Multipolarity: Greater Eurasia vision

Multipolarity: Greater Eurasia vision  -- Discourse in Thinkers Forum (Beijing 02.07.2019)

Map of Unipolar world (UPW) is

Map of Multipolar world (MPW) is

Acceptance of Russia-Eurasia as independent pole is here crucial. The sovereignty of Russia that is what make world multopolar. But the main essence of multipolarity is the fact that Russia alone is not enough to transworm UPW into MPW. Four Poles - USA, EUROPE, CHINA and RUSSIA are sufficient to establish MPW. India comes next.The MPW grant independence to other potential Poles.

MPW is based on the principle of multiplicity of Civilizations. It is real substantial diversity.

Today at least two poles of multipolar world are explicitly present : Russian (political will, geopolitics, territory, weapon, strategy, resourсes) and China (economy, political unity, cultur, ethics, social justice, geopolitics)

Poles under construction

  • USA, accepting multipolarity (or at least political realism) can be third pole
  • (may be most powerful one)
  • India have demographic, economic and political condition to form other pole
  • EU refunded on the ground of European civilizations
  • (outside of globalist ultraliberal ideology) – Populist Europe – can be another pole
  • Islamic societies can create other Pole (or rather few particular Muslim Big spaces -- 1. Maghreb/Middle East - Arab, 2. Turkish, 3. Persian (shia) 4. Pakistani, 5. Indonesian) 
  • Latin America integrated can be considered as potential pole (Bolivar-Peron projects)
  • Pan-African Union is another candidate

The main principles of multipolar world order

  • Philosophically: real pluralism, diversity, multitude of subjects
  • Anthropologically: inclusive humanism, multinaturalism
  • Geopolitically: complex system of regional powers (Gross Raum)
  • Economically: free trade without (neo) liberal dogmatic
  • Politically: diversity of political systems (dependeing on historical traditions of each people)
  • Culturally: positive acceptance of different identities

Historical challenge for Russia and China:
construction of Multipolar World Order (MWO) based on global cooperation, peace and justice

We need to begin forming the philosophy of multipolarity that should replace the liberal globalist theory (end of history, Western hegemony, world capitalism, unipolarity and so on)

The basis of the MPW is Russia-China multipolar allience. If there is such allience, MPW exists already today. Russia is one of the two major nuclear powers. China is one of the two major economic powers. If we unite Russian and China in multipolar allience, MPW is already here. India joins immediately after. Entrance of India and Pakistann in SCO is symbol of great importance.

BRI project wnen it includes Russia, is precisely the decisive step toward this multipolar allience. Putin recently suggested to link to BRI Northern Polar Road. So BRI goes eurasian.

Putin said liberalism is obsolete:

  • If you agree we need concentrate on Multipolar Idea
  • If you disagree you have no future