Global Conference on Multipolarity and Fourth Political Theory

Dear friends! You are invited to participate 29 April in international conference on Multipolarity. It will last all day in order to cover space of the planet. Most welcome are people from those countries that are not too active in promoting multipolarity or rather we don't know well enough - Southern Asia, Africa, Oceania. We plan speaking any one on her/his native language.

Humanity it's us. Not them.

We are proud to announce the Global Conference on Multipolarity and Fourth Political Theory, co-organized by Nova Resistência and Alexander Dugin.

The conference will be held in 29 april.

In the event, important intellectuals from the entire world will be given a chance to speak about those very important topics revolving the rise of Multipolarity and the necessity of a Fourth Political Theory.

The event will feature names of great international relevance, such as Professor Alexander Dugin, Leonid Savin, Maram Susli (Syrian Girl), Alexander Markovics, Israel Lira, Enrique Refoyo, among many others.

More details will follow soon, along with the list of participants and the link to watch the conference.


World Online Conference on Multipolarity

Today the fate of humanity is being decided. The unipolar architecture of the world is giving way to a new alternative model of world order. It is commonly referred to as "multipolarity". Acknowledgement of a multipolar world order is stated explicitly in official documents and strategic declarations of such countries as China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua. India, as well as many Islamic countries - Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, and, more recently, Saudi Arabia and the UAE - are increasingly inclined to do the same. Multipolarity is enthusiastically supported by most countries in Latin America and Africa.
In western countries, in the US and EU, while the elites are generally disposed to preserve the unipolarity of the 1990s and maintain hegemony (and this is called globalism), there are more and more movements, organizations and public figures who also stand for a multipolar world  order, where the western civilization will certainly find its rightful place.
The multipolarity is built on the recognition of the equal right of all peoples and cultures to go their own way, to build their own socio-political, economic and cultural systems. And liberal ideologists with their formal call for decolonization and democratization of international relations should only like this. However, in reality their attitude is exactly the opposite. Globalists and supporters of the liberal New World Order categorically reject multipolarity, continuing to insist that only the liberal elites themselves have a monopoly on the ultimate truth. They pretend to have “the right” to establish international norms and rules, to implement their own epistemogiess and principles, to assign in any conflict who is right or wrong, aggressor or victim. Western elites are not going to give up a unipolar world order, appeared for time being in the early 90-s of XX century and called - somewhat hastily – “the end of history” (F.Fukuyam). And in multipolarity they see the main danger for themselves: after all, history will continue, and each civilization will have the opportunity to fully develop its potential.
Multipolarity is not simply fidelity to the Westphalian system based on the recognition of national sovereignty. Many modern nation-states are but legacy of the tragic colonial era or an instrument for the promotion of their interests by the major world powers. Therefore, multipolarity is possible only as a balance of "big spaces," continental states that unite different peoples and political entities on the basis of belonging to a particular civilization - Chinese, Russian, Islamic, Indian, Western European, Latin American, African, etc. So we have in front of us the system of Civilization States (Zhang Weiwei). This is why it requires creative effort from all proponents of multipolarity - to imagine this coming, new and better world order, to propose its outlines, to formulate its ideological principles - beyond the obsessive Western New Age ideologies (such as liberalism, nationalism, etc.).
To launch the debate on multipolarity on a global scale, collective of intellectuals from Latin America (Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, etc.) took the initiative to hold a World Online Congress. It was enthusiastically embraced by bright intellectuals from Europe, Russia, China, India, the Islamic world, the United States, Africa and Asia.
The first session of the Multipolarity Congress will be held on April 29.
Participants are invited to speak for up to 7-10 minutes. It will be symbolic if all speakers speak the first few phrases in their own language, and then switch to whatever language they feel is more accessible to the audience they are addressing. At the end of the Congress, all the speeches will be transcribed and translated into the main languages of each of the civilizations.

⚠️ The conference will happen on 29 April, in native languahes of each speaker (with subtitles in english), online and live, upon inscription on the following formulary: