Against Great Reset. Towards Political Culture of Great Awakening

Against Great Reset. Political culture  of  Great Awakening

What is the "Great Reset"? Prince Charles' Five Points
At 2020 Davos Forum, its founder Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles of Wales proclaimed a new course for humanity — the Great Reset. The plan, announced by the Prince of Wales, consists of five points:
1. Capturing the imagination of humanity.
2. Economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, which should lead to the start of the "sustainable development".
3. Transition to an oil-free economy at the global level.
4. Science, technology and innovation should receive a new impetus for development.
5. It is necessary to change the structure of the investment balance. The share of green investments should be increased.
This program has actually become the ideology of the global liberal elite. Joe Biden and his administration arrived at the White House under these slogans.
If we discard the humanistic rhetoric and the emphasis on ecology (which is exactly Prince Charles' fad), then the program of the new globalization phase and the international elite`s plan of action in the Biden era are reduced to the following.
1. It is necessary to completely subordinate the consciousness of humanity to the liberal-globalists` ideas. This is achieved through their full control over the media, social networks, education, culture, art, where new laws are established – gender policy, glorification of minorities — sexual, ethnic, biological (elevation of bodily ugliness to the ideal of beauty and harmony) ones. At the same time, national states are demonized, and their supranational structures, on the contrary, are praised in every possible way.
2. "Sustainable development" (the Club of Rome project) involves a reduction in the world's population (as the growth limits are reached). Hence the link to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the WHO warning about the likelihood of new pandemics.
3. Refusal of oil is intended to strike a blow to the economy of Russia, a number of Islamic countries and Latin American countries (primarily Venezuela), which are the mainstay of the multipolar world order. The same tactic was used by the United States in the last period of the USSR, which artificially lowed the price of oil.
4. "Technological development" means further digitalization with the introduction of total control and supervision over citizens, transfer of a number of functions to the "strong Artificial Intelligence", acceleration of bioengineering technologies, mass production of robots, promotion of genetic mutation projects and crossing of species projects (as well as "crossing" of people and machines).
5. It is necessary to continue and accelerate the deindustrialization of the economy, moving the accumulated financial bubbles into the vague and opaque sphere of "ecological production" with the simultaneous monetization of the environment itself and its transformation into capital.
At the same time, globalists believe that the Democrats` arrival at the White House and demonization of Trump and the conservatives who supported him create ideal conditions for a new round of globalization and implementation of this program. Moreover, globalization has obviously stalled in recent decades, and the alternative multipolar order based on the rise of independent civilizations — Russian, Chinese, Islamic, and so on — has gradually become an irreversible reality. Therefore, the globalists simply don`t have a historical time: either now or never.
This is the "Great Reset". And it has started.

Brief History of Liberalism

If we look at the main stages of the liberal ideology, we will understand that the "Great Reset" is not something random and transient. Globalization is the logical result of the world history, as understood by liberal thought.
Liberalism is an ideology that focuses on the liberation of the individual from all forms of collective identity.
This started with the Protestant Reformation and the abolition of the medieval estates. The result was a bourgeois society where everyone was equal — only in theory and in terms of starting opportunities though. But it was a great advance in the liberals` eyes.
The modern nation-states emerged on the ruins of the European empire and the power of the Pope – again, individuals (only in the form of states) were freed from the collective identity (Catholic and imperial ones). But the liberal progress didn`t stop there.

The philosophers Locke and Kant described the "civil society" project, where the nation-states were to be abolished. Individuals could theoretically do without them. Thus arose the philosophy of cosmopolitanism, which presupposes abolition of nation-states and (as an ideal) creation of the World Government. This was the birth of globalism – albeit in theory.
Adam Smith formulated the foundations of liberalism in economics, pointing out the international nature of the market. In this liberal theory, the capitalism development presupposed the gradual death of states and, in the end, the complete replacement of politics by the economy, that is, the market.
The critical theory of Marxism emerged in the nineteenth century, which contrasted liberal individualism with the theory of classes. The idea of progress was seen differently here, although the Marxists also agreed on the need for the death of states (internationalism).
In the twentieth century, ideologies of extreme nationalism (fascism), challenging both liberalism and communism, were born. They put the principle of the nation (the state for the fascists, the race for the National Socialists) first.
The defeat of fascism in 1945 removed this ideology from the agenda, and the image of the future was disputed between liberals and communists. This was the ideological meaning of the Cold War.
In 1991, the liberal West finally won. The USSR collapsed, and Communist China embarked on the path of market development.
It was then that the "end of history", that is, the final victory of liberalism, was proclaimed.
However, on closer inspection, it turned out that the liberals didn`t abolish two types of collective identity — sexual (gender) and human proper. This means that new obstacles stood in the way of liberal progress. That is why since the 90s of the twentieth century, gender policy has come to the fore. Its meaning is not just tolerance for perverts and radical feminism that restores gender equality. According to liberal progressives, gender should become a matter of individual choice — as previously religion, profession, nationality, and so on. Otherwise, "progress" will slow down. Hence the transgender and gay couples in the Biden administration. These are the norms of political correctness are the signs of victory over the conservative turn that almost happened under Trump.
Now democracy has come to be defined as the power of minorities, directed against the majority (obviously a "criminal" majority that`s able to choose Trump or ... Hitler at any time under the influence of populist sentiments). Trump desperately tried to defend the old understanding of democracy, but was overthrown. He was canceled — as did all the other figures, movements, and entire countries standing in the way of the "Great Reset" - the last stage of the liberalism movement to its historic triumph.
And the liberals have the last problem ahead — the abolition of humanity, the posthumanism policy. Liberation from collective identity requires the abolition of gender and species. Liberal futurologists are already praising the new possibilities of posthumans — merging with the machine will multiply the strength of the body, memory and sharpen the senses; genetic engineering will end diseases; memory can be stored on a cloud server; humanity can connect with the machine and achieve immortality.
The "Great Reset" is the triumph of liberal ideology in its highest stage, in the globalization stage.
And all those who disagree with such an agenda are declared "enemies of the open society". They are invited to voluntarily surrender. Otherwise, the entire progressive world — with its limitless finances, military-technical potential and inexhaustible ability to control the "imagination of humanity" – will fall on them.
So, the "Great Reset" is the last chord of human progress, as it is understood by liberal thought. Now all of humanity is free — free to be liberals.
But it should be noted that at the same time it is not free not to be liberals. If an "illiberal" or "insufficient" liberal is noticed somewhere, the punitive system is launched automatically.

