The metaphysics of information warfare

The metaphysics of information warfare

The global information war is now in full swing. Several versions of reality are clashing with each other more and more openly. Societies and individuals choose for themselves which reality to believe in. And then they live in it.

If we consider the "old way" in the spirit of classical materialism, there is only one reality. Only its descriptions and interpretations differ. That's why they presume that some people lie and others tell the truth. The roles can change. The whole question is whom we believe in such or such circumstances.

But that's not the case. Reality itself - as phenomenologists and structuralists know  - is a product of human consciousness. There is no reality outside of it, and the residual purely external elements are not charged anymore with being or meaning. Therefore, in the information war, it is not just interpretations that collide, but the facts themselves.

There is more than one reality - as many structures of consciousness (collective, of course) as there are realities. Not only evaluations of the facts, but the facts themselves. Materialists and people staying far from philosophy are not ready to accept this. Their belief in a reality independent of consciousness is unshakable. And as long as it is so, they will remain victims of information warfare, not those who are its masters.

Consciousness creates reality.

In the unipolar globalist world, only one consciousness is recognized by default - liberal and Western. It is this consciousness that constructs reality - not only what is good and what is bad, but what is and what is not. Multipolarity is an act of asserting the sovereignty of other consciousnesses, different from the Western. Which means that reality itself becomes polycentric. Information constitutes what we perceive as being. That is why neither the military nor journalists should be at the center of information warfare, but first of all philosophers. Sovereignty is first and foremost a question of the mind. Sovereign is the one who is the independent and final master of the construction of reality.