The West is making two fundamental mistakes

The West is making two fundamental mistakes

After the International Congress of the Russophile Movement, philosopher Alexander Dugin spoke about what exactly the US and Europe are doing wrong in building relations with the rest of the world.

The expert expressed his views in one of Tsargrad's broadcasts. His main thesis is based on the accounts of several forum participants:

The West is making two fundamental, even logical mistakes. First, it says that we [the West] are civilisation and you [Russia] are not civilisation. In other words, Washington and Brussels arrogate to themselves the right to define other states and nations and meanwhile they are sure that they are the only civilisation on the planet.

Naturally, this provokes the indignation of all other nations: Russians, Indians, Chinese and so on. Dugin points out that the fight of the Russophiles aims, among other things, to make the West recognise the existence of other civilisations and abandon its essentially racist rhetoric: 'They can't get away with it so easily.

The second mistake is that the American and European authorities, the globalist elites, try to substitute exclusively for themselves such a vast concept as 'the West'.

Modern liberal, globalist Western civilisation is not the same thing as Western civilisation in the broad sense. The second concept implies something completely different: by denying traditional values, however, globalists strike a blow at both us and the West. We Russophiles are supporters of the true West, we do not want to face the Russophobia that is being poured on us with hatred for the West, we love Western culture, we know that, but what is being imposed today by the modern liberal elite has no relation to deep Western, Greco-Roman, medieval Christian values, as well as philosophy and culture in general,' he concluded.