Great Awakening

During the fierce election campaign in the United States, Biden's supporters – adherents of the "Great Reset" – used all means against their opponent Trump, including prohibited ones. They didn`t even disdain to apply the "color revolution" methodologies, that were previously exported, within the United States. Such determination on the verge of a foul speaks volumes about how high the stakes are. Globalists are well aware that if their defeats and failures continue to get accumulated, the entire five-hundred-year history of liberalism will collapse. A multipolar world – to which Trum, being critical of globalization, intuitively gravitated – left liberals no chance. So they threw off their masks, abandoned the "old democracy" principles and pushed Biden into the White House, regardless of any decency, procedures and rules.

Trump's supporters have known what a powerful and maniacal force they are dealing with since his first election campaign. The Democrats, driven by the logic of globalism, were willing to sacrifice traditional American institutions and the democracy itself. And this is what the Trumpists have been warning about since 2016.
Of course, it is difficult for ordinary citizens to realize the whole sinister background of the liberal ideology, which consistently and consciously leads to the destruction of humanity, to its "overcoming". It's hard to believe, it's not easy to get to the truth. Especially for those who were brought up under the influence of liberal democracy, within the capitalist system and under the deep introduction of a globalist culture. And yet the epiphany begun.
That was how the thesis of the "Great Awakening" was born. This slogan was put forward by Trump's supporters, who became the first victims of the new coming liberal totalitarianism. Their initiatives were immediately censored, their social media accounts were eliminated, and even references to them were purged from the systems of the tech giants – Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook.
At first, this affected only the most strident opponents of the globalists and Trump`s supporters. But as the election campaign was heating up, more and more broad circles became victims of the cancel culture and deplatforming. Until the globalists finally applied their methods to the current US President himself – Donald Trump.
This was the moment of the "Great Awakening". Now the true nature of the globalists has been realized not only by the most astute and irreconcilable, but also by huge sections of American society.
Those who voted for Trump are almost equated with the "fascists" in the established liberal dictatorship. This is how the laws of the "Great Reset" work: anyone who is not with us is a "fascist", and it is possible — and even necessary! - to deal with a "fascist" in the most cruel way. And this time, this category includes not only real conservatives, who have always had ideological claims to liberals, but also liberals themselves, ordinary American citizens, who didn`t have time to adjust to the new criteria of "liberal progress". They have not yet understood that freedom is the freedom of minorities, and the parameters of this freedom — that is, what can be said and done, and what absolutely can`t be done (the norms of political correctness) – are strictly set by the liberal elites.
The "Great Awakening" is the realization that modern liberalism in the globalization stage has turned into a real dictatorship, has become a totalitarian ideology that denies — like any totalitarianism – the right to have a different point of view from the dominant one.
This is very similar to the beginning of a new civil war in the United States. But this time its camps are different: the "Great Awakening" supporters against the "Great Reset" supporters.

On the eve of a great confrontation

The United States is the world's leading power. What happens there concerns all of humanity. The victory of Joe Biden and the "Great Reset" architects behind him means that the world has entered a new phase. The globalists are determined to see through what they have consistently failed to do over the past two decades. First 9/11, then Putin, then China under Xi Jinping, then Iran, then Turkey, then Trump. And if the failures continue, globalism risks finally collapsing. The "Great Reset" should come now or never.
And many liberalist-oriented elites in various countries — both in the West and in the East (including Russia, of course) – will be mobilized by globalism to take an active part in the "Great Reset" project. This means that both an external and an internal front is being opened against the supporters of multipolarity, sovereignty and a polycentric world order. And here start the external pressure from democratic Washington and the NATO under its control and the internal sabotage of the fifth column and liberal elites within the administrative structures of states.
The beginning of a series of regime change operations, a new wave of "color revolutions" and the manipulation of regional conflicts should be added to that. Now the entire flywheel of global sabotage of those who hasn`t taken the side of the "Great Reset" will work at full power.
It is obvious that Russia — at least Putin's Russia, sovereign, independent and free Russia – belongs in the ranks of the "Great Awakening".
In order for this to become an irreversible fact, it is necessary to make a last effort. Half of Russia woke up 20 years ago. And then it started a difficult, but generally successful (although prolonged) return to history as a subject of world politics, and not its object (as in the 90s of the twentieth century). But the space for compromise with the globalists is completely exhausted. We have only one option — to wake up completely and not just take an active part in the "Great Awakening", but — what would be desirable and worthy of the scale of our history and our spirit — to lead it.

Translation by Cyril Strelnikov, blogger, political observer