Living and acting in the spirit of the Donbass

The spirit of the Donbass is the realisation of the Imperium, it is a paradigm of undivided theoria and praxis, it is a model but even more a categorical and binding archetype for conceiving, planning, concretising and realising the ideological clash of the culture war, that Kulturkampf through which the Italian and European world too will know and will want to free themselves from the global and unipolar oppression of American hegemony.

The spirit of the Donbass now lives on in the bowels, minds, hearts and souls of its fighters where, according to Vladimir Putin and Alexander Dugin, amid drones, artillery, aviation and volunteer corps, the new ruling class of the imminent and future Russian Empire is being formed. Yes, because in that land the Empire already breathes among its Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and primordial warriors, and there God blesses the philosopher and the artist, the schoolmaster and the worker, the intellectual and the peasant, the professor and the clerk, the priests, the monks, the hermits, the mullahs, the muezzins, the bodhisattvas, the gurus and shamans, choosing from all of them the future imperial ruling class based on merit, skills, heroism, altruism, courage, faith, and no longer on recommendations, flaccid routine, or the destructive, anti-human, subversive spirit of totalitarian liberalism.

The spirit of the Donbass is the new metapolitical archetype that must be exported and spread throughout the world, it is a spirit that goes far beyond the destructive passion of the Revolutions of Modernity, because the spirit of the Donbass is an eschatological, apocalyptic spirit, it is the spirit of Revelation, the only divine-human force that can realise the Imperium. So no longer proletarians or patriots or libertarians, but now, in the name of God: Imperials of the world, unite!

But, first of all, the spirit of the Donbass must be metabolised inwardly by every good and faithful supporter of the Fourth Political Theory (4TP), structuring it to the continuous and tireless struggle against the unbridled passions, i.e. the deadly vices, fighting them tenaciously and asking for the help and intercession of the Divine in this. For it must be the Spirit of God and no one else who guides their souls of Radical Subjects to the construction of the inner Imperium, descending into the hell of the death of their ego to give birth to the divine Self that is Love. The hell of war is in fact an inner condition before being a political, social and finally military struggle, and the ripest fruit of the spirit of the Donbass is our transformation into the Radical Subject, victor over God and nothingness, on a par with Jacob's struggle with God, described in the book of Genesis in Chapter 32, 23-31:

‘During that night he arose, took his two wives, his two slaves, his eleven children, and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. He took them, made them cross the stream, and carried all his possessions across. Jacob was left alone and a man wrestled with him until dawn broke. Seeing that he could not overcome him, he struck him in the joint of his femur and Jacob's femur joint dislocated as he continued to wrestle with him. The man said: 'Let me go, for the dawn has broken. Jacob replied: ‘I will not leave you, unless you bless me!’ He asked him, ‘What is your name?’ He answered: ‘Jacob’. He resumed: ‘You shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have fought with God and with men and you have won!’ Jacob then asked him: ‘Unveil your name to me’. He answered him, ‘Why do you ask my name?’ And there he blessed him. Then Jacob called that place Penuèl: ‘Truly,’ he said, ‘I have seen God face to face, and yet my life has been saved.

In the spirit of the Donbass we finally see the first military-political concretisation inspired by the Fourth Political Theory, where the sense of struggle for world liberation from the unipolar sting and the eschatological battle for planetary freedom of a new equitable and multipolar world order find fulfilment and realisation in the Special Military Operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. It is not only a conflict to annex Novorossija to the Russian Federation, thereby protecting its historically and linguistically Russian inhabitants from Ukrainian neo-nationalist and neo-Nazi fury, but it is above all a spiritual war of an eschatological order to widen the Russian border to all those who oppose unipolar globalism and the corruption of that satanic and fluid Postmodernity, which wants to definitively erase the traditional multi-ethnic and multi-faith reality on which the Russian spirit has stood for more than a thousand years, precisely from the moment when through baptism it definitively embraced the Orthodox Christian faith.

From the spirit of the Donbass we can no longer escape, it has forever changed all the inner, interpersonal, social and metapolitical balances of the Italian and European national-popular area by imposing a choice of field: either for a worldwide liberation struggle from political and economic financial globalism alongside Russia by embracing its imperial and multipolar vision, or for the maintenance of the current unconscious or conscious servitude and enslavement - as in the case of Ukrainian nationalism - to the anti-human and shamelessly satanic liberal totalitarianism that is implemented through the Yankee imperialist unipolarism across the Atlantic.

By now there is no peace nor should there be any more peace against liberal totalitarianism in Italy and Europe, in an Italy that gloats over its Atlanticist and Atlanticist choice, which however since 1945 until today cleverly disguises under false pretexts of freedom, the hard lex of slavery against the American military, territorial, political and economic presence in our country, with its woke cultural degradation and LGBT moral corruption. An Italy enslaved to the will of the US and NATO, which sponsors the war in Ukraine by sending weapons, military experts in the pay of NATO, volunteers in the Ukrainian nationalist militias, openly violating the Constitution, where it is said in Art. 11 of its Fundamental Principles: 'Italy repudiates war as an instrument of offence against the freedom of other peoples and as a means of settling international disputes; it consents, on equal terms with other states, to the limitations of sovereignty necessary for an order that ensures peace and justice among nations; it promotes and encourages international organisations aimed at this end'.

Inspired by the spirit of the Donbass, it is urgently necessary to promote a total cultural war capable of overturning the current asymmetry in favour of Power. Above all, it is essential to produce a new metapolitical synthesis and a new basic political strategy, in which Gramscian analysis of Power can be combined with D'Annunzio's audacity, Leninist strategy with Gandhian non-violence, von Clausewitz's and Sun Tsu's art of war with passive civil resistance, electoral abstentionism with civil demonstrations and the peaceful occupation of schools and universities, the thirst for social justice with the tax strike and the return to monetary sovereignism, love of country with distrust of the now corrupt parliamentary democracy.

The movementism that will emerge from this new active phase of multipolar populism will have to express a democratic, hermetic organisation, closed to any infiltration by Power, which will attempt to encircle, penetrate, infiltrate, mock and finally conquer it in order to make it fall back into the fold of reflux into Power and the heterogenesis of ends and then extinguish it, leaving it as an empty shell on the beach of the countless victims of Power itself. As has already happened with the League, the 5 Star Movement, and Fratelli d'Italia, which already represented in historical progression the three souls of Italian Populism: the federalist line, the multimedia web line, and finally the sovereignist one, the latter (FdI) currently governs the country in full submission to the will and power of the Atlanticist Gog and Magog, in pure servitude as the first of the class in the performance of its assigned tasks, but treated as the last wheel of the wagon in the G7 international assembly.

To avoid all this, the new organisation that will emerge from the multipolar populist movementism will have to raise a generation of cadres on the solid foundations of the doctrine of the Fourth Political Theory and cooperate in a broadly shared democratic centralism in the spirit of the Round Table and the mens de la Dieta, venerable and always innovative typically Indo-European institutions. It is binding for its certain success and to prevent it from being swallowed up by Power, that this organisation be absolutely impermeable to representatives of previous parliamentary party militancy, as well as to members of the mainstream even if borderline or of its minority, as well as to men of culture of any humanistic discipline and entertainment compromised or already part of the enclave of Power, of its economic-financial expressions and of the institutional regime, avoiding dialogues and frequentations with them, but only being available to possible discussion tables on specific issues and negotiation tables in the implementation of civil resistance for the sake of populist movementism.

Only civil resistance in the spirit of the Donbass - and not new electoral adventures or parliamentary seats in Italy and Europe - will be able to open the eyes of the European People, drugged by the excesses of welfare and the ecstatic multimedia hypnosis with which Power has enslaved it in the most total qualunquism and moral degradation of sensual seduction and pornolatry. As well as to empower it through multi-polar populist movementism, about the events that it will be able to continue to put in place - such as the recent European farmers' revolts and the previous ones of the Gilets jaunes - in an organised manner through the alliance of social categories, to overthrow the transnational oligarchies of power that annihilate the peoples, and thus definitively overthrow the tyranny born from the principles of the French Revolution.