KATEHON : Russia against antichrist

Over the past decade, the concept of the "Russian World" has gradually begun to establish itself in Russia as a distinctly Russian ideology, historically and civilizationally rooted, and characterized by an Orthodox Christian eschatological vision.

The concepts of "Katehon", "Moscow as the Third Rome", and the « symphony of powers", represent, in a way, the three metaphysical, historical, and eschatological pillars of this worldview.

Ignoring these dimensions amounts to not understanding Russian geopolitics and the imagination that drives this millennia-old people, which the events from 2014 in Crimea and then in Ukraine, have only awakened. The "Russian spring » is the awareness of this imagination, particularly through an uncompromising opposition to Western hegemony and the reign of the Antichrist.

With the participation of :
- Alexander Dugin: Philosopher
- Natalia Tanchina: Historienne
- Sergueï Panteleev : Historien
- Karine Bechet Golovko : Analyste politique
- Xavier Moreau : Analyste stratégique
- françois Mauld d'Aymée : Artiste Français