When the average man is horrified with descriptions of heinous crimes with mutilations, dismemberments and nightmarish details, it is understandable. Less understandable is, why he loves, passionately loves to be horrified by this, implicitly, but insists on more and more horror, more and more dismembering operations, to shudder for the thousandth time reading gory details - severed heads, shaked out insides, extracted wombs, extruded eyes, separated bones, ears, which were slashed with a razor, genitals, lying a few steps away from their former owners, etc. It is clear that Chikatilo [1] is an internal concept, that he intimately expresses some obligatory, intimately close figure, inextricably linked with the depths of the unconscious. It is not a person, it's a fetish, it is a sign, it is the voice of the human psyche. Crime - particularly a terrible crime - resonates with human nature, with its fundamental layers. Therefore, crime and psychiatry are inextricably linked.
Separation of criminals on the sane and the insane – is a pure social convention. If a maniac is capable of clear rational activity and an excellent command of himself, this does not mean that he cannot have at the same time an expressed, so violently asserted spiritual world, that in certain situations deep archetypes do not overwhelm him with his head, plunging him into the power of ancient cosmological elements, pushing on the actual commission of that what was the content of the ancient myth.
And in contrast, an explicit schizophrenic, unable to make a little bit of a reasonable suggestion or consistent grammatical construction, at the time of the infernal crime not rarely finds a striking clarity of mind, which he is so painfully, so cruelly, so fatally and painfully deprived of in ordinary situations. One in this case is killed and the other just medically treated. This makes sense only in a simplified social daily life, where we can’t do without coarsened definitions and approximate maxims.
In fact, everything is much, much more complicated.
Crime - unconscious - mythology - religion.
This circuit can not be terminated artificially.
Where does one end and the other begin?
The source of religion - "the story prior to the expulsion of the forefathers from Paradise" - is a Crime. 
The development or the curtailment of Crime, preparing for it or living (outliving) of its consequences, is the fact of all mythology - from classical to the archaic.
And all this – is not an abstract data of historiography or description of bygone eras. All this exists in the psyche of specific people, our contemporaries and is not going to disappear anywhere from this beloved place - from the "topos" of the soul, which, in fact, consists of vapors of the criminal body and seals of repentant mind at war with it.
Chikatilo is a contemporary of Dionysus. Companion of the Egyptian god Seth, accomplice of great mysteries of the Hindu gods who have sacrificed and dismembered Prajapati - the first man. 
In the drama of the psyche, in the sacrament of crime, in the assimilation of the myth - there exists no time. Mirrors of representations, complex mechanisms of piled contextual distances, mountains of conventional slices of culture - it all dissolves in the wet-real, awakening, mind-blowing act of a particular crime.
Mystics can only wonder about his visions. Scientist, faced with dizzying mysteries, calms himself with that it's all in the past. Artist reduces the intensity of the mad revelation, by separating art and life.
The offender has no shelter. He is one-on-one with naked existence. And in front of him with a terrible clarity a fact of committed, of the implementated – the bleeding fruit of his hands. Nowhere to run, nothing on which to write off. Unable to wake or sober up. Awakening and sobriety are so total.
What have I done! – roars from inside. 
I did it! - presses a plate on the heart. 
I managed to do it! - triumphs a dark whirlwind from the depths of inner world. 
The beast in us – is not a metaphor. More terrifying than a jackal, more insidious than wild cats, more dirty than lunar pigs of Hecate, more bloody than gehennas, more insidious than the linx. It's not just a beast. This is Man-Beast, Therion.
Mega to Therion.


It is incorrect divide criminals on the sane and the insane. We we have already said this. It is also incorrect to divide the protagonists of crime on the victim and the murderer.
Do you think it does not hurt to kill? To tear stinking flesh, not disgusting? To torture others, naively fallen into your hands, not scary?
Everyone knows about the "Stockholm syndrome". When the hostages take the side of the terrorists. Less well-known (as witnesses often silent eternal silence) are permanently recurring situations in which torture the victim becomes aware of himself as an executioner and morally rejoices, even voluptuously mocking the tormentor.
Mythical drama, very reminding of the scenario of roles in a sexual act. Imitation of violence, imitation of sacrifice, gradually turning into something opposite. Roles are changing, change the positions of bodies.
Allegedly pain (and just pain) creates pleasure (or allegedly pleasure).
Man gives up part of his organism, but in ordinary life it is called by the inverse formula.
As an erotic act, crime is rooted in the mystery of origin of the world, the basic layers of anthropo- and cosmo-genesis.
The offender and the victim are found in a mysterious conspiracy, in symbiosis, in the special unique relationship. The one who will kill, and the one who will be killed, taken outside the social conventions, as both now, are just about, to finally and irrevocably cross the line in one direction.
They get not nowhere... Rather, it’s this nowhere gradually turns from black darkness of horror in a particular mysterious, magical space outside of time, where scenery, things, decorations acquire an absolutely new meaning. 
Repeats the great drama of creation, based on - Victim, murder, slaughter, dismemberment.
The victim becomes the foundation of a new world. Executioner, artist of the cosmogonic mystery, dying with whom he kills, punishes himself and cleanses again in the bloody ritual.
Human sacrifice of antiquity had the same meaning. 
Dismemberment – is return to the cosmogonic mystery.


It is known that a typical syndrome of schizophrenic delusions is a hallucinogenic representation of his own’s body as a sieve, obsession with departing members from one another, an uncanny ability to "look inside one’s own body”. "Man opens like a flower, his internal organs become external" - indicate the patients of hospitals for mentally ill clients.
A failure occurs below the surface of consciousness, and in this world, as close as possible to the physicality, objects, germs of ideas and snakes of slow feelings are so remotely distant from each other, that they persistently refuse to group or fold into even a remote similarity of a system.
Why so? 
Because the act of creation of cosmos, the act of appearance of the universe logically means the transition to the world of multiplicity, to the plane of discrete particles. Starting from the bottom of the chaotic reality, the human mind and human society, as well as of the physical order of things and the elements immediately tend to rise to higher levels, where restores some semblance of organic unity that was inherent (and inherent) to Prajapati before the creation, the victim prior to its dismemberment.
But this way is always doomed, until the bottom is dark matter, quantum. It will force to return to itself again and again, until the problem of the existence of discrete, multiple quantitative universe will not be solved only once, in a irrevocable and irreversible manner. 
Dismemberment is nothing else than the ontological evidence of entrance of Spirit in the material existence.
It enters through dismemberment, and therefore will only be able to come out the same way.
Murderer and the murdered – are poles only in the fatal and irremovable controversial metaphysical dualism. In reality, they - are one and the same.
Sacrificial act should be repeated twice.
We arise in matter as a result of dismemberment, we have a chance to return to the spirit only through same operation.
This is the basis of a shamanic initiation. Spirits cook the neophyte, who strives to become a shaman, tear him into many pieces, and separate the bones of his skeleton from the meat.
Then re-collect him again. In the magical ritual often repeats itself one detail - restored man, the "twice born”, does not have anymore the magic flesh.
He is symbolized now by the skull or skeleton. He – is only the foundation of man, his solid vertical, axial spiritual part. Meat of matter is reliably cleaned off from the bones of the soul.
This symbol was a sign of mysterious orders that appeared at the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe. Skeleton and a skull ring.
The same meaning exists in Tibetan Chod ritual, where the Buddhist is broke up in the cup of his own skull by dakini - female spirits, performing the role of initiators. 
They eat the body of the neophyte, torture him, until a perfectly smooth black lake is created on man’s place.
This outside-individual black lake is nirvana. Discovering of the truth.
Note that dedicated shaman or tantric Buddhist, who has attained enlightenment, due to executioners of the subtle plane acquire spiritual immortality, becoming in a sense, much higher than their tormentors, who are ultimately only servants in the initiatory path of the person seeking a more free and dignified existence than this earthly muck.
By the way, a similar function is performed by the demons in the way of monastic and especially anachoretic christian realization.


Great Antonin Artaud, who spontaneously and being a real madman opened and lived through the deepest doctrines of Tradition, wrote about a special "new schizophrenic body”, to which strives the dark depths of the will of the researcher after a painful, unbearable understanding of the decay of flesh, after "dismemberment" and "self-dismemberment”.
This "new schizophrenic body" does not have separate organs, members. It’s head – is without eyes, mouth, ears, nostrils, etc. Just a "head". Likewise, the rest of the body - which, by the way, in this case, can not be strictly separated from the "head" or, more precisely, what are said to be conditionally "head" - has no division into "hands" and "feet", more over on "internal organs" and "external". The essence of the "new schizophrenic body" in that it is fundamentally indivisible, that it - postcriminal, over-sacrificial, has no chance of becoming neither a victim, or to act as an executioner. This reality – is the reality of the soul, taken in its most free and independent form. It is much closer to the real "I" of the person.
Gilles Deleuze, who idolized Artaud, ideally notices that "schizophrenic new body" is the "new face surface", i.e that fantastic and for the first time an interesting and meaningful world, where wills to climb up, to fit in, the insightful will of a tragic schizophrenic, who has grabbed and survived the nightmare of the human constitution in its most profound dimension.
The "New surface" – that, what follows the magical ritual descent into the worlds of partition (dismemberment), as the second phase, as a reward, as the crown of initiatory doing. This "surface" in many ways is similar to the horizontal everyday consciousness, and things, meanings and creatures living on it, are very similar to the familiar objects of the world. But ... But in this case it is not objects, but their semantic essences, they are not subject to more nightmarish prospect of decay, as a dark under-cause of the soul. They are un-anatomized, un-corrupted, un-amputated, are organically integral. Eye autopsy and American knife of Moldoror have no power over them.
It is not surprising there that in the world of the "new surface" it’s much easier to breathe, there, is a discharged and fascinating world - because the mass of unwanted people, forces, landscapes and thoughts are left out of this reality. They – are shells, dark magic of decomposition takes them away entirely, because to clean and initiatory revive them is simply pointless.
Where do disturbances go?
Long-time friends? Children's dreams? The dead? Old newspapers?

I had a friend
You will not find any better -
as sang the fused monsters in one of the stories of Gustav Meyrink.

Perhaps there is a special area of the outer shells, where fragments of reality, proven to be unsuitable for the initiatory construction of the soul, reside forever, incessantly shifting and expanding in the uncomfortable space, forever abandoned by life and its agents. There also will go many of those whom we know and whom we think about.
But all this no longer has any value.

[1] - Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, nicknamed the Butcher of Rostov, the Red Ripper, and the Rostov Ripper, who committed the sexual assault, murder and mutilation of a minimum of 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990 in the Russian SFSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the Uzbek SSR.