But it has a fundamental point. In Plato’s Republic, there is a very interesting and important thought: castes and vertical hierarchy in politics are nothing but the reflection of the world of ideas and the higher good. This model in politics manifests the basic metaphysical principles of the normal (spiritual) world. By destroying the primordial caste system in society, we negate the dignity of the divine being and his Order. Resigning from the caste system and traditional order, as brilliantly described by Dumézil, we damage the hierarchy of our soul. Our soul is nothing but the system of castes with a wide harmony of justice which unites the three parts of the soul (the philosophical – the intellect, the guardian – the will, and the merchant – the lust).

By fighting for tradition, we are fighting for our deep nature as human beings. Man is not something granted – he is the goal. And we are fighting for the truth of human nature (to be human is to strive to super-humanity). That can be called a holy war.

What does the Fourth Political Theory mean to you?

It is the light of truth, something rarely authentic in these post-modern times. It is the right accent on the degrees of existence – the natural chords of the laws of the cosmos. It is something which grows up on the ruins of the human experience. There is no success without first attempts – all of the past ideologies contained in them something which caused their failure.

The Fourth Political Theory is the project of the best sides of the divine order that can be manifested in our world – from liberalism, we take the idea of democracy (but not in its modern meaning) and liberty in the Evolian sense; from communism we accept the idea of solidarity, anti-capitalism, anti-individualism and the idea of collectivism; from fascism we take the concept of vertical hierarchy and the will to power – the heroic codex of the Indo-European warrior.

All these past ideologies suffered from grave shortcomings – democracy with the addition of liberalism became tyranny (the worst state-regime according to Plato), communism defended the techno-centric world with no traditions and origins, and fascism followed the wrong geopolitical orientation and its racism was Western, Modern, liberal and anti-traditional.

The Fourth Political Theory is the global transgression of these defects – the final design of the future (open) history. It is the only way to defend the truth.

For us, truth is the multipolar world, the blossoming variety of different cultures and traditions.
We are against racism, against the cultural and strategic racism of the USA’s Western modern civilization, which has been perfectly described by professor John M. Hobson in The Eurocentric Conception of World Politics. Structural (open or subliminal) racism destroys the charming complexity of the human societies, both primitive and complex.

Do you find any special challenges as both a young woman and an activist in this age?

This spiritual war against the (post-)Modern world gives me the force to live.

I know that I am fighting against the hegemony of evil for the truth of the eternal Tradition. It is obscured now, but not completely lost. Without it nothing could exist.

I think that any gender and age has its forms to access Tradition and its ways to challenge  Modernity.

My existential practice is to abdicate most values of the globalist youth. I think we need to be different from this thrash. I don’t believe in anything modern. Modernity is always wrong.

I consider love to be a form of initiation and spiritual realization. And the family should be the union of  spiritually similar persons.

Beyond your father, obviously, who else would you suggest young militants wishing to learn our ideas and study?

I recommend becoming acquainted with the books of René Guénon, Julius Evola, Jean Parvulesco, Henry Corbin, Claudio Mutti, Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein (as for Traditionalism); Plato, Proclus, Schelling, Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, E. Cioran (as for philosophy); Carl Schmitt, Alain de Benoist, and Alain Soral (as for politics); John M. Hobson and Fabio Petito (for International Relations); and Gilbert Durand, Georges Dumézil (sociology). This is the basic “starter kit” of readings for our intellectual and political revolution.

You’ve spent some time living in Western Europe. How would you compare the state of the West to the East, after first hand experience?

In fact, before my arrival to Europe, I thought that this civilization is absolutely dead and no revolt could be possible there. I compared the modern liberal Europe to a swamp with no possibility to protest against the hegemony of  liberalism.

When reading the foreign European press, seeing the articles with titles such as “Putin – the Satan of Russia”, “The Luxury Life of Poor President Putin”,  “Pussy Riot – the Great Martyrs of the Rotten Russia” – this idea was almost confirmed. But after a while I found some political anti-globalist groups and movements in France – like Égalité et Réconciliation,  Engarda, Fils de France, etc., and everything changed.

The swamps of Europe have transformed into something else with the hidden possibility of revolt. I’ve found the “other Europe”, the ”alternative” hidden empire, the secret geopolitical pole.

The real secret Europe should be awakened to fight and destroy its liberal double.

Now I am absolutely sure that there are two, absolutely different Europes: liberal decadent Atlanticist Europe and alternative Europe, which is anti-globalist, anti-liberal, and Eurasia-orientated.

Guénon wrote in the The Crisis of the Modern World that we must distinguish between being anti-modern and anti-Western. To be against modernity is to help the Occident in its fight against Modernity, which is constructed on liberal codes. Europe has its own fundamental culture (I recommend the book of Alain de Benoist, The Traditions of Europe). I found this alternative, secret, powerful, Traditionalist, other Europe and I put my hopes in its secret guardians.

We’ve organized with Égalité et Réconciliation a conference in Bordeaux in October 2012 with Alexander Dugin and Christian Bouchet in a huge hall, but there was no place for all the volunteers who wanted to see this conference. This showed that something is beginning to move…

Concerning my views on Russia, I’ve remarked that the greater part of European people don’t trust media information, and interest in Russia is growing, as can be seen in learning Russian, watching Soviet films, and how many Europeans understand that the European media are totally influenced by the hegemonic Leviathan, liberal globalist machine of lies.

So the seeds of protest are in the soil. With time they’ll grow up and destroy the “society of spectacle.”

Your whole family is a great inspiration to us here at Open Revolt and New Resistance. Do you have a message for your friends and comrades in North America?

I really can’t help but admire your intensive revolutionary work! The way you are working – in the media – is the way of killing the enemy ”with its own poison”, using the network-warfare strategy. Evola spoke about that in his excellent book Ride the Tiger.

Uomo differenzziato (“the differentiated man”) is someone who resides in the center of modern civilization but does not accept it in the inner empire of his heroic soul. He can use the means and arms of Modernity to inflict a mortal wound to the reign of quantity and its golems.

I can understand that the situation in the USA now is difficult to stand. It is the center of hell, but as Hölderlin wrote, the hero must throw himself into the abyss, into the heart of night and thus conquer the darkness.

Any closing thoughts you’d like to share?

Studying in the Faculty of Philosophy and working on Plato and neo-Platonism, I can remark that politics is nothing but the manifestation of the basic metaphysical principles which lay in the foundation of being.

By waging political war for the Fourth Political Theory, we are also establishing the metaphysical order – manifesting it in the material world.

Our struggle is not only for the ideal human state – it is also a holy war for reestablishing the right ontology